Designer powder room_vanities_for_a_supremely_stylish_small_bathroom


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Designer powder room_vanities_for_a_supremely_stylish_small_bathroom

  1. 1. Designer Powder Room Vanities For A Suprem... by S. Lewis - supremely-stylish-small-bathroom/ Designer Powder Room Vanities For A Supremely Stylish Small BathroomSmall spaces are sometimes the hardest to design. The smaller your room, the more thought required to deal withall the little necessities - like finding the right balance of storage, floor space, and style. But in a powder room, allthat goes out the window. Since you dont need a place to store your toothbrush or curling iron, a powder room isthe perfect place for that beautiful-but-impractical vanity. No cabinets? No drawers? No problem! Designerpowder room vanities are an ideal way to really showcase your smaller space, and give your guests a little wowfactor, no matter what size your bathroom.Avanity Hemet 25 Inch Dark Walnut Vanity With Black Granite TopIn a powder room, style is king. While your selection for typical or master bathroom vanities is likely to be limitedby the number and size of their drawers, in a powder room you probably dont need to stow anything more thanmaybe a spare roll of toilet paper. So when it comes to powder room vanities, I always like to give a first look atmy favorite vanities that got taken off the top of the list for a regular or small bathroom for practical reasons. ThisHemet vanity from Avanity is a personal favorite - its got a subtle, sleek style that works well with just about anydecor. It also makes the perfect pedestal for a unique vessel sink, which is one of my favorite ways to customize apowder room. page 1 / 6
  2. 2. Designer Powder Room Vanities For A Suprem... by S. Lewis - supremely-stylish-small-bathroom/Esprit Bathroom Pedestal Vanity Set From The Wyndham CollectionIn fact, outright pedestal vanities, like this Esprit Vanity from the Wyndham Collection, also work extremely well aspowder room vanities, especially if you want to give the space a slightly museum-like flair. Again, pick a reallybeautiful glass or metal vessel sink to sit atop a dark wood or stone pedestal vanity like this one, then fill the roomwith ambient bathroom lighting. Strategically placed recessed lights or undermount lights will help enhance themuseum feel, and one bright spotlight right over the sink will serve not only as task lighting, but to bring out thecolor and detail in the sink - sure to take your guests breath away!Museum Style Pedestal Vanity And Vessel Sink From Silkroad ExclusiveThen again, if you need a little extra storage space - say, if you cant find a decorative toilet paper holder you like page 2 / 6
  3. 3. Designer Powder Room Vanities For A Suprem... by S. Lewis - supremely-stylish-small-bathroom/for your spare rolls - there are slim, trim powder room vanities that have at least enough space for toilet tissue andhand towels. This HPY-0155-22, for example, is similar in shape and size, to the Wyndham museum style vanity,but instead of a solid pedestal, this one has access to the interior. Tapered, sure, and certainly not ideal for aregular bathroom, but for a guest bath or powder room, this powder room vanity has all the storage youll need.HYP 0156-12 Pedestal Vanity From Silkroad ExclusiveSimilarly, this Column Style Vanity from Silkroad Exclusive is reminiscent of the columns youd rest a bust on -similarly subtle-but-breathtaking, and begging for a beautiful sink to show off. Once again, while the lean mean12" width and depth would make this beauty at best inadvisable for a heavily trafficked bathroom, the wholeinterior is open for simple storage, which makes it picture perfect as a powder room vanity. As a bonus, it evenhas a few shelves inside to make organization a little easier.Cambridge Vanity page 3 / 6
  4. 4. Designer Powder Room Vanities For A Suprem... by S. Lewis - supremely-stylish-small-bathroom/Of course, powder room vanities can be a statement all to themselves. This Cambridge Vanity is a gorgeous,antique-inspired piece that acts as a focal point for a bathroom of just about any size. The simple woodwork issubtle but elegant, and the two finishes make it well suited for either a contemporary or a period inspiredbathroom. This particular bathroom vanity is especially well suited to a powder room, with two built in decorativetowel hooks that make for an easy seasonal accessory change whenever you have guests.Cruz Vanity From JSG OceanaPowder rooms are also a great place to try on modern bathroom vanities that are just a little too cutting edge to bepractical. While this Cruz vanity from JSG Oceana Glass at least makes an effort at offering storage with thestylish, staggered shelves, putting a roll of TP on one and can of shaving cream on the other sort of ruins theminimal, geometric effect. In a powder room, though, this vanity really shines. Since you wont need the storage,you can leave the shelves empty or, if you need to, to house some tightly rolled hand towels so each of yourguests can have one of their own. Better yet, use the shelves to display simple, beautiful objects that coordinatewith one of Oceanas colorful glass vessel sinks to really highlight the beauty of this powder room vanity. page 4 / 6
  5. 5. Designer Powder Room Vanities For A Suprem... by S. Lewis - supremely-stylish-small-bathroom/Goblet Style Pedestal Vanities From Legion FurnitureIf you want to get really extreme, go for a bold, unusual powder room vanity like this Goblet Style Vanity fromLegion Furniture. The king of otherwise-impractical vanities, this is a real star piece when used in a powder room.The leaf and vine design is reminiscent of Roman architecture, and combined with the slightly metallic finish(which makes it look even more chalice-like), is a great setup for a rather Bacchic design. If you enjoy the fruit ofthe vine and like to entertain, this powder room vanity is an excellent foundation for a vineyard-themed guestbathroom or powder room.Silkroad Exclusives HYP 0141-23 Pedestal VanityIn the same vein, this HPY-0141-23 is similar, but both a little bit more ornate and a little more practical. The page 5 / 6
  6. 6. Designer Powder Room Vanities For A Suprem... by S. Lewis - supremely-stylish-small-bathroom/ hidden-ish front panel allows for a modest amount of storage (and a little easier access to your plumbing). It also comes with dainty, decorative hand towel hooks built right in, which is perfect for guests who arent quite sure where to wipe their hands (and makes it look a little like you could lift it and take a swig). The detailing on this vanity is stunning, and even with a simple white undermount sink, its a real show stopper - especially if you give it a little help with some creative bathroom lighting. Instead of trying to highlight the sink, though, fill the room with lots of good ambient light, making sure to feature the texture of the carvings for a sight that your guests wont soon forget. Even if your powder room is incredibly small, that doesnt mean it cant be one of the most stunning areas in your home. In fact, while a smaller bathroom might be considered a bad thing elsewhere, in a powder room, it gives you a better opportunity to splurge on the vanity and other bathroom decor you really want without having to worry about it being too practical. What design do you have in mind for your powder room? When it comes to powder room vanities, do you like them small, or is your space big enough that youd prefer a larger decorative piece? - Home Improvement Super Store Phone: 267-670-3883 Toll Free: 1-866-278-0880 Circle HomeThangs on Google+ Like HomeThangs on Facebook Follow HomeThangs on Twitter Follow HomeThangs on PINTEREST page 6 / 6Powered by TCPDF (