Copper bathroom vanities_and_copper_sinks_for_a_rustic_old_fashioned_style


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Copper bathroom vanities_and_copper_sinks_for_a_rustic_old_fashioned_style

  1. 1. Copper Bathroom Vanities And Copper Sinks ... by S. Lewis - r-sinks-for-a-rustic-old-fashioned-style/ Copper Bathroom Vanities And Copper Sinks For A Rustic Old Fashioned StyleHere on the homethangs blog, we really love copper - copper kitchen sinks, copper bathtubs, copper vessel sinks,just about any way you can emphasize or accessorize with copper in your home, we love it. Why? Because notonly is copper beautiful and easy to care for, but it ages naturally with time, developing a beautiful antique patinaand maturing as you use it. That means that not only are you getting a beautiful piece that will become even moreeye-catching over time, but that each copper piece will be uniquely yours. If you love the look of naturalweathered copper too, and dont want to stop with a sink or a tub, rustic copper bathroom vanities are the perfectway to bring more of that elegantly aged look into your bathroom. 8KKSNSQGY9A8Sierra Copper 56 Inch Langley Copper VanityThere are several different types of copper vanities, and a lot of the style depends on how much of the vanity ismade or finished with copper. You arent likely to find any solid copper bathroom vanities, just because thematerial is expensive, heavy, and might not play well with your flooring. On the copper-heavy end of the spectrumyoure looking at something like this Langley copper vanity, which comes complete with weathered copperpaneling on all the doors and drawers, a full copper countertop and matching Savannah copper sink. The slightlyweathered finish on the wood and the antique iron accent handles make for a fantastic vintage look and feel witha nice old West flair. page 1 / 5
  2. 2. Copper Bathroom Vanities And Copper Sinks ... by S. Lewis - r-sinks-for-a-rustic-old-fashioned-style/Sierra Copper Farmhouse VanityMany copper bathroom vanities have a similar rustic design. This Farmhouse copper vanity, for example, is agreat southwestern twist on the lighter, airier farmhouse or French Countryside design, using weathered woodand richly aged copper paneling and countertop in place of the traditional whites and pastels. Pictured here with asimple hand-pounded Hampton farmhouse sink, this vanity is all texture and color, top to bottom. Each of thethree areas of copper - the sink, the counters, and the paneling - has a slightly different finish both in aging and inthe literal texture, and because of their different locations, theyll age differently as well, making for a spectaculardepth and range of finishes. As well, the aging of the wood on each vanity is unique and will add a one of a kindrugged authenticity to your decor.Sierra Copper Hampton Farm Sink With ScrollworkOf course, with this farmhouse copper bathroom vanity the sink is the real main spectacle, and changing it out candramatically alter the look and feel of the vanity. While I would personally stick with a copper sink, a moretraditional white fireclay farmhouse sink would really lighten and brighten the vanity, making it a little moredecor-neutral. That said, ditching the copper sink takes away a lot of what makes copper bathroom vanities sobold and beautiful. Instead, if youre looking to mix up the look a little, Id opt for another Hampton apron sink fromSierra Copper, but one with intricate and beautiful scrollwork on the front face instead of a plain hammered finish.Sierra Copper Hampton Norwich Apron SinkSierra Coppers Hampton line of farmhouse sinks come in a wide variety of styles, and in some cases the page 2 / 5
  3. 3. Copper Bathroom Vanities And Copper Sinks ... by S. Lewis - r-sinks-for-a-rustic-old-fashioned-style/scrollwork can even be custom designed to a pattern of your choosing. Each one has its own personal flair, fromthe romantic heart-floral scrollwork above to the simpler, steamer-trunk style riveting of this Hampton Norwich. Sobe aware when youre looking into copper bathroom vanities that not all copper sinks are created equal, andchoosing the right one can go a long way towards ensuring you get the look you want.Sierra Copper Burlington Bathroom VanityFrom there, copper bathroom vanities get a little more spare. This Burlington vanity nixes the door and drawerpaneling, favoring more visible wood over layers of finished copper. It keeps the copper countertop of the othertwo, though, and ups the ante with a copper vessel sink. Pictured here with a Remington vessel sink, the ruggedwood and weathered copper counter really exist to do service to the sink - meaning this is another place whereyour sink choice has a huge impact on the final look of your copper vanity.Sierra Copper Square Cazo Vessel SinkSwap the Remington out with this Square Cazo sink and you immediately switch from something bordering onmodern to something much homier and more rustic. Reminiscent of old west style copper wash basins - with the page 3 / 5
  4. 4. Copper Bathroom Vanities And Copper Sinks ... by S. Lewis - r-sinks-for-a-rustic-old-fashioned-style/little loop "carry" handles to prove it - this sink is much more casual, and will make the vanity look like a homey,old-fashioned wash stand.Sierra Copper Aurora Squared Vessel SinkThen again, if you want to emphasize that gorgeous copper counter top, I would opt for a simple, smaller vesselsink like this Aurora Squared sink, and ask for a tempered rather than antique or burnished patina. This will giveyou a starting finish thats closer to the countertop (if a little darker) that will help bring the tempered copperpattern to the fore rather than using it as a backdrop for a more intricate sink.Sierra Copper Madison Copper Bathroom VanityFinally, if you just really love the idea of a copper sink, but find copper bathroom vanities a little overwhelming,look for a vanity with a wood tone that compliments the color of aged copper. Sierra Copper offers this Madison page 4 / 5
  5. 5. Copper Bathroom Vanities And Copper Sinks ... by S. Lewis - r-sinks-for-a-rustic-old-fashioned-style/ vanity, which is made out of the same wood and with the same weathered, rustic finish as their other copper bathroom vanities, but without any copper insets and an included wood vanity top rather than a copper one. If you love the vanity and want the copper, you can have it upgraded to a copper top, but if you really just love the wood and want to use it to feature a beautiful vessel sink, this is really an excellent way to do it. And because there isnt any other copper, itll give the copper sink of your choice the opportunity to shine. What appeals to you about copper bathroom vanities? Do you like bathroom vanities with a lot of copper, or do you prefer to highlight a single artistic feature? Would you ever put a non-copper sink in a copper vanity? 8KKSNSQGY9A8 - Home Improvement Super Store Phone: 267-670-3883 Toll Free: 1-866-278-0880 Circle HomeThangs on Google+ Like HomeThangs on Facebook Follow HomeThangs on Twitter Follow HomeThangs on PINTEREST page 5 / 5Powered by TCPDF (