Kitchen islands check_list_-_is_a_new_kitchen_island_right_for_you


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Kitchen islands check_list_-_is_a_new_kitchen_island_right_for_you

  1. 1. Kitchen Islands Check List – Is A Ne... by S. Lewis - chen-island-right-for-you/ Kitchen Islands Check List – Is A New Kitchen Island Right For You?If you spend any amount of time watching home design shows, it probably seems like everyone and their motheris installing a kitchen island right dab in the middle of their huge, open kitchen. And its not without reason -kitchen islands are a great tool for a larger space, and are a great asset when it comes to bringing guests intoyour kitchen. But before you chalk a custom built kitchen island up as a must-have, there are a few things youshould consider - from the size of your kitchen to all the various types of kitchen islands - before you take theplunge. How Big Is Your Kitchen?A La Carte Kitchen Island With Wine Rack And Open Storage From KacoThe very first and most important thing you need to take into account when considering a new kitchen island isquite simple: How big is your kitchen? This might seem obvious, but its no idle question - big kitchen islands intoo-small kitchens can be far more trouble than theyre worth, and a too-small island made to accommodate thespace you have will hardly be worth the money. Even if you have a large kitchen, you need to figure out howmuch of your space to fill. Think this doesnt apply to you? Think again. Its recommended that you have, ideally,11x14 feet of spare space, and no less than 11x11 feet to comfortably accommodate new kitchen islands - andthats a whole lot of kitchen. Even smaller islands like this ALa Carte Island need a pretty decent sized kitchen tofit comfortably. page 1 / 9
  2. 2. Kitchen Islands Check List – Is A Ne... by S. Lewis - chen-island-right-for-you/Antique White Traditional Kitchen Island From Hardware ResourcesWhy so much space? Because you need room not only to put your new kitchen island, but also enough room tobe able to comfortably move around it. One of the biggest problems people run into with overly ambitious kitchenislands is winding up with barely enough space to open an oven without knocking your island, and thats bothawkward and unsafe. But 11x14? That number comes from assuming a larger island, of course, but you shouldfigure that, at the very least, youll need room for an island thats at least 4 feet long and between 2 and 5 feetdeep, like this Antique White Island, and still have a minimum of 3.5 feet of open space between all counters, soyou can move comfortably and access the drawers, shelves, and spice racks on all four sides of the island.Ideally, you should be able to open the cabinets on your island and your oven door or regular cabinets at thesame time without them touching. What Will It Do To Your Work Triangle? page 2 / 9
  3. 3. Kitchen Islands Check List – Is A Ne... by S. Lewis - chen-island-right-for-you/Distressed Black Kitchen Island With Wine Rack From Hardware ResourcesThe concept of the work triangle is that you be able to move in a simple triangle between your refrigerator, range,and prep area. Some kitchens are already better designed than others, and require you to move almost not at allbetween the three, but some are much more spread out. So you need to consider your existing setup and askyourself: will adding a kitchen island impair your ability to get to one or more of the three "points" of the triangle?Or can you make the triangle easier to navigate by adding a kitchen island? Kitchen islands with either anadditional range built in, or one like this Distressed Black Island with a built in butcher block and wine storage area great solution for kitchens that are too spread out, as it can bring your prep and/or cooking area closer to yoursink, fridge, or stove. page 3 / 9
  4. 4. Kitchen Islands Check List – Is A Ne... by S. Lewis - chen-island-right-for-you/A La Carte Kitchen Island With Open Storage Shelves From Caco (in Black)A quick note on this: kitchen islands meant to act as prep stations are probably the single best way to addfunctionality to a kitchen with a big, open space in the middle. Something like this A La Carte Island has abeautiful birch butcher block for food preparation, plus towel racks, storage on both sides, and even a built in winerack, making the absolute most of a fairly small amount of space. But if you want to add a range, wine cooler, orprep sink, you have to factor in the cost of bringing plumbing, electricity, gas, and even ventilation for a rangehood out to the center of your kitchen, which is a much, much bigger job than buying a simple premade station.Why Do You Want One, Really? page 4 / 9
  5. 5. Kitchen Islands Check List – Is A Ne... by S. Lewis - chen-island-right-for-you/Modern Black Kitchen Island With Glass Doors From Hardware ResourcesThis is the real reckoning: do you want a kitchen island because you think it would substantially improve yourkitchen experience, or are you drawn to it because you want to keep up with the Joneses? Needing a morecentralized range, extra seating, more storage, a prep space, or room for more appliances - like a wine cooler,trash compactor, or dishwasher - are all really good reasons to opt for a kitchen island. Doing it just for the look -or just because its popular - probably shouldnt come into it unless youre planning on reselling your home withinthe next five or so years, and your kitchen is badly in need of a full-scale renovation. Even then, its important toweigh the cost against the returns, both in terms of the use youll get out of it and the change in the value of yourhome, even if you opt for a less expensive pre-made island like this Modern Black Kitchen Island rather than acustom, built in version. What Are Your Options? page 5 / 9
  6. 6. Kitchen Islands Check List – Is A Ne... by S. Lewis - chen-island-right-for-you/Aqua Green Kitchen Island From Hardware Resources With Optional Maple Butcher BlockBroadly, "kitchen islands" can mean anything from a simple kitchen cart that might cost you a couple hundredbucks to a full workstation and seating area, with many multiple appliances and fixtures that will cost you tens ofthousands of dollars. The size of your space and the size of your budget are likely to be the main limiting factors,and adding appliances and fixtures is the best way to use up both, fast. So for a smaller kitchen (or a smallerbudget), if you dont absolutely need that second range, bar sink, or wine cooler, skip it! Pre-made kitchen islandsare a great alternative, offering all the prep, seating, and storage utility you need at a much, much lower cost, andoften with a slightly smaller footprint. Some, like this Aqua Green Island from Hardware Resources, can even bepurchased without the standard maple butcher block so you can install your own granite counter for apersonalized look without the custom-built price. page 6 / 9
  7. 7. Kitchen Islands Check List – Is A Ne... by S. Lewis - chen-island-right-for-you/R.S.V.P. Cherry Kitchen Island From KacoAnd if your kitchen is really small, and you really need a kitchen island for the extra storage and counter space,but dont really have the room for one, there are kitchen islands out there for you, too. I personally love this RSVPIsland from Kaco -its small enough to be unobtrusive even in the smallest kitchens, rounded so you wont bumpyour hips on the corners, and comes with four full sized drawers, a storage shelf, and a thick birch butcher blockon top so it can be used as a cutting board (it even has a rim around the edge to prevent spillage). page 7 / 9
  8. 8. Kitchen Islands Check List – Is A Ne... by S. Lewis - chen-island-right-for-you/Shannon Antique Irish Kitchen Island From KacoVery small kitchen islands like this Shannon Island are really the perfect solution for small or mid-sized kitchensbecause they dont take up a whole lot of space, but they add immense functionality, and even a little cottage stylecharm. So if youre extra desperate for a little extra counter space and happen to have a blank empty spot in thecenter of your kitchen, look for a compact kitchen island or even a kitchen cart to fill the space - you definitelywont regret it. In almost any kitchen, you end up with some empty space in the middle that goes to waste. And, aseveryone knows, no matter how big your kitchen is, you never have quite enough counter or cabinet space. Sowhy not make use of that wasted space? No matter how big or small your kitchen, there are kitchen islands andcarts out there to help you make the most of your kitchen. What are you looking for in a kitchen island? What areyour space restrictions? What do you really need, and what would you love for your kitchen island to have? - Home Improvement Super Store Phone: 267-670-3883 Toll Free: 1-866-278-0880 Circle HomeThangs on Google+ Like HomeThangs on Facebook page 8 / 9
  9. 9. Kitchen Islands Check List – Is A Ne... by S. Lewis - chen-island-right-for-you/ Follow HomeThangs on Twitter Follow HomeThangs on PINTEREST page 9 / 9Powered by TCPDF (