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Spice up your_modern_bathroom_vanities_with_dramatic_wood_accents


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Spice up your_modern_bathroom_vanities_with_dramatic_wood_accents

  1. 1. Spice Up Your Modern Bathroom Vanities Wit... by S. Lewis - ties-with-dramatic-wood-accents/ Spice Up Your Modern Bathroom Van ities With Dramatic Wood AccentsModern bathroom design is all about beauty in simplicity - a fairly monochromatic palette, minimalist lines, andgeometric shapes. That said, there are a few great ways to break the "rules" and make your modern bathroomdesign really stand out. In a modern bathroom, you expect all smooth, unbroken lines, so when you addsomething with a little more color - like a signature vessel sink - it immediately adds a visual point of interest toyour bathroom. Choosing modern bathroom vanities with wood accents is another great way to do this - in a fairlyindustrial style, using a natural material is quite eye catching.Bambu 36 Inch Bathroom Vanity From XylemThis Bambu vanity from Xylem is a favorite example among modern bathroom vanities - it has a solid woodconstruction, but the majority of it is very simple, square, and smooth - what youd expect from typical modernbathroom vanities. But the panel of textured bamboo stalks on the front face is a dramatic change. The stalksthemselves add a gorgeous ridged texture, and the natural knots in the wood are staggered to add even moredepth to the piece. Its unexpected, and sure to make your vanity a focal point of the bathroom rather thansomething to glance over. page 1 / 5
  2. 2. Spice Up Your Modern Bathroom Vanities Wit... by S. Lewis - ties-with-dramatic-wood-accents/Shadowbox 24 Inch Modern Bathroom Vanity From PorcherThe effect is even more dramatic when the rest of the vanity isnt made from wood, though. This Shadowboxvanity from Porcher presents an even more stunning contrast, with a solid black body typical of modern bathroomvanities paired with a surprisingly light, golden panel of wood on the front drawer. This vanity plays brilliantly withnegative space, giving the wood the appearance that its floating in darkness, and is certain to attract attention.Plus, in a bathroom made mostly of cool-tones and stark minimal shapes, this single wood panel adds a little kissof warmth and disorderly natural texture.Lutezia Modernique Bathroom Vanity From PorcherEven very small wood accents can be quite eye catching on modern bathroom vanities. This Lutezia Modernique page 2 / 5
  3. 3. Spice Up Your Modern Bathroom Vanities Wit... by S. Lewis - ties-with-dramatic-wood-accents/vanity is a great example - and a vanity Id definitely recommend if you want to warm up your modern bathroom.This one uses a fairly light wood construction that can help enhance the light in your bathroom, but the wood andgrain are so light that on their own they dont add a whole lot of texture to the vanity. In come two tall, thin woodinserts. Made of a much darker wood, theyre utterly eye-catching, and because theyre laid out to look like aperfect rectangle-in-rectangle, theyre nicely in keeping with the stark geometric design youd expect in modernbathroom vanities, just with something a little more interesting to look at.Venisia Modern Bathroom Vanity From AvanityThat said, wood inserts can come in any size or shape, and cover any portion of the vanity. This Venisia vanityfrom Avanity is actually mostly wood patterned, with a simple black frame and matching counter top, but woodpanels on the front and sides. The effect is the same, though, especially when paired with many other plain blackaccents like towels, tile, tub, or toilet. The wood panels offer just that little touch of the natural that would stand outdramatically, for example, in a black and white bathroom. page 3 / 5
  4. 4. Spice Up Your Modern Bathroom Vanities Wit... by S. Lewis - ties-with-dramatic-wood-accents/Legacy Modern Bathroom Vanity From AvanityIn fact, Im willing to count some modern bathroom vanities that are made entirely of wood as being "accented."That might sound a little silly, but hear me out - theres a big difference between a simple solid wood vanity andone that truly showcases the wood. This Legacy vanity is a great example - its no mere wood grain, butstunningly highlights the wood, using golden maple burl veneers over the entire surface of the vanity for the mostgorgeous, luminous wood finish possible. All that in a vanity that sticks with geometric shapes - a half circle andstraight lines - and has room for a decorative vessel sink as well. If youre looking for a way to really make adramatic, luxurious modern bathroom design, this is it!Natasha Modern Bathroom Vanity From DecolavAnother way to spice up modern bathroom vanities with wood accents is to accent the accents. Sound weird? Letme explain. Its easier to remind the eye that a larger section of wood is supposed to be an accent by breaking itup. The two vanities above are fairly dominantly "wood," and this Natasha vanity from Decolav is, too - but itdoesnt look like it is because of the steel "belt" that bisects the vanity and serves as a drawer pull for the handle.The daring tiger striped wood by itself is eye catching, but paired with that metal in the middle, plus the moderntake on vintage table legs make this fairly compact bathroom an especially stunning modern bathroom vanity. page 4 / 5
  5. 5. Spice Up Your Modern Bathroom Vanities Wit... by S. Lewis - ties-with-dramatic-wood-accents/ Wall Mounted Modern Bathroom Vanity With Ebony Zebra Accent From Bellaterra Home In fact, bold modern hardware is a great way to emphasize wood accent paneling on modern bathroom vanities. This Ebony Zebra vanity from Bellaterra Home is much more subtle than the Natasha vanity, with wood paneling on the front doors thats much closer in tone to the rest of the dark body of the vanity (and with a less dramatically contrasted grain), but the simple geometric steel ring formed by the door handles makes a nice modern finishing touch - the shine can catch the eye, and the wood accent can keep it. So if youre looking for a way to add visual interest to your modern bathroom, try out modern bathroom vanities that have wood accents, big or small - its an unexpected touch that can do wonders for your decor. What kind of modern bathroom vanity are you looking for, and what kind of wood accent appeals most to you? Let me know in the comments! page 5 / 5Powered by TCPDF (