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Modern bathroom vanities_with_a_little_vintage_flair_-_vanities_to_make_the_best_of_both_worlds


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Modern bathroom vanities_with_a_little_vintage_flair_-_vanities_to_make_the_best_of_both_worlds

  1. 1. Modern Bathroom Vanities With A Little Vin... by S. Lewis - e-vintage-flair-vanities-to-make-the-best-of-both-worlds/ Modern Bathroom Vanities With A Little Vintage Flair – Vanities To Make The Best Of Both WorldsSome homes are so architecturally distinct that they dictate the way you design inside. Victorian, Cape Cod,cottage style, and ranch homes all come with set, expected interior decor, just to name a few. But if your homedoesnt conform to any particular structural form, you have a lot more freedom to choose your own decor. For me,that isnt always a blessing - it can be difficult to choose a single style, and effectively executing an eclectic designisnt easy. Especially when it comes to bathroom design, Im always torn between decadent vintage styles and asimpler, sleeker modern design. The opulence of a period bathroom is great for a little R&R, but modern bathroomdesign often makes for a cleaner finish. Thats why I love these bathroom vanities- they have all the minimal,slightly surprising design you expect from modern bathroom vanities, but are made in simplified antique andvintage shapes for a modern take on classical elegance.Gabrielle Bathroom Vanity From DecolavIts actually a pretty simple formula: take a period design, like this washstand-inspired Gabrielle Vanity, and trimdown all the things that make it truly antique- the natural wood grain, intricate carvings, and elaborate brasshardware. What youre left with is a simple, elegant white bathroom vanity with modern curvature that evokes thedecadence of vintage design. I love vanities like this one paired with a clawfoot tub and a bathroom chandelier. Avery ornate crystal chandelier will emphasize the antique element of the vanity, while a modern one will furthersimplify it for a stunning, stark sort of beauty. page 1 / 6
  2. 2. Modern Bathroom Vanities With A Little Vin... by S. Lewis - e-vintage-flair-vanities-to-make-the-best-of-both-worlds/White Modern Bathroom Vanity From Legion FurnitureSimilarly, this Vintage Inspired vanity from Legion Furniture uses a dersser-like shape, but instead of keeping theelegantly curved legs, it opts to draw out the antique style in the curved bottom edges, and the slight butwhimsical coiled handles. White bathroom vanities are and excellent way to fuse vintage and modern design.White is prominent in modern bathrooms, largely because the color is perfect for comparing and contrastingtextures rather than shades. The slight gloss on this vanity, for example, will make it look clean, elegant,eye-catching, and unique when set against more antique white materials, like faux fur rugs, gauzy curtains, oreven other white paint with a different level of shine.Simple Black Vanity From Bellaterra page 2 / 6
  3. 3. Modern Bathroom Vanities With A Little Vin... by S. Lewis - e-vintage-flair-vanities-to-make-the-best-of-both-worlds/The same thing goes for black bathroom vanities. This Modern Vanity from Bellaterra Home is quite similar to theone from Legion in size, shape, style, and design, but is done in exactly the opposite color. Now, Id like to saythat the staging for this photo really doesnt do this vanity justice - for a look that truly fuses modern elegance withclassical decadence, youd really want to put this vanity in a black and white bathroom. Contrast is key in moderndesign, and the higher the contrast, the bolder the look - and I dont just mean color. Having a few dramaticallyvintage pieces, like a black clawfoot tub or a beautiful black accent chair can really ramp up the wow factor,making a space look incredibly elegant, even if all the elements are relatively simple in design.Studded Black Vanity From BellaterraThat said, texture is important with black bathroom vanities, too. This Studded Black Vanity is, in one sense, oneof the more traditional vanities on this list, with the shape of a French Regency dresser from head to toe... exceptfor the spikey, glossy black studs that cover the entire front face of the vanity. Talk about merging two styles, thisvanity does so dramatically. Though, once again, the vanity would be better served with a more dramatic staging,if youre looking for a way to satisfy your desire for a modern style and a love of palace-like antique decadence,this is a lovely place to start. page 3 / 6
  4. 4. Modern Bathroom Vanities With A Little Vin... by S. Lewis - e-vintage-flair-vanities-to-make-the-best-of-both-worlds/Black Console Vanity From Belle ForetWhenever you merge two styles, you get a whole spectrum of influence. Ive talked a little bit about howaccessories - your tub, lighting, sink, or even tile or window dressings - can push the needle in one direction or theother, but classical/modern bathroom vanities can mingle the two styles in a lot of different ways as well. While thestudded vanity has the shape of an antique piece, it probably couldnt mesh with a more conventionally periodinspired bathroom. This Antique Console Vanity from Belle Foret, on the other hand, is much more authenticallyvintage. Even though it is a simplified design, it has more intricate detailing on the edges than many similartransitional bathroom vanities, as well as the antique style legs. Here, the black finish is the most modern element,and combined with the white counter top and sink makes it a great first step towards creating a modern,high-contrast black and white bath.Venisia Vanity From Avanity page 4 / 6
  5. 5. Modern Bathroom Vanities With A Little Vin... by S. Lewis - e-vintage-flair-vanities-to-make-the-best-of-both-worlds/Of course, not all bathroom vanities that merge classical and modern design have to be black or white. ThisVenisia vanity from Avanity keeps the curved legs and feet and the arched bottom edge of some similar vanities,but instead of a pure black or white finish, it opts to accent the black legs and counter with a dark wood grainfinish. Though the doors themselves are made of MDF, not real wood, the effect is striking - like a dramatic accentwall, the horizontal wood grain works equally well to tie in vintage wood elements or as an echo for more modernelements, like striped fabric or animal prints.Natasha Bathroom Vanity From DecolavSimilarly, this slim, trim Natasha vanity from Decolav takes an extremely modern riff on antique console vanities.Instead of tooled, rounded wood legs, this bathroom vanity takes only the silhouette of the legs and flattens themfor a look that becomes more modern the closer you look. Available in both black and white, it works well inmultiple kinds of bathrooms, but both versions have a dramatic wood panels for a little more antique charm. Thereal beauty of the vanity, though, is in the metal "belt" - a stainless steel cincher that goes all the way around thebelly of the vanity, evoking modern fashion design as well as interior design for an utterly unique, utterly classylook. If youre having trouble deciding what kind of interior design you want, especially for a bathroom, the choicedoesnt have to be as difficult as it seems. Many bathroom vanities balance and blend many design elements, andprovide a venue for new unique and eclectic takes on conventional styles. With so many modern bathroomvanities out there to choose from, your creativity is really the limit. So when posed with the question of classical ormodern, answer: both! What two styles would you like to see combined? Do you prefer a look thats moreclassical or more modern, or where do your tastes lie in between? - Home Improvement Super Store Phone: 267-670-3883 Toll Free: 1-866-278-0880 Circle HomeThangs on Google+ page 5 / 6
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