Real wood modern_bathroom_vanities_for_a_warmer_modern_bathroom_decor


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Real wood modern_bathroom_vanities_for_a_warmer_modern_bathroom_decor

  1. 1. Real Wood Modern Bathroom Vanities For A W... by S. Lewis - atic-wood-accents-to-add-texture-and-color-to-a-modern-bath/ Real Wood Modern Bathroom Vanitie s For A Warmer Modern Bathroom DecorOne of the biggest problems with modern bathroom vanities - and, really, modern bathroom design as a whole - isthat the minimal design and industrial palette tend to err a little on the side of stark, cold, and even sterile. Thatsaid, if you give your bathroom design a creative eye, its more than possible to create a modern decor thatswarm and inviting rather than a little alien. The best, most important first step is to choose modern bathroomvanities that are either made from solid wood, or have a natural wood finish.Read Oak Single Wall Mounted Bathroom Vanity From Vigo IndustriesAll too often, "modern bathroom vanity" has come to mean vanities that are made of MDF or plywood, andfinished with a simple (sleek, yes, but often boring) black or espresso finish - no wood grain or, at best, a veryminimal "faux" grain, and a palette thats both dark and a little bleak. Swap that to a vanity with a still-dark butmore colorful finish like that on this Red Oak bathroom vanity from Vigo Industries and youve already gotsomething thats equally dramatic, but not quite so cold. Plus, the deep cherry color adds a touch ofsophistication, where a more conventional "espresso" finish can look cheap or mass produced. page 1 / 5
  2. 2. Real Wood Modern Bathroom Vanities For A W... by S. Lewis - atic-wood-accents-to-add-texture-and-color-to-a-modern-bath/32 Inch Espresso Petit Single Bathroom Vanity From Vigo IndustriesIf youre really sold on dark brown modern bathroom vanities, look for one thats either made out of solidhardwood, or at the very least one that does a fair job of replicating a natural wood grain, like this Ebony Petitvanity. Its made of engineered wood, but unlike your standard solid-colored espresso finish, this one creates abelievable grain on all the visible surfaces. This is important for a couple reasons - first, it gives a greater degreeof variation in color, which can help make up the monotony of a fairly monochromatic decor. Secondly, though,and maybe more importantly, having a prominent wood grain can really be the most stunning feature of a modernbathroom, especially if the rest of the bath is all straight, unbroken lines and solid colors.Essence 24 Inch Bathroom Vanity From Xylem page 2 / 5
  3. 3. Real Wood Modern Bathroom Vanities For A W... by S. Lewis - atic-wood-accents-to-add-texture-and-color-to-a-modern-bath/Dont believe it makes that big a difference? Take a look at this Essence vanity from Xylem - its about as simpleas vanity construction comes, even among modern bathroom vanities, but the ebony-striped faux wood grain isnothing if not dramatic - like bold, weathered, tiger-striped wood. It maintains all the sleek lines of your averagemodern bathroom vanity, but adding even an artificial wood grain makes the piece infinitely more visuallyinteresting, and adds both contrast and color for an incredibly dramatic look.Light Bamboo Wall Mounted Bathroom Vanity From Legion FurnitureOf course, Id be lying if I said I didnt personally prefer the real deal. Especially if youre looking to add a littlewarmth to a modern bathroom, you need modern bathroom vanities that have just a drop of homey in place of theshowiness. I find that natural wood is inherently "warm," especially those with light or golden finishes like thisBamboo Vanity. Theyre a great way to not only enhance your natural light, but give the impression of a warm,golden glow to your space - quite the opposite of most modern bathroom vanities.Spa Style Bamboo Wall Mounted Vanity From Legion Furniture page 3 / 5
  4. 4. Real Wood Modern Bathroom Vanities For A W... by S. Lewis - atic-wood-accents-to-add-texture-and-color-to-a-modern-bath/In fact, the right solid wood modern bathroom vanities can even give your bathroom the relaxing air of a spa stylebathroom. This Light Bamboo vanity from Legion Furniture is a nice, compact, wall mounted version of atraditional open shelf bathroom vanity, done in the light wood finish of a hot stone sauna with a perfect design tostow the ubiquitous plush white towels. Its a nice twist on a conventional modern bathroom design - one thatmakes for a much lighter, airier space while still retaining all the relaxing advantages of a minimal aesthetic.Archive 36 Inch Bathroom Vanity From PorcherOf course, that doesnt mean that a lighter wood has to be casual, either. This Archive vanity from Porcher isnothing if not sophisticated, with stylized pinstripes and a simple yet elegant design. Once again, the texture isevery bit as important as the color - all along the edges, this vanity showcases a gorgeous natural wood grain,while the thin carved lines that make up the front panels offer both a visual and textural contrast. The color willhelp warm the bathroom, while the woodwork will help make it subtly more visually appealing. page 4 / 5
  5. 5. Real Wood Modern Bathroom Vanities For A W... by S. Lewis - atic-wood-accents-to-add-texture-and-color-to-a-modern-bath/ Knox 39 Inch Bathroom Vanity From Avanity All that said, Ill admit there is a place for both darker wood and faux finishes in some modern bathroom vanities... given that theyre not in a bland or solid color. In fact, Im a particular fan of this Knox vanity from Avanity, not the least for all the different, varied wood tones. The shape of the vanity (which is BIG with an impressive sink!), the solid walls and slatted bottom shelf again have nice overtones of a spa style, but that faux grain makes the piece much more dramatic, allowing the color to warm up the bathroom but keeping from making it too casual. Washington 72 Inch Double Sink Bathroom Vanity From Design Element And while I (clearly) tend to err toward modern bathroom vanities with lighter or golden tones in the quest to create a more inviting modern bathroom decor, all wood - and even good fake wood - has a beautiful natural luster. Take this Washington double vanity from Design Element - it has dozens of gorgeous, warm toffee colors in a naturally wood grained pattern. Even though its dark, the variation in color and the lighter, warmer shades help warm a typically cool palette, while the alternating horizontal and vertical wood grain helps adds some variety and shape to the simple, minimal lines that are emblematic of modern bathroom vanities. So if youre in the process of building a new modern bathroom, and youre looking at modern bathroom vanities, keep in mind that having a wood finish, rather than a solid one, can go a long way towards creating a more inviting bathroom. Whether you opt for a light honey maple or a dark cherry or mahogany, modern bathroom vanities with wood finishes offer a whole new level of design sophistication and beauty above and beyond the merely average. page 5 / 5Powered by TCPDF (