Homeward Deployed Internal Coach Training Program


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Describes the internal coach training program that Homeward Deployed is developing to train veterans, especially wounded veterans, and military spouses, especially the spouses of the wounded and the fallen, to be coaches for Homeward Deployed.

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Homeward Deployed Internal Coach Training Program

  1. 1. Department of Labor America’s Heroes at Work April 9, 2010 “where military families ARE mission critical”
  2. 2. Ronald Drach U.S. Department of Labor Veterans’ Employment & Training Service Natache Muschette U.S. Department of Labor Gretchen Martens Founder and CEO, Homeward Deployed, Inc. Chair, Veterans Task Force at the Greater Springfield Chamber of Commerce
  3. 3. 1. Introduce Homeward Deployed’s Coach Training Program designed to put America’s veterans and military spouses on the road to economic self-sustainability. 2. Explore ways to partner with the Department of Labor to put America’s veterans to work.
  4. 4. Suicide Violent Depression Crimes Unemployment Substance Child Abuse Maltreatment Homelessness Divorce
  5. 5. Veterans, particularly service-disabled veterans Military spouses, particularly spouses of the fallen or the wounded
  6. 6. Wounded Warriors being trained and paid to coach and build resilience in military families in crisis.
  7. 7. Homeward Deployed The Newfield Network, one of the world’s oldest and most respected coaching training programs TheForte Institute, whose Forte System has been used since 1978 to improve interpersonal communications
  8. 8.  Beginning and ending in-person coach training conferences Mid-program two day training on the Forte System  Assigned readings, writing assignments, tele- classes, webinars, learning groups, and individual coaching in-between conferences
  9. 9. Guaranteed employment by Homeward Deployed Career-path development
  10. 10. Homeward Deployed is the lead entity seeking funding for this program. The total cost of training, per wounded warrior, is estimated to be $15,000 not including training stipends.
  11. 11. To secure a corporate sponsorships of $180,000 over 3 years for each coach in training from companies earning profit off of the Gulf War-Era II war effort. Our advocates are arranging introductions for us, potentially including the White House. We already have senior contacts at the Pentagon, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and MOAA.
  12. 12. By August 2010: Acquire funding to begin a pilot program with a small number of Wounded Warriors. By September 2010: Begin program design and student recruitmetn By January 2011: Start training our first class of coaches By April 2011: Graduate our first class of coaches
  13. 13.  A grant and/or introduction to funders to fund the pilot Coach Training Program  Endorsement of Homeward Deployed and the Coach Training Program  A Point of Contact to serve as a resource and introductions to key constituencies
  14. 14. The Power of Community ◦ Give Back ◦ Heal ◦ Empower
  15. 15. To help military families achieve economic self-sustainability by the direct training and hiring of wounded veterans and military spouses by Homeward Deployed
  16. 16.  Unemployment and homelessness  Child maltreatment  Depression and suicide  Substance abuse  Violent crime  Divorce
  17. 17.  Fund the pilot Coach Training Program  Endorsements  Provide Points of Contact
  18. 18. Gretchen Martens, M.A. Founder and CEO, Homeward Deployed www.HomewardDeployed.org Chair, Veterans Task Force, Greater Springfield Chamber of Commerce www.SpringfieldChamber.org Phone: (703) 622-0919 Email: Gretchen@HomewardDeployed.org