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Black vanities for_an_easy_modern_twist_on_any_bathroom_decor


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Black vanities for_an_easy_modern_twist_on_any_bathroom_decor

  1. 1. Black Vanities For An Easy Modern Twist On... by S. Lewis - ist-on-any-bathroom-decor/ Black Vanities For An Easy Modern Twist On Any Bathroom DecorWhen it comes to interior design, black is always a striking color. Especially if you use it in any dominant way -walls, floors, or large pieces of furniture - its an incredibly bold and attention grabbing color. In a bathroom this iseven more true. Since theres so little space to go around, and because white is typically the dominant color,choosing black for something large, like a bathroom vanity, is an especially daring choice. Like a little blackdress, a black bathroom vanity is sleek, smooth, classy, and always in style. While wood or even some paintedvanities can be dated by their color, black vanities in just about any design will always look updated, modern, andeven a little edgy.Glass Topped Black Vanity From LegionMany black vanities are fairly modern in design to start. Because black is such a dominant part of the (relativelylimited) palette of modern decor, many modern vanities out there tend to use it as a base color, often paired withbrushed steel and tempered glass accents. This Glass Topped Vanity is an excellent example - against a boldwhite wall, the minimal rectangular design is especially striking, while the integrated glass counter and sink givethe fixture a stunning, cool lighting from within. page 1 / 6
  2. 2. Black Vanities For An Easy Modern Twist On... by S. Lewis - ist-on-any-bathroom-decor/Black Vanity With Floating Glass Counter WT9119The same goes double for this ultra modern Floating Counter Vanity from Legion - not only does it have a similar,minimal geometric design, but the black vanity acts as a backdrop for the raised tempered glass sink and counter.The matte black finish makes the stainless steel lifts, pulls, and legs look even more dramatic. Black is a difficultcolor to deal with - too much and it can make a room seem dark or crowded - but the danger of overdoing it (andpeoples corresponding avoidance of the color) just make it that much more surprising.Single Basin Black Console Vanity From Belle ForetOf course, not all black vanities are designed to meet the minimal aesthetic of modern decor. This Console Vanityfrom Belle Foret, for example, is a simplified antique design. Drawing inspiration from various classical designs, page 2 / 6
  3. 3. Black Vanities For An Easy Modern Twist On... by S. Lewis - ist-on-any-bathroom-decor/especially Louis IV legs, in plain hardwood this vanity would probably classify as a transitional piece, if not areplica outright. But opting for a black finish makes a big difference, simply because its unexpected. Where youdexpect to see a beautiful mahogany, this vanity is simple rubbed black, and just that little twist make all thoseclassical curves look utterly modern.Antique Inspired Hand Rubbed Black Vanity From Belle ForetThis doesnt just hold true for simplified antique styles, either. This Hand Rubbed Black Vanity is nothing if notantique inspired, but once again the slightly glossy black finish is so unexpected that it gives the design entirelynew life. While it may not be "modern" in the strictest definition of the term - and the intricate hand carved detailingcertainly defies the minimalist aspect of it - the simple choice of color is both playful and daring, and pairs wellwith cutting edge artistic design elements.Demi Lune Traditional Black Vanity page 3 / 6
  4. 4. Black Vanities For An Easy Modern Twist On... by S. Lewis - ist-on-any-bathroom-decor/Like all-white vanities, black vanities have a certain charm in their uniformity. They pair more readily with a widervariety of colors, textures, and designs than most wood grain, which makes them a much better choice for thosewho like to change up the look of their space frequently without having to do a full scale remodel. And becausevanities like this Demi-Lune from Hardware Resources combine classical elements with modern simplicity and aneutral-but-bold color, its possible to dramatically change your decor without having to replace any of yourfixtures. Just re-accessorize, and re-paint, and youll be able to completely re-envision your bathroom with anafternoon project rather than weeks or months of heavy remodeling.Ming Modern Asian Vanity From Hardware ResourcesBlack vanities also work especially well in Asian style bathrooms. Because the black lacquered style is typicalboth of Chinese and Japanese inspired style design, many asian bathroom vanities are often black. This MingModern Vanity is a more overt example, with pagoda-style trim and rice paper shade-inspired frosted glass doors,but many simple black vanities with slightly glossy finishes, especially those with fine brass detailing, make anexcellent backdrop for this style. page 4 / 6
  5. 5. Black Vanities For An Easy Modern Twist On... by S. Lewis - ist-on-any-bathroom-decor/Lutezia Modernique 24 Inch Black VanityWhile contemporary cottage style bathrooms are typically associated with white vanities and pale pastel trim, asimilar vanity in black, like this Lutezia Modernique from Porcher, makes for a really unique twist on the design.While you wont get the lightening and brightening effect of the white, pairing black vanities with white countertops(rather than the other way around) is a great way to create contrast. Especially in a room thats very light - like aCape Cod or seaside stylebathroom - choosing a black, rather than a white vanity is the perfect way to add a littlevisual interest without swaying too far from traditional design.Sagehill Designs Jameson Black VanityLightly aged, hand-rubbed vanities are best for this. While high-gloss or semi-gloss finishes are good for more page 5 / 6
  6. 6. Black Vanities For An Easy Modern Twist On... by S. Lewis - ist-on-any-bathroom-decor/ modern design, if youre looking for something a little homier, go for a flatter or matte finish. This shouldnt make much, if any difference in the durability of your vanity, but it will make the fixture seem more casual and inviting. While glossier finishes can have a slight museum feel to them and can sometimes have a problem with fingerprints, a soft matte finish like the one on this Jameson vanity from Sagehill Designs will make your space seem more relaxing. Asymmetrical Modern Black Vanity WT9116 Most importantly, if youre considering black vanities, dont be afraid to have a little fun. No matter which way you look at it, a black vanity is a very bold decor choice, and if youre already going big, theres no reason not to get a vanity that will express your personality. This black and white Asymmetrical Vanity plays with both color contrast and shape, leaving a little white space in the middle of the asymmetrical vanity and matching mirror just because its fun. Choosing an all black vanity is a bold design choice, but one youre sure to find rewarding. Whether you want a more traditional look or something very cutting edge, black vanities not only offer the full spectrum of options, but are also incredibly easy to coordinate - maybe even more practical than daring, after all! Do you like black vanities for their modern flair, or for their flexibility when it comes to changing up your color scheme or your decor? Have you ever considered going for an all black and white bathroom? Let me know in the comments! - Home Improvement Super Store Phone: 267-670-3883 Toll Free: 1-866-278-0880 Circle HomeThangs on Google+ Like HomeThangs on Facebook Follow HomeThangs on Twitter Follow HomeThangs on PINTEREST page 6 / 6Powered by TCPDF (