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Contemporary bathroom vanities_for_a_casual_yet_classy_bathroom_decor


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Contemporary bathroom vanities_for_a_casual_yet_classy_bathroom_decor

  1. 1. Contemporary Bathroom Vanities For A Casua... by S. Lewis - et-classy-bathroom-decor/ Contemporary Bathroom Vanities For A Casual Yet Classy Bathroom DecorLooking for a way to combine the decadence and beauty of an antique or traditional vanity with the sleeksimplicity of a modern design? Contemporary bathroom vanities offer the best of both worlds, combining beautifulhardwood and simplified traditional styles with spunky modern hardware. If you want to give your bathroom awarm, luxurious feel without looking too old fashioned or ornate, this is really the best place to start.Dark Brown Contemporary Vanity HYP-0224-UWC-48Youd be amazed at how big a difference swapping up your cabinet hardware can make. The woodwork anddesign of this Dark Brown Vanity is more ornate than that on most contemporary vanities, with lots of beautifullayered paneling and many small antique-esque doors and drawers. But the simple stainless steel bar and buttonhandles stand out like little exclamation marks against the dark wood. Most bathroom vanities in this structuralstyle would opt for antique brass knobs and pulls, but the simple swap to more modern fixtures completelychanges the character of the vanity. page 1 / 6
  2. 2. Contemporary Bathroom Vanities For A Casua... by S. Lewis - et-classy-bathroom-decor/Sagehill Designs Modena Single Contemporary Bathroom VanityThe same goes for this Modena Vanity from Sagehill Designs. The vanity is made of solid maple with real cherrywood veneers - a material choice that sets its apart from many modern vanities all by itself. It also undergoes aspecial aging process designed to emphasize the natural grain of the wood, much like many traditional or antiquestyle vanities. But, the design is very simple, with very little elaboration (save the simple lifting base that givesanother little nod to traditional styles), and the drawer pulls are absolutely modern: simple brass bars andunadorned square knobs, which combine to give the overall aesthetic a comfortable, casual feel of modern designwith all the warmth and luxury of more traditional decor.Sagehill Designs Milltown Contemporary VanityWood is a major consideration when it comes to contemporary bathroom vanities. Because their structural designis typically fairly minimalistic, the wood grain really becomes the star of the show. This Milltown really stands outfrom the crowd because of its prominent rustic woodwork. Like many of Sagehills vanities, this one is made ofsolid maple, but finished with a rough-sawed, worn wood with a striking finish. But other than the woodwork, thisvanity lacks any ostentation: its refined, simply finished, and surprisingly minimal, with all unadorned lines andsimple weathered door pulls. Its the perfect way to get the rustic beauty of real hardwood in a more modernbathroom. page 2 / 6
  3. 3. Contemporary Bathroom Vanities For A Casua... by S. Lewis - et-classy-bathroom-decor/Dark Walnut Single Contemporary Bathroom Vanity HYP-0912-36-LContemporary bathroom vanities come in a whole variety of styles, though - some more modern than others, andsome a little more traditional. This Dark Walnut Vanity, for example, actually errs a little more toward the modern,stripping away the paneling entirely and leaving a surface thats simple, seamless, and smooth all over, with thosesame stunningly eye-catching stainless steel bar handles. But its kept from being completely modern by a fewthings: the beautiful dark wood, and the few curves the vanity does have, rounding the front doors and the bottomedge for the most subtle reference to an older style.Mahogany Vanity With Modern Pulls HYP-0709-32Again, you can see that the hardware is a big player. This Mahogany-Stained Bathroom Vanity from Silkroad page 3 / 6
  4. 4. Contemporary Bathroom Vanities For A Casua... by S. Lewis - et-classy-bathroom-decor/Exclusive has almost no hardware at all. The glossy dark finish and beautiful detailed paneling are all antiqueelegance, but the barely-there pulls, and here also the exposed hinges add a little pop of modernity that makesthis vanity one that can fit into a bathroom, rather than one a bathroom has to be designed around. While manyperiod styles have to be painstakingly integrated into your decor - and carefully matched - the simplified hardwaretakes away some of the stuffiness and gives you permission to break a few rules.Porcher Lutezia Eleganze 24 Inch VanityCombining natural wood with bright modern fixtures, contemporary bathroom vanities are all about preserving alittle of the formality of classical design while doing away with the stodginess and constraint. Both modern andantique design can feel a little uncomfortable - restrictive, if you will - because in their own ways each one comeswith a laundry list of (similar) constraints: make it picture perfect, make it match, and then dont touch. But withsomething like this Lutezia Eleganze from Porcher, you get the best of both worlds, without the mandate to keepyour bathroom magazine-spread perfect 24/7. page 4 / 6
  5. 5. Contemporary Bathroom Vanities For A Casua... by S. Lewis - et-classy-bathroom-decor/Cherry Wood Contemporary Vanity WA3003Especially because modern bathroom decor tends to be a little on the chilly side with all that glass, steel, andsolid-finish MDF, I personally prefer the natural wood grain of a more contemporary vanity like this CherryFinished Vanity from Legion. Though in this particular shot its pictured in a (rather ill-fittingly) icy looking room, thedeep, rosy cherry finish is the perfect way to make any space seem more inviting. Not only does the grain give apoint of interest for the eye, but the color itself can help warm the space and make it feel more casual than eithera modern or a vintage style bathroom would be.Audrey 72 Inch Contemporary Bathroom Vanity From The Wyndham CollectionContemporary vanities come in a whole variety of shapes, sizes, and wood finishes, s0 no matter what style yourbathroom, it shouldnt be hard to find one to fit. Just keep in mind that its the combination of details that reallygives the final effect. For example, a dark wood finish can work equally well with a modern and a more classicstyle if you play up the other elements right. The simple but elegant paneling on this Audrey 72 Inch Vanity fromthe Wyndham Collection references its classical origins... page 5 / 6
  6. 6. Contemporary Bathroom Vanities For A Casua... by S. Lewis - et-classy-bathroom-decor/ York Vessel Vanity From Hardware Resources ...But take the same paneling and the same finish, but swap the hardware and add a modern vessel sink like that on this York Vessel Vanity from Hardware Resources, and youve suddenly got something that looks a lot more modern. So dont be afraid to play with different elements, and be aware how small, subtle variations between similar contemporary vanities can make a big difference on their overall style. What do you want from your contemporary vanity? Are you looking to tone down the opulence of antique vanities or warm up a modern bathroom? Something else? Let me know in the comments! - Home Improvement Super Store Phone: 267-670-3883 Toll Free: 1-866-278-0880 Circle HomeThangs on Google+ Like HomeThangs on Facebook Follow HomeThangs on Twitter Follow HomeThangs on PINTEREST page 6 / 6Powered by TCPDF (