Wall mounted bathroom_vanities_-_not_just_for_looks


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Wall mounted bathroom_vanities_-_not_just_for_looks

  1. 1. Wall Mounted Bathroom Vanities – Not... by S. Lewis - http://www.homethangs.com/blog/2012/04/wall-mounted-bathroom-vanities-not-just-for-looks/ Wall Mounted Bathroom Vanities – Not Just For LooksWall mounted bathroom vanities are the perfect fixture for a modern styled bathroom. Theyre sleek and simplistic,minimally designed and just the right amount of unconventional without looking weird. But some people might shyaway from a wall mounted vanity thinking that, because theyre smaller than conventional bathroom vanities, theywont have enough storage space for every day use. But modern wall mounted bathroom vanities are designedintelligently to make the most of the space they have, and can actually offer more usable storage space than youraverage bathroom vanity.Abba 36 Inch Wall Mounted Vanity From The Wyndham CollectionThats all well and good to say, you might be thinking, but how is that possible? Its simple. Many traditionalbathroom vanities, especially single vanities, have a counter top and sink resting on top of a squarish cabinet fullof big, open storage space to accommodate the sinks plumbing. The problem is, those cabinets are so large andoften so unorganized (very few even have shelves inside) that you end up only storing your largest items on thebottom, leaving a lot of empty, unusable space above. Wall mounted bathroom vanities like this Abba Vanity fromthe Wyndham Collection immediately eliminate that problem by nixing the height and bringing the stuff yourestoring up to a usable level. page 1 / 7
  2. 2. Wall Mounted Bathroom Vanities – Not... by S. Lewis - http://www.homethangs.com/blog/2012/04/wall-mounted-bathroom-vanities-not-just-for-looks/Christine Wall Mount Single Sink Vanity From Design ElementRaising your storage space off floor level is important in two ways: first, you wont have to bend or dig around in alarge, unorganized space to find your hair dryer every morning because none of your stuff will be far below waistlevel. As well, because many wall mounted bathroom vanities, like this Christine Vanity from Design Element,have pull out drawers rather than cabinets, its easier to use all of the space since youll be able to see the stuffthat would have been hidden in the back of a regular cabinet.35 Inch Pull Out Wall Mount Vanity From Vigo IndustriesMany larger wall mounted vanities, like this Pull Out Vanity from Vigo Industries, even give you space thatordinary bathroom vanities would have sectioned off to accommodate the plumbing. Instead of discarding all the page 2 / 7
  3. 3. Wall Mounted Bathroom Vanities – Not... by S. Lewis - http://www.homethangs.com/blog/2012/04/wall-mounted-bathroom-vanities-not-just-for-looks/usable storage space around your sinks drain pipe, vanities like this one craft a drawer around it, utilizing all thespace underneath the counter and offering a nice, sleek, sectioned drawer.Springfield 55 Inch Wall Mounted Bathroom Vanity From Design ElementWall mounted bathroom vanities are often very smart about counter space as well as cabinet space. ThisSpringfield Vanity staggers rather than centers the sink, both offering more usable counter space for things like atoothbrush holder, soap dish, or hand towel, and offsetting the plumbing so the drawers on the righthand side arefull sized and more usable.31 Inch Moderna Trio Single Bathroom Vanity From Vigo IndustriesThis is true for smaller wall mounted vanities, like this Moderna Trio, as well. The vanity is a slim, trim 31" wide, page 3 / 7
  4. 4. Wall Mounted Bathroom Vanities – Not... by S. Lewis - http://www.homethangs.com/blog/2012/04/wall-mounted-bathroom-vanities-not-just-for-looks/definitely at the smaller end for a single vanity, but the ever so slightly offset sink manages to make some muchneeded counter space. As well, you get one slim (slightly plumbing-obstructed) cabinet for your hairspray andother tall bottles, and two totally normal-sized, totally-unobstructed drawers, which is something very fewconventional vanities have, and which is really like a dream come true for storing all your smaller, frequently useditems, from toothpaste tubes to hair ties or razors.Compact Modular Wall Mounted Vanity From Silkroad ExclusiveAs well, because most wall mounted bathroom vanities are done in a modern style, theyre often also modular instyle, and are part of extensive modular vanity collections designed to help you maximize your storage within yourown unique space. Vanities like this Compact Modular Vanity have an incredibly small footprint on their own, butcome with slim, matching wall mounted storage cabinets, mirrors, and medicine cabinets in the same finish andstyle so you can make the most of your wall space. The best part is, theyre designed not to protrude very far, soyou can add storage without crowding your bathroom. page 4 / 7
  5. 5. Wall Mounted Bathroom Vanities – Not... by S. Lewis - http://www.homethangs.com/blog/2012/04/wall-mounted-bathroom-vanities-not-just-for-looks/Modular Wall Mounted Vanity From Silkroad ExclusiveA modular design also allows you to get a little creative with your layout. Because the pieces can fit togetherhowever you want them to, you can really completely customize your space, both in terms of where or how youhang your wall mounted bathroom vanities and storage cupboards and what pieces you use (or dont) in the firstplace. With this Modular Vanity from Silkroad Exclusive, you can actually add on pieces as you need them, andgo for a perfectly symmetrical or totally asymmetrical look.Asymmetrical Wall Mounted Bathroom Vanity From Bellaterra HomeYou can even double up on smaller, single wall mounted bathroom vanities to get the effect of a double vanitywithout closing off your whole bathroom with a big, hulking unit. This is especially nice for smaller or oddly shapedmaster baths, where you want two sinks but might not necessarily be able to put them right next to each other. Iactually prefer this way, because each vanity, like this Asymmetrical Vanity from Bellaterra Home, is designed tobe simple, compact, and completely self contained, so you and your sweetie will never have to fight over shareddrawer space again. page 5 / 7
  6. 6. Wall Mounted Bathroom Vanities – Not... by S. Lewis - http://www.homethangs.com/blog/2012/04/wall-mounted-bathroom-vanities-not-just-for-looks/44 Inch Walnut Wall Mounted Bathroom Vanity From Vigo IndustriesOne of the less obvious advantages of this is that if you happen to be very short or very tall - or are sharing abathroom with someone who is (or worse, one of youre one, and the other is the other!) - finding a bathroomvanity thats the right height for either of you (let alone both) can be a little difficult. Wall mounted bathroomvanities like this Walnut Vanity solve this problem outright - just hang one at his height, and one at hers, for avanity thats perfectly customizable no matter what your height. This also makes them a great choice for peoplewho have physical handicaps or limited mobility.V-Metal Wall Mount For A Vanity Top From XylemFinally, wall mounted bathroom vanities just plain look cool. As they say, necessity is the mother of invention, andhaving a smaller space to work with forces designers of wall mounted bathroom vanities to get a little creative withtheir layout. I particularly love this V-Metal Vanity from Xylem - its actually literally just a metal mounting bracketto rest a vanity top, but it has a great shelf for storage, a built in towel rack... and an awesome industrial chic that page 6 / 7
  7. 7. Wall Mounted Bathroom Vanities – Not... by S. Lewis - http://www.homethangs.com/blog/2012/04/wall-mounted-bathroom-vanities-not-just-for-looks/ youd never find in a traditional bathroom vanity. So if you love the look of wall mounted bathroom vanities, rest assured that youll still like them even after you realize you need to find somewhere to stow your toothpaste! What are you looking for in a wall mounted bathroom vanity? Any lingering reservations? Let me know in the comments! www.HomeThangs.com - Home Improvement Super Store info@homethangs.com Phone: 267-670-3883 Toll Free: 1-866-278-0880 Circle HomeThangs on Google+ Like HomeThangs on Facebook Follow HomeThangs on Twitter Follow HomeThangs on PINTEREST page 7 / 7Powered by TCPDF (www.tcpdf.org)