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Eco friendly bathroom_vanities_from_the_wyndham_collection

  1. 1. Eco Friendly Bathroom Vanities From The Wy... by S. Lewis - he-wyndham-collection/ Eco Friendly Bathroom Vanities From The Wyndham Collection"Going green" is all the rage these days - from energy efficient appliances to fancy new water bottles. But when itcomes to remodeling your bathroom, it turns out that opting for environmentally friendly components isnt justsomething you ought to do, it might actually be something you want to do - especially when it comes to ecofriendly bathroom vanities. Made of quality materials with earth-first processes, Wyndhams sleek, stylishcontemporary and modern bathroom vanities are not only good for the environment, but are also great to look atand built to last a lifetime.Abba 48 Inch Coffee Vanity SetWyndham Collection vanities are held to the highest environmental standards at all stages of production. On themost basic level, Wyndham uses only FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified oak hardwood in theconstruction of all their bathroom vanities, like this Abba wall mount vanity. That means a few different things.First, that all wood used in the vanities is harvested from sustainable sources. The source trees are grown andculled conscientiously, not strip cut. Secondly, it means that all forest management policies are monitored in thearea the wood is taken from, verifying that the area will continue to produce evenly and making certain that thehealth of the forest takes precedence. Finally, all the wood that Wyndham uses can be traced directly back to thesource. page 1 / 5
  2. 2. Eco Friendly Bathroom Vanities From The Wy... by S. Lewis - he-wyndham-collection/Malibu 48 Inch Bathroom Vanity Set In EspressoThe use of only solid hardwood with the occasional real wood veneers also means that Wyndham Collectionvanities like this Malibu will be much, much more durable than inexpensive MDF or plywood pieces. While manyMDF and plywood vanities are marketed as eco friendly bathroom vanities because they reuse scrap wood ratherthan harvesting solid wood, the quality isnt the same, and the particle boards may even be bound with harmfulchemicals, depending on the brand. As well, while almost all of the vanities have a lacquered finish (more on thislater), you can still see the wood grain which gives each piece a unique, natural beauty that you wont find in manyeco-friendly pressed board vanities.Andover 72 Inch Traditional Bathroom Double Vanity In Black page 2 / 5
  3. 3. Eco Friendly Bathroom Vanities From The Wy... by S. Lewis - he-wyndham-collection/Once the wood is selected, each vanity is assembled using only natural adhesives with low or no VOCs (volatileorganic compounds) which prevents outgassing. That means that no toxic chemicals or gasses are releasedduring the construction of the vanity. If youve ever smelled a bad glue smell, thats exactly what these vanitiesdont have. The exact compound they use is proprietary, but the use of natural rather than chemical ingredientsmakes vanities like this traditional Andover vanity significantly less polluting, both during initial assembly and overtime.Daytona 71 Inch Double Bathroom VanityEach vanity undergoes an 8-12 stage finishing and sealing process. Once again, Wyndham prides itself on usinga zero emissions process that makes their wood vanities highly warp resistant, and a low-VOC finish that makes ithighly water resistant. Again, this is beneficial for reasons that go above and beyond concern for the environment.While mother nature and the air you breathe will thank you, Wyndham vanities like this Daytona Double Vanity willmake you grateful, too, as theyre some of the best suited to constantly changing wet conditions available. Even insplash-prone areas like a kids bathroom, Wyndham Collection vanities are designed to stand up to tough moistureconditions better and longer than the competition. page 3 / 5
  4. 4. Eco Friendly Bathroom Vanities From The Wy... by S. Lewis - he-wyndham-collection/Abingdon 36 Inch Single Bathroom Vanity Set In EspressoIn addition to high quality, durability, and earth-friendliness, Wyndhams eco-friendly vanities can also be good foryour bottom line. Going green is all the rage, but not just for people who love the earth. Green building practices,including using something like this Abingdon vanity in a bathroom remodel, can qualify you for all kinds of taxcredits, rebates, and other financial incentives. The more earth friendly materials and technologies you use, thegreater your incentives will be. Youll need to check with your states specific regulations on the issue, but optingfor green bathroom fixtures like Wyndham vanities coupled with low flow toilets, shower heads, or faucets canactually make a pretty big difference in the bottom line of your budget, and make it easier to build the bathroomyou want for a total lower cost.Premiere 72 Inch Double Bathroom Vanity In White page 4 / 5
  5. 5. Eco Friendly Bathroom Vanities From The Wy... by S. Lewis - he-wyndham-collection/ Moreover, buying an environmentally conscious vanity isnt just eco-friendly and wallet-happy, it can be good for your health, too. Many bathroom vanities (or cabinetry and furniture in general) use harsh chemicals during production. From formaldehyde to a whole array of volatile organic compounds and toxic adhesives, conventionally made pieces of furniture are often processed and assembled with materials that are not only damaging to the environment, but which can also contaminate the air inside your home. Processed wood and chemical adhesives can release toxins into your bathroom over the life of the vanity, which can cause lung problems and even cancer over time, especially in a poorly ventilated space. But Wyndhams vanities are zero emissions across the board, not only during the production process, but over the life of the vanity as well. Whether you opt for a smaller vanity or one of their larger ones like this Premiere 72 inch white vanity, the process is the same, and it will help keep your family breathing cleaner. Whatever your reason for wanting to invest in an eco friendly bathroom vanity, those from the Wyndham collection are a great choice for a lot of reasons. Their quality and durability meets and exceeds that of many brands that dont adhere to the same stringent environmental standards, which means theyre better for you, better for your bathroom, and better for the health of your family (and your wallet!). What inspired you to shop eco friendly bathroom vanities? Are you more concerned about the environment, your health, or building a more sustainable home? Let me know in the comments! - Home Improvement Super Store Phone: 267-670-3883 Toll Free: 1-866-278-0880 Circle HomeThangs on Google+ Like HomeThangs on Facebook Follow HomeThangs on Twitter Follow HomeThangs on PINTEREST page 5 / 5Powered by TCPDF (