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Dainty white bathroom_vanities_emulate_victorian_dressing_tables


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Dainty white bathroom_vanities_emulate_victorian_dressing_tables

  1. 1. Dainty White Bathroom Vanities Emulate Vic... by S. Lewis - te-victorian-dressing-tables/ Dainty White Bathroom Vanities Em ulate Victorian Dressing TablesIf youve ever dreamed of having your very own Victorian style dressing table but dont exactly have the space topull it off, its not too hard to craft a bathroom with the same look and feel. Dainty white bathroom vanities,especially those with a little Victorian influence, can often take the part of dressing vanities. That way, you get allthe style of a decadent bathroom and private dressing area in one, all while keeping the functionality of a fullbathroom setup, even in a relatively small bathroom.Abigail 48 Inch White Bathroom Vanity From Virtu USASeparate dressing tables, now and then, are luxuries for those that have space to spare. While HGTV might makeout that everyone has an olympic-sized master bathroom, plenty of fairly well-to-do homeowners are still elbowingeach other for space around a single sink, let alone having yet another separate space for a lady to do her face.So in lieu of a his, hers, and hers bathroom setup, I say opt for white bathroom vanities with just a slighteffeminate touch and tons of Victorian flair, like this Abigail vanity from Virtu USA. page 1 / 4
  2. 2. Dainty White Bathroom Vanities Emulate Vic... by S. Lewis - te-victorian-dressing-tables/Charlotte 48 Inch Bathroom Vanity From Virtu USAThese Victorian inspired white bathroom vanities are great for a couple reasons. First and foremost, the Victorianstyle and vaguely boudoir-vanity shape immediately create the impression of a ladys space, and emulate the lookand feel of a classical dressing table. Even if you have to share the space - as in a small to mid sized master bath- a vanity like this Charlotte vanity has all the storage space you need for two while retaining the style that makesit seem personal.Gabrielle White Bathroom Vanity From DecolavI like to err on the side of white bathroom vanities with a lot of woodwork and intricate detailing, as it addsauthenticity to the antique look and feel of a piece. That said, in a more modern bathroom - or to make the style a page 2 / 4
  3. 3. Dainty White Bathroom Vanities Emulate Vic... by S. Lewis - te-victorian-dressing-tables/little more gender neutral, something like this Gabrielle vanity from DecoLav might be a better fit. It has all thecurve to it of a classic dressing table, but without the elaborate finish work that makes for a more authenticallyVictorian style. The dresser style drawers, on the other hand, go a long way toward adding to the bedroom -rather than bathroom - style.Savina 27 Inch White Bathroom Vanity From PorcherThats all well and good, you might be thinking, but why white bathroom vanities? Ive sung the virtues of whitevanities before, but in this particular case, its because white really adds to the Victorian style element. Its clean,its slightly classical, and its more than a little effeminate, even delicate. This Savina vanity from Porcher is fairlysimple in style, with a solid white finish that makes it look a little like a classical column, Conversely, its small sizemakes it delicate - the perfect combination to create a little ladylike old world charm.Hand Carved Victorian Vanity From Silkroad Exclusive page 3 / 4
  4. 4. Dainty White Bathroom Vanities Emulate Vic... by S. Lewis - te-victorian-dressing-tables/ That said, while I personally prefer a white-white finish on my white bathroom vanities, an off white, cream, or even distressed or antique white can work for this, too. Just be aware that each color gives a slightly different impression and can change depending on your lighting. While truly white bathroom vanities are crisp, clean, and finished looking, a weathered white plays up the antique aspect (great for a slightly more rustic or "found" vintage style). On the other hand, off white or cream vanities like this Victorian Vanity from Silkroad Exclusive are a great way to add a little extra warmth to your bathroom. A vanity like this is especially good at bringing out gold tones in a bathroom, but you want to be careful not to use a light bulbs that cast a very yellow light, as it can make your bathroom look dingy. Sonnet Petite Console Vanity From Porcher If you want to get the full functionality of a dressing table as well as that of a bathroom vanity, you might want to think a little outside the box. White bathroom vanities come in all shapes and sizes - and that includes console vanities like this Sonnet Petite console lavatory. Made of porcelain, the perfect smooth, delicate, ladylike material with vintage inspired legs and counter top, its not only a great way to get the look of an antique dressing table, but all that space underneath means you can actually use it as one as well. Just get yourself a high but dainty stool or bar or cafe style wire chair and you can sit yourself down in front of a big decorative mirror, relax, and enjoy a more leisurely toiletry experience. Really, the key to recreating a Victorian dressing room lies not only in choosing the right white bathroom vanities, but also in choosing the right accessories. Add fabric where you can, especially curtains, vintage inspired porcelain bathroom accessories, and even a few antique toiletry items. Even if you have a smaller bathroom (or one you have to share), choosing the right Victorian bathroom vanity and accessorizing intelligently can create the sensation of a luxurious, private space...even if you dont necessarily have the luxury of privacy. What do you most want out of a Victorian style bathroom? Do you like the look of white bathroom vanities with a more traditional dressing vanity flair? page 4 / 4Powered by TCPDF (