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Modern bathroom vanities_for_any_size_bathroom


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Modern bathroom vanities_for_any_size_bathroom

  1. 1. Modern Bathroom Vanities For Any Size Bath... by S. Lewis - Modern Bathroom Vanities For Any Size BathroomDesigning a modern styled bathroom requires a special kind of flair. Finding the perfect line between minimal andbarren can be difficult, and keeping your bathroom looking clean and sleek while finding a place to put all yourstuff can be even harder. But though modern bathroom vanities tend to have a simple outward aesthetic, manyare designed with utility in mind. From clever internal design to maximize storage to mix-and-match modularadd-ons, the best modern bathroom vanities address the problems that arise from a compact, simplified design.So if you like the idea of a modern bathroom design but are worried about space, these twelve modern vanitieswill stow your stuff - and look great doing it!Sagehill Designs Lincoln Street Wall Mount VanityOne of my favorite expressions of the modern design is the wall mounted vanity. Now, these come in a lot ofshapes, sizes, styles, and forms, but the most common - like this Lincoln Street vanity from Sagehill Design - aresimple squarish wood boxes with single pull-out drawers. The insides are fitted to accommodate and hide yourplumbing, plus offer a little segmented storage in the space thats left. These can be mounted at just about anyheight - even staggered for an asymmetrical his/hers "double vanity," and leave your wall space looking airy andopen. page 1 / 8
  2. 2. Modern Bathroom Vanities For Any Size Bath... by S. Lewis - Exclusives Modern Wall Mount Vanity CA-537Wall mount vanities offers two main advantages. First, theyre about as compact as they come, with incrediblycompact footprints. This Module vanity is actually only 18 inches deep, which clears up a lot of space, especiallyin a smaller bathroom. Secondly, this type of vanity maximizes white space, stripping away ornamentation to giveyou a simple, elegant look. Depending on the needs of your bathroom, many wall mounted vanities, like this one,also come paired with lots of add-ons and accessories, from medicine cabinets to slim storage cabinets andshelves. As a bonus, all of these pieces can be installed at a variety of heights and locations, so depending on thesize of your bathroom, you can really squeeze them tight or spread them out, symmetrically or playing withasymmetry to get the look you want.Legion Matching Modern Wall Mount Vanities page 2 / 8
  3. 3. Modern Bathroom Vanities For Any Size Bath... by S. Lewis - slightly larger wall mounted modern vanity, like this Double Drawer Espresso from Legion, affords even morestorage space, with enough height to add in a second drawer that wont be obstructed by the plumbing. Thoughthis vanity is more than twice the height of the Lincoln street vanity, its only slightly deeper. That means eventhough itll have a slightly heftier appearance, it wont actually take up any more space - just give you a little morestorage with the same suspended look.Whitehaus Collection Low Bathroom VanityOn the exact opposite end of the spectrum is this Whitehaus WHLOW vanity. Taking the minimalist aspect ofmodern design to the extreme, this "vanity" is really little more than a wall mounted counter top. Now, Ill admit -this is basically the worst option out there if youre worried about storage space. That said, this is an absolutelystunning piece for a bathroom where storage is less of a concern, like a guest bath or a master bathroom with lotsof supplemental storage. The vitreous china sink and slate gray deck make for a striking contrast, and thebarely-there silhouette is both sleek and surprising - just be sure to get attractive plumbing, because this vanitywont hide it for you.LaToscana Crystal Wall Mount Vanity L990 page 3 / 8
  4. 4. Modern Bathroom Vanities For Any Size Bath... by S. Lewis -, if youre looking more for style than storage, you really cant beat this Crystal Wall vanity fromLaToscana. Pairing vitreous china and tempered glass, this is about as small a vanity as youll find. It has justabout enough "counter" space for a matching Morgana Waterfall Faucet, and thats it - not even space for a soapdispenser. Then again, the simple geometric combination of the white square and the glass curve is perfectlyelegant in its simplicity - youll just have to find another place to put your toothbrush.Legion Double Vanity With Floating Glass CounterIf you have a larger bathroom and a little more space to spare with your design, you might want to opt out of thewall mount vanity variety entirely for something with more conventional storage space. That said, you dont haveto give up on the aesthetic to do it. Instead, look for a full sized modern bathroom vanity like this SuspendedGlass Counter. Any combination of dark or black finished wood, stainless steel, and glass are a good place tostart when youre planning a modern design, and this vanity hits on all three. The suspended all-glass vanity(including integrated double sinks) is especially snazzy, giving you a cross-sectional view of the sink bowlssuspended by steel cylinders against a black backdrop - all simple, stunning lines and contrasting textures. page 4 / 8
  5. 5. Modern Bathroom Vanities For Any Size Bath... by S. Lewis - Tempered Glass And Steel Black And White Modern VanityThe vanity in a modern styled bathroom is also a great place to have a little fun. This Flower Power vanity wouldlook pretty wild in most rooms, but if you want a little pattern to your design, this simple print is the way to do it.Again playing on contrast, and evening out the loud flower-burst pattern with the shiny polished stainless steellegs, this vanity would actually fit right in to a black and white bathroom design. Its also a fun way to work somenice design into a kid-friendly bathroom.LaToscana Ola Modern Bathroom VanitySome modern bathroom vanities are just plain funky - in a good way! This Ola vanity from LaToscana ispractically gravity defying - a simple, large counter area (with one HUGE slow-close drawer for tons of storage)balanced on one teeeny tiny little stand that seems to impossibly hold up the whole vanity for an outrageouslyeye-catching and unconventional effect. Of course, the vanity can also be wall mounted, which means the effect islargely an illusion - but you dont have to tell your guests that!York Vessel Vanity With Pre-assembled Large White Porcelain Vessel Bowl by Lyn Design. page 5 / 8
  6. 6. Modern Bathroom Vanities For Any Size Bath... by S. Lewis - your vanity doesnt have to be way "out there" to be considered modern or to work in a modern bathroom.This York Vessel Vanity from Hardware Resources is neutral enough to work in just about any style bathroom, butthe espresso finish and simple geometric drawer and door pulls, and especially the heavy, very thick whiteporcelain sink make for a great contrast, and are just sleek and eye catching enough for a modern urban stylesetting.Legion White Vintage-Inspired Modern VanityIn fact, some of the best modern bathroom vanities actually dont have much "modern" about them at all. Iparticularly like this Vintage-Inspired vanity, which takes the silhouette of a vintage powder-room style vanity andstrips away all the ornate carving and antique hardware and finishes youd expect from a period style. In its place,theres nothing but a sleek, slightly glossy white finish and simplified curves that guide the eye without making thespace seem decadent or lavish. Sometimes the most beautiful modern designs are riffs on vintage decadence,deconstructing the design to its most basic elements for a dramatic effect. If you like it, a white vanity with just alittle sass and style is a great place to start. page 6 / 8
  7. 7. Modern Bathroom Vanities For Any Size Bath... by S. Lewis - Exclusives Modern Pedestal Vanity HYP-0155-22Then again, sometimes in a modern bathroom decor its better to have an inconspicuous vanity rather than onethat really makes a statement. Especially if you have another real show-stopper piece - and especially if that piecehappens to be a really nice vessel sink - you might want to opt for a more compact vanity - something small andunobtrusive like this Pedestal Vanity from Silkroad Exclusive. Like an actual pedestal - you know, like you mightfind in a museum - this type of vanity is best for displaying a really stunning sink, and unlike some other pedestalvanities that are made of a single solid block of wood or stone, this one actually affords a little storage as well.Silkroad Exclusives Modular Modern Double Vanity HYP-0218-92Really, though, my absolute favorite thing about a modern design is that so much of the decor is modular. I page 7 / 8
  8. 8. Modern Bathroom Vanities For Any Size Bath... by S. Lewis - touched on this a little with the accessory-friendly wall mount vanities, but its true for full sized modular vanities as well. Vanities like this Modular Double Vanity are made to be flexible, whether you need a single vanity, a double vanity, or either one with a load of extra storage, you can buy the pieces individually to total the size, shape, and storage you need for your space. The best part? Modular modern bathroom vanities are easier to move, easier to fit through doorways, and assemble (and disassemble and reassemble) completely seamlessly. And because modular design typically adheres to the same principles as modern design (simple lines, geometric shapes, not a lot of decoration), its easy to find pieces with the convenience, beauty, and flexibility of both. So if youre worried about space and storage constraints holding you back from the modern bathroom of your dreams, dont be. There are plenty of bathroom vanities out there, and many of them are easily customizable to fit your specific needs. And, heck, even if you opt for a vanity smaller than your average bread box, itll leave you with a lot more room to put storage elsewhere. Whats your biggest worry about your modern design ideas? Anything in particular holding you back from your next big remodel? What style modern bathroom vanity appeals most to you? - Home Improvement Super Store Phone: 267-670-3883 Toll Free: 1-866-278-0880 Circle HomeThangs on Google+ Like HomeThangs on Facebook Follow HomeThangs on Twitter Follow HomeThangs on PINTEREST page 8 / 8Powered by TCPDF (