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Wall mounted double_bathroom_vanities_for_the_highest_level_of_customization


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Wall mounted double_bathroom_vanities_for_the_highest_level_of_customization

  1. 1. Wall Mounted Double Bathroom Vanities For ... by S. Lewis - es-for-the-highest-level-of-customization/Wall Mounted Double Bathroom Vanities For The Highest Level Of CustomizationModern styled bathrooms have become increasingly popular in recent years, and are becoming ever moredesirable when it comes to major bathroom remodels. But a modern bathroom isnt without its pitfalls - not theleast of which that the simple, industrial palette and minimalistic, geometric lines of a modern decor can end upmaking for a rather boxy looking bathroom. Wall mounted bathroom vanities are a great way to help customizeand personalize a modern bathroom - especially wall mounted double bathroom vanities in a master bath.Portland 72 Inch Wall Mounted Double Vanity In EspressoFrom the very get-go, wall mounted double bathroom vanities stand out as being a little different from yourtraditional cabinets for the simple reason that theyre suspended off the ground. Even a relatively plain,rectangular vanity like this Portland Vanity from Design Element gains personality from the fact that its floating.Add a few slightly asymmetrical storage shelves mounted to the wall on either side, and youve instantly gotsomething thats more installation piece than plain jane cubist cabinet. page 1 / 6
  2. 2. Wall Mounted Double Bathroom Vanities For ... by S. Lewis - es-for-the-highest-level-of-customization/59 Inch Double Bathroom Vanity From Vigo IndustriesWall mounted double bathroom vanities with interesting sinks are a good way to go, too. While this 59 InchDouble Vanity from Vigo Industries might not look like much on its own, the uniquely curved sinks that slightlyoverlap the edges of the vanity give it a slightly curvier look that can help soften all the harsh angles of a moderndesign.Black Dual Wall Mount Vanities From Bellaterra HomeThings start really getting interesting, though, once you start shopping wall mounted double bathroom vanities inseparate parts. This Dual Wall Mount from Bellaterra consists of two identical wall mounted vanities plus a pair ofmatching mirrors. The great thing, though, is that they can be installed anywhere - close together, far apart, oreven around the corner from one another, and at any height. That allows you not only to accommodate an oddlyshaped space (or two very different his/hers heights), but also gives you a little room to play with space in threedimensions - another great way to enhance a modern look and give the doldrums of the design the boot.Blox 24 Inch Modular Double Vanity Unit page 2 / 6
  3. 3. Wall Mounted Double Bathroom Vanities For ... by S. Lewis - es-for-the-highest-level-of-customization/My very favorite wall mounted double bathroom vanities are ones that come in modular sets, like the Bloxcollection from Xylem. Modern design always works well with a modular setup, and nowhere is this more true thanwith a bathroom vanity. Modular wall mounted vanities offer the freedom to mix and match as you please, and addas much creativity as youve got to a simple, geometric design. This 24 Inch Frosted Glass Vanity, for example,resembles a single solid double vanity, but is actually composed of three vanities - two that are fronted withfrosted glass, and a third thats used as a bridge between them (and as an extra drawer for storage!).Blox 30 Inch Vanity With Frosted Glass Drawer From XylemTake two slightly larger versions of the frosted glass vanities and replace the bridge with a tall, skinny storagecabinet and youve instantly got a completely different look with this Three Piece Vanity set, as well as a differentkind of storage. This is great for a modern design both because it allows you the freedom and flexibility tocustomize your own vanity as you see fit. Better still, not only can you customize the look of your modular vanity,but also get exactly the type and amount of storage you need. Having the right storage allows you to maintain thepristine, almost-sterile look that really makes a modern design shine.Dark Walnut Double Shelf Vanity From XylemWhen it comes to modular sets, the sky really is the limit for the possible configurations of wall mounted double page 3 / 6
  4. 4. Wall Mounted Double Bathroom Vanities For ... by S. Lewis - es-for-the-highest-level-of-customization/bathroom vanities. The Blox set alone contains four different styles of vanity units, each available in three sizes,plus a whole collection of matching accessories, shelves, and connecting pieces. You can combine them in justabout any way you want - even forsaking double bathroom vanities for one thats just as wide, but uses all thatspace to brilliantly showcase a single beautiful vessel sink, as in this Double Shelf configuration.Blox Double Console Vanity With ConnectorFor a more compact, slightly frosty look, the Blox collection also offers hollowed out consoles. These slim, shallowunits can be topped with icy blue frosted glass sink/counter units for a gorgeous, slightly see-through effect. ThisConsole Set dismisses the ordinary white porcelain sink for something a little more interesting by making uniqueuse of modern/industrial materials.Blox 20 Inch Unit With Double Vanity ExtensionsBut a vanity doesnt just have to be a vanity. In this T-Shaped Vanity configuration, the supposed natural order ofthings is thrown entirely out the window. Two consoles are visually balanced on top of a single vanity thats used,instead, as a storage drawer. Unusual even among wall mounted double vanities, this configuration is absolutelystunning. Especially if youre looking to play up the floating look, having a vanity like this one that balances itselfis a great way to add weightless visual harmony to your bathroom. page 4 / 6
  5. 5. Wall Mounted Double Bathroom Vanities For ... by S. Lewis - es-for-the-highest-level-of-customization/Blox 30 Inch Wood Vanities With ConnectorAgain, though, the varieties of configurations are almost limitless. Even the storage cabinets are customizable.These Simple Dark Walnut Vanities only use half the storage cabinet featured in some of the other collections,using as a set of decorative shelves rather than a connector between two vanities. The lower half of the cabinet isreplaced by a simple bridge that expands the available counter space and creates a nice visual bridge to add alittle eye-catching detail.Blox Console Vanity With Storage UnitBy their nature, modular double bathroom vanities, especially wall mounted ones, are a bit like building blocks -the company offers the pieces, but theyre really meant for you to pick, choose, and assemble how you will. Nomatter what components you pick, they can always be installed just about anywhere, any way you like. ThisDouble Console With Vessel Sinks set is pictured here with a very balanced, symmetrical design. Move thoseconsole vanities a little farther apart, though, and split that storage shelf in two, or add a few shadow box styleshelves, and youve already got the start of a beautifully asymmetrical vanity - perfect for a modern bathroomdesign, and delightfully out of the ordinary. If youre looking to add a little more personality to a modern bathroom,the best way to do it is to actually design your double bathroom vanity yourself. While custom built cabinets are page 5 / 6
  6. 6. Wall Mounted Double Bathroom Vanities For ... by S. Lewis - es-for-the-highest-level-of-customization/ nice, ones that you hand pick and orient yourself give you a great opportunity to create exactly the style you want - and to maximize the functionality of your bath. What appeals to you most about wall mounted double bathroom vanities? Do you think you would buy pieces individually, or go with a suggested set? Let me know in the comments! page 6 / 6Powered by TCPDF (