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Building better bathroom_vanities_exotic_wood_veneers_for_a_pricey_look_without_the_price (3)


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Building better bathroom_vanities_exotic_wood_veneers_for_a_pricey_look_without_the_price (3)

  1. 1. Building Better Bathroom Vanities: Exotic ... by S. Lewis - tic-wood-veneers-for-a-pricey-look-without-the-price/ Building Better Bathroom Vanities : Exotic Wood Veneers For A Pricey Look Without The PriceTheres nothing more beautiful than furniture made with high quality, exotic wood. The very best wood has its ownnatural luster, with intricate natural patterns and deep, varied colors, and even a little natural shimmer and shine -no stain needed. But rare woods are becoming increasingly, well, rare - difficult to find and expensive to obtain -and many of the most desirable patterned woods arent even suitable for solid construction. Using exotic woodveneers is the ideal solution, because theyre just as beautiful, but less expensive, more flexible, and can be laidover a different kind of solid wood to combine beauty and stabilityBarrister Bathroom Vanity With Mahogany Veneers From Sagehill DesignsSo what are exotic wood veneers exactly? Basically, instead of turning a log of, say, mahogany into boards ofmahogany, the wood is heated and soaked with moisture to make it pliant, then sliced extremely thin, about 1/42of an inch, to create a smooth, flexible board. Slicing rather than cutting eliminates sawdust waste, and makingthe boards so thin increases the amount of face material by about 4,000%. This dramatically compounds howmuch use you can get out of a single piece of wood, and dramatically reduces what you have to pay to get thesame beautiful wood look, making a gorgeous mahogany vanity like this Barrister vanity from Sagehill Designssomething that an average homeowner can afford. page 1 / 6
  2. 2. Building Better Bathroom Vanities: Exotic ... by S. Lewis - tic-wood-veneers-for-a-pricey-look-without-the-price/Carlton Corner Vanity With Cherry Veneers From XylemOne of the cool consequences of cutting wood so thin is that, while full sized boards or planks tend to have a lot ofvariation in grain, a series of several sheets of exotic wood veneers are nearly identical. Because theyre removedso closely together, and with so little waste in between, the pattern from one sheet to the next is almost the same.That means that you can use multiple veneer sheets to create gorgeous symmetrical or radial patterns. Take thisCarlton Vanity from Xylem - it uses sequential veneer sheets to create a checked pattern of alternating,symmetrical waves. Plus, because the sheets are so thin and flexible, its easier to affix them to a vanity with acurved face like this one without wasting wood by having to shape it.Walnut Vanity With Burled Walnut Veneers From Legion Furniture page 2 / 6
  3. 3. Building Better Bathroom Vanities: Exotic ... by S. Lewis - tic-wood-veneers-for-a-pricey-look-without-the-price/Veneering became incredibly common during World War II in response to material rationing, and if you have abad initial reaction to the word "veneer" it probably comes from the products that were manufactured in thatperiod. Because adhesives were also being rationed, it was common for veneers to simply peel off the furniturethey were stuck to. These days, though, we have better adhesives and better access to them, so exotic woodveneers are truly bonded to whatever you stick them to, and wont peel off with time. That means that somethinglike this Burled Walnut Vanity from Legion Furniture isnt some cheap throw-away piece to tide you over until youcan afford the "real thing" - its a furniture-quality piece made from the best materials and designed to last alifetime.Oxford Vanity With Cherry Wood Veneer From AvanityThe simplest exotic wood veneers youll find take a standard log of an exotic wood like mahogany or cherry, cut itinto thin sheets, and then adhere the pliant veneer to a sturdier but less expensive base material, often MDF. Thiseffectively disguises the underlying material as whatever expensive kind of wood you want, giving you the stabilityof a more solid material, the cost of a cheaper material, and the appearance of a very expensive material. ThisOxford Vanity from Avanity combines a solid wood frame with MDF paneling and rich cherry wood veneers, givingthe best of all three worlds. Its also a more eco friendly vanity, because youre using a waste-free exotic woodveneer, paneling thats made from salvaged wood scraps (MDF), and only as much sustainably harvested woodas you need to keep it standing. page 3 / 6
  4. 4. Building Better Bathroom Vanities: Exotic ... by S. Lewis - tic-wood-veneers-for-a-pricey-look-without-the-price/Warm Chestnut Normandy Chest Vanity With Birch Burl Veneers From Hardware ResourcesBut exotic wood veneers can also be used not so much to disguise a less expensive material as to highlight thebeauty of the material youre using. This Normandy Vanity from Hardware Resources is made of 100% solid birchthrough and through, a totally solid wood vanity, but instead of opting for a standard wood grain, it layers the frontand side faces with birch burl veneer to give the vanity a more elegant pattern.Legacy Vanity With Maple Burl Veneer From AvanityThere are a couple different kinds of "patterns" that are considered valuable for exotic wood veneers. First andmost desirable is the burl. This type of wood is only found in places that a tree has been damaged and grownoutward to repair itself - usually in a big, warty-looking bulb near the base of the tree. This material is extremely page 4 / 6
  5. 5. Building Better Bathroom Vanities: Exotic ... by S. Lewis - tic-wood-veneers-for-a-pricey-look-without-the-price/hard and has an amazing chaotic pattern, plus its own natural shine that you wont find in most any other kind ofwood. But burl wood is not only extremely expensive, its also terrible for construction - hard to work with, and notgood for supporting weight. Instead, its primary use is in exotic wood veneers. Just seeing it in action on thisLegacy Vanity will show you why - the gorgeous pattern and golden shine is all the accent this vanity needs.Mount Vernon Vanity With Crotch Patterned Veneer From KacoAnother common pattern in exotic wood veneers is "crotch" wood, which is a v-patterned wood created where atree has branched into two forks. Again, harder to get your hands on than just a regular piece of wood, and againwith an amazing natural ripple pattern that turns your bathroom vanity into a beautiful, antique-quality piece all byitself. This Mount Vernon vanity from Kaco uses the veneers only on the door faces, but the natural simmer andmovement of the wood grain bring the whole piece to life.Dorchester Vanity With Mahogany Veneers From Kaco page 5 / 6
  6. 6. Building Better Bathroom Vanities: Exotic ... by S. Lewis - tic-wood-veneers-for-a-pricey-look-without-the-price/ Finally, veneers can be used for smaller wood accents as well as larger panels or for all-over coverage. This Dorchester Vanity is a great example, with two layers of different patterned veneers cut into different shapes for a sophisticated, furniture-quality finish in a reasonably priced bathroom vanity package. Whether youre looking to enhance a lesser quality wood, or accent a well-finished, higher quality wood, exotic wood veneers add amazing natural beauty to your bathroom vanities that you cant fake or replicate, and that wont cost you an arm and a leg. Are you considering a vanity with exotic wood veneers? Have any more questions I havent answered here? Let me know in the comments! page 6 / 6Powered by TCPDF (