Traditional vanities -_part_old_world_charm_part_simple_contemporary_sophistication


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Traditional vanities -_part_old_world_charm_part_simple_contemporary_sophistication

  1. 1. Traditional Vanities – Part Old Worl... by S. Lewis - rm-part-simple-contemporary-sophistication/ Traditional Vanities – Part Old World Charm, Part Simple, Contemporary SophisticationWhen it comes to choosing an overarching decor for your next bathroom remodel, you have to strike a finebalance between designs that are currently trendy and pieces that will continue to look good as styles change.The lifespan of your bathroom should be much longer than the typical design cycle, so while you should takesome inspiration from current fads, especially if youre planning on selling your home within the next five years, itsoften wiser to opt for something a little more time-tested. Traditional vanities are a great place to start. Thecombination of some small, vintage-inspired detailing and sleek, simple, contemporary lines gives a hint of vintagecharm and value without an old fashioned look, and the simplicity of modern design without any of the coldness.Maybe most importantly, beautiful, finished wood is always a safe bet because it never, ever goes out of style.Legion Furniture Traditional Vanity W5248When shopping for a traditional vanity, you want to look for one that has some detailing on the wood work, but nota lot. Intricate, hand-carved and immaculate details have their places in vintage or period style bathrooms, butwithout the right matching, lavish decor, they can seem ostentatious or out of place. Look for pieces like this WideSingle Vanity that have unique feet and eye-catching but not elaborate carvings on the upper edge or sides. Justthat little bit of finishing work will give the vanity a polished, sophisticated air, while the rest of the simple,contemporary lines keep it casual enough that you wont need a full luxury bath to match. page 1 / 5
  2. 2. Traditional Vanities – Part Old Worl... by S. Lewis - rm-part-simple-contemporary-sophistication/Antique Cherry Traditional Vanity WM6554-55BBThis Antique Cherry Vanity from Legion is about as heavy as you want to go on the wood work. Really, this errson the side of being a vintage rather than a traditional vanity, but mostly because of the curved front doors andperiod hardware. The design itself is elegant in its simplicity, with plain, repeating, column-style vertical lines, asubtle molding on the bottom edge, and tall but dainty wood feet. Add scallop shell or floral carvings, and thissetup becomes a period dream, but the fresh, clean faces of the doors and drawers make this piece much moretimeless, and better suited to a traditional bathroom style.Silkroad Exclusive Traditional Double Vanity HYP-0722-60Subtle changes make all the difference when it comes to traditional vanities. For example, this Double Vanity fromSilkroad Exclusive is rather similar to the one from Legion in size, design, and coloration. However, the doors and page 2 / 5
  3. 3. Traditional Vanities – Part Old Worl... by S. Lewis - rm-part-simple-contemporary-sophistication/drawers arent bowed, and the lines on the columns that edge the vanity doors are much thinner and more subtle.Its also about five inches wider, giving the vanity doors a more contemporary square shape rather than Legionsold-world cylindrical halves. Though theyre made of the same wood, with nearly the same finish and very similardesigns, Silkroads vanity is strangely much more casual.Sagehill Designs St. Barts 48 Inch Traditional VanityBut while subtle intricate woodwork gives your vanity a traditional flair, its the contemporary elements that make itlook truly timeless. Look for simple geometric shapes, doors and drawers with simple, matching and repeatingrectangles rather than older style vanities with scalloped bottoms or sides. Both drawers and doors shouldtypically have some kind of wainscotting or simple concentric indentations to emphasize the repeating horizontaland vertical lines. This St. Barts vanity from Sagehill is a lovely example - the dark wood has beautiful panelingthat works its way all the way around the vanity, and subtle but beautiful square edging on the faces of thedrawers - lots of nice squares and rectangles, but just enough of the molding to give it a little traditional flair.LTP-0176-72 Medium Mahogany Finish Double Vanity page 3 / 5
  4. 4. Traditional Vanities – Part Old Worl... by S. Lewis - rm-part-simple-contemporary-sophistication/Now, when I say you should look for squares and rectangles, I dont mean that your vanity has to be boxy. Farfrom it. This Medium Mahogany Vanity has some beautiful, classical curves to it. Paired with the slightly roundedfeet, and this sensual traditional vanity is anything but square. However, the bare-faced drawers and the simple,square inlay on the cabinet doors tones the whole vanity down a notch, keeping it from becoming too elaborateand preserving that slightly casual look thats the trademark of traditional vanities. Its the simple, straight lines thatmake a vanity blend in, because they allow your eye to skate right over them.Traditional Double Vanity With Yellow Onyx LED CountertopPicking a relatively simple vanity with the right hardware can go a long way toward creating the timeless,traditional style you want. This Traditional Double Vanity is actually relatively quite contemporary, with all simplelines and bare-bones wainscotting style door and drawer panels. The dark chocolatey finish is even rathermodern. But the antique brass vintage style drawer pulls do the same aesthetic duty as the intricate woodcarvings on other vanities: they give just that extra little sense of old world style to an otherwise simple, sleeklydesigned vanity.Dark Walnut Modular Double Vanity page 4 / 5
  5. 5. Traditional Vanities – Part Old Worl... by S. Lewis - rm-part-simple-contemporary-sophistication/ Finally, no matter how big or small, how ornate or how plain, if you want a traditional vanity, its got to be wood. Vanities with paint, heavy lacquers, or other artificial finishes should be out of the running from the get-go. Natural wood grain immediately adds a huge degree of sophistication that plywood or MDF vanities simply dont have. Of course, the type of wood and the stain are up for grabs depending on your taste. This Dark Walnut Vanity is very, well, traditional, but transitional, traditional vanities come in a whole spectrum of wood types and stains. Ultimately, choosing the right traditional vanity to create a truly timeless bathroom is a matter of balancing elements. A good rule of thumb to get a sense of whether or not a vanity fits the bill is to look for otherwise contemporary vanities that have one or two outstanding, eye-catching vintage elements. Even that little bit will provide just enough old world charm to give the vanity staying power, while the contemporary elements will keep it casual enough for use in your average home. What has you on the lookout for traditional vanities? Are you stuck between vintage and contemporary design, or are you just looking to tone down or fancy up one or the other? What are you looking for in a bathroom vanity? - Home Improvement Super Store Phone: 267-670-3883 Toll Free: 1-866-278-0880 Circle HomeThangs on Google+ Like HomeThangs on Facebook Follow HomeThangs on Twitter Follow HomeThangs on PINTEREST page 5 / 5Powered by TCPDF (