Big, Beautiful Vanities From Silkroad Excl...                     by S. Lewis -
Big, Beautiful Vanities From Silkroad Excl...                     by S. Lewis -
Big, Beautiful Vanities From Silkroad Excl...                     by S. Lewis -
Big, Beautiful Vanities From Silkroad Excl...                                                        by S. Lewis - http://...
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Big beautiful vanities_from_silkroad_exclusive_a_modular_solution_to_decorating_your_large_bathroom_on_a_budget


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Big beautiful vanities_from_silkroad_exclusive_a_modular_solution_to_decorating_your_large_bathroom_on_a_budget

  1. 1. Big, Beautiful Vanities From Silkroad Excl... by S. Lewis - clusive-a-modular-solution-to-decorating-your-large-bathroom-on-a-budget/ Big, Beautiful Vanities From Silkroad Exclusive: A Modular Solution To Decorating Your Large Bathroom On A BudgetIve talked a bit about decorating solutions for small bathrooms, because when you dont have a lot of space, itcan be difficult to find a way to fit everything you need into the area youve got. But having a really big bathroompresents a few problems of its own. Sure, you have all the space you need for your dream soaking tub and a big,roomy custom shower, but finding a vanity sized to match can be a little more complicated, especially if yourelooking for an antique or vintage style and dont want to have a piece custom built.Silkroad Exclusives HYP-0206-84 Double VanityMany manufactured cabinets come in the 24"-48" range, which can wind up looking a little lonely in a large masterbath. But you dont have to sacrifice quality to get a pre-fab piece of bathroom furniture in the design you want -and you dont have to pay custom prices. Elegant, modular double vanities from Silkroad Exclusive like thisHYP-0206-84 come with intricate carved detailing and are made out of select hardwood with real wood veneers.Designed to accommodate larger spaces, their vanity sets are available as wide as 95" in sleek contemporary,modern, and vintage styles.Silkroad Exclusives HYP-0213(LMR)-UWC-90 page 1 / 4
  2. 2. Big, Beautiful Vanities From Silkroad Excl... by S. Lewis - clusive-a-modular-solution-to-decorating-your-large-bathroom-on-a-budget/Silkroad Exclusives largest vanities are designed in three parts - his, hers, and a matching storage cabinet. Witha large vanity like this HYP0213, that means you get three fully finished units: a vanity, a second mirrored versionof the same vanity, and a slightly smaller linen cabinet that fits snugly in between them. All three pieces arefinished with the same granite countertops and often fully installed sinks with pre-drilled faucet holes. Just addplumbing and a new lavatory faucet, and theyre ready to go.Silkroad Exclusives HYP-0907-95 Double VanityThis modular approach to larger vanities has several advantages. While all of their vanities look like a single unitwhen assembled, construction, shipping, and installation are made much easier (and less expensive) by breakingeach vanity down into its component parts. Rather than having to have a solid vanity custom designed andinstalled to fit your bathroom, these units are small enough to fit easily through doorways and come with all theopenings for the plumbing pre-drilled, so setup is a snap. This HYP-0907-95, for example, comes with integrated,pre-drilled ceramic sinks and has large cutouts in the back, so all you have to do is slide the vanity pieces intoplace, and hook up your plumbing - thats it!Silkroad Exclusives HYP-0218-92 Double Vanity page 2 / 4
  3. 3. Big, Beautiful Vanities From Silkroad Excl... by S. Lewis - clusive-a-modular-solution-to-decorating-your-large-bathroom-on-a-budget/The real beauty of these vanities, though, is that while they can fit together into a single unit, they dont have to. Amodern vanity thats (relatively) a little bit on the smaller side for a larger bathroom, like this HYP-0218-92, caneasily be used as three separate units. This helps add aesthetically pleasing white space to a modern decor andallows you to have a unified vanity setup without being constrained to a single continuous unit. That means theyrealso more accommodating of bathrooms with unconventional layouts, awkward spaces, or simply anywhere that acouple might need a little extra elbow room.Silkroad Exclusives HYP-0908N-77 Double VanityThough Silkroad Exclusives vanities arent technically customizable - theyre all sold as-is with counter tops andsinks included (which certainly isnt a bad thing when it comes to the integrated travertine sinks onthis HYP-0908N-77) - their modular design makes it easy to get exactly the setup you want. Need more storagespace? Opt for an extra center piece to either expand the existing vanity or supplement your storage elsewhere inthe bathroom.Silkroad Exclusives HYP-0723-TL-53 Single Vanity page 3 / 4
  4. 4. Big, Beautiful Vanities From Silkroad Excl... by S. Lewis - clusive-a-modular-solution-to-decorating-your-large-bathroom-on-a-budget/ If youre remodeling more than one bathroom, in many cases you can even buy parts of a larger set individually for a perfectly freestanding single sink vanity that can be used in another room. This HYP-0723-TL-53, for example is 1/3 of this larger HYP-0723-TL-84 set, sized perfectly for a smaller or guest bathroom if you want to keep your style consistent throughout your home. Silkroad Exclusive HYP-0219-83 Double Vanity Even if youre just looking for a more efficient way to get your bathroom organized - and, trust me, Im no stranger to counter clutter - having a vanity thats not only big enough to fill your space but also big enough to hold all your stuff is absolutely essential to maintaining the look and feel of your bathroom. A regal, furniture quality vanity like this HYP-0219-83 is really the best way to do it - with between 3 and 5 drawers on the center unit, and another 2 between the vanities themselves, and shelving behind the doors for all the his and her storage space you could ask for - plus quite a bit of counter top for a little extra storage space if you need it, or a nice spot for some small decorations if you dont. If youre considering remodeling a larger bathroom and are worried about how to get a great looking vanity without blowing your whole budget (after all, you do need a little left to get that soaking tub!), Silkroad Exclusives vanities might be just what youre looking for. Sophisticated and elegant on the outside, but reasonably priced and easy to install, these vanities will last you a lifetime - and take a lot of pain out of your remodel, and maybe leave a little cash in your pocket. If youve got a larger bathroom youre in the process of remodeling, Id love to hear about it in the comments. What kind of decor are you interested in? What size vanity? Which is more important to you, form or function, and why? - Home Improvement Super Store Phone: 267-670-3883 Toll Free: 1-866-278-0880 Circle HomeThangs on Google+ Like HomeThangs on Facebook Follow HomeThangs on Twitter Follow HomeThangs on PINTEREST page 4 / 4Powered by TCPDF (