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Antique bathroom vanities_with_unique_aged_finished_for_an_authentic_appeal


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Antique bathroom vanities_with_unique_aged_finished_for_an_authentic_appeal

  1. 1. Antique Bathroom Vanities With Unique Aged... by S. Lewis - e-aged-finished-for-an-authentic-appeal/ Antique Bathroom Vanities With Un ique Aged Finished For An Authentic AppealThe best antique bathroom vanities are those with high quality finishes. Real antiques dont look like you boughtthem brand shiny new from your favorite boutique, and to get an authentic antique look and feel, your bathroomvanities shouldnt be, either. There are a lot of different types of antique finishes, from simple aged paint toelaborate multi-tone designs, each one accenting a different aspect of the antique style. Here are a few goodexamples, and types of finishes to keep an eye out for. Shadowed DetailingHalee Antique Bathroom Vanity From SociMany of the best antique bathroom vanities have finishes that come in multiple tones, highlighting or shadingdifferent parts of the wood in ways that mimic natural aging. This Halee vanity from Soci recreates the naturaldarkening of wood over time, putting the ornate panels on the front of the vanity in deep (but not solid) shadow.This creates the impression that the wood has been rubbed, worn, and discolored over time, but in a way thatspleasing. The prominent wood carvings are accented in the same way, enhancing the antique look while attractingthe eye to the vanitys points of interest. Highlighted Detailing page 1 / 6
  2. 2. Antique Bathroom Vanities With Unique Aged... by S. Lewis - e-aged-finished-for-an-authentic-appeal/40 Inch Juno Single Sink Antique Bathroom Vanity From StufurhomeSimilarly, drawing attention to the woodwork on antique bathroom vanities with a lighter or even metallic color, aswith this Juno vanity from Stufurhome has somewhat the same effect. Instead of making the vanity look worndown and stained with time, doing this makes it looked rubbed light. Especially when the rest of the stain variesslightly in color, this gives the impression of uneven wear and tear. Instead of making it look either faded ortoo-new, this type of finish strongly visually accents the wood detailing, making even a fairly simple carved designstand out. Two-Tone Or MoreTrentino 72 Inch Antique Bathroom Vanity From Virtu USAThe more colors and layers of finish on antique bathroom vanities, the greater depth the piece will have, both interms of color and visual interest, as well as antique authenticity. This Trentino vanity from Virtu is made of solidwalnut, but with no less than three different stains, darkening the outside edges of the vanity to contrast the lighterpaneling on the doors and drawers. The wood detailing has an even darker stain, which makes it stand outdramatically and enhances the appearance of texture. Not only does this intensify the three dimensional aspect ofthe vanity, but it also creates the impression of a variety of expensive wood types. Pure Simplicity page 2 / 6
  3. 3. Antique Bathroom Vanities With Unique Aged... by S. Lewis - e-aged-finished-for-an-authentic-appeal/Celine Wooden Cabinet From HerbeauOf course, to get the most authentic antique style, you really need to go back to antique methodology. This Celinevanity from Herbeau is easily the most expensive of any of the antique bathroom vanities pictured here, simplybecause its made of heirloom quality solid ash wood with a painstakingly hand-applied antique finish. Its thewood here thats the real star, with beautiful, visible, completely natural wood grain with a finish thats designed toallow the wood to age naturally over time. Not only does this vanity look like an antique to start, but is of such ahigh quality that its actually an antique in the making. Weathered WhiteWeathered Antique White Bathroom Vanity From Silkroad ExclusiveWhite is one of the most common colors youll see antiqued, because its just that much easier to pull off than page 3 / 6
  4. 4. Antique Bathroom Vanities With Unique Aged... by S. Lewis - e-aged-finished-for-an-authentic-appeal/giving wood a weathered finish. Why? Because its much easier to reproduce the wear and tear of decades on apainted finish than on a piece of bare wood. While natural wood can take decades to acquire the beautiful, slightlyfaded glamor of age white vanities like this Weathered White Vanity from Silkroad Exclusive can be painted tolook worn down, and then roughed up to ramp up the authenticity. If youre looking for time worn antique bathroomvanities, a white vanity is really the best place to start.Savannah 40 Inch Batrhoom Vanity From SociThey can even create fragile-looking white bathroom vanities that look as though the paint has been crackled overtime. Like old paintings or painted antique furniture, the hairline cracks in the finish on antique bathroom vanitieslike this Savannah vanity add both texture and age, but without adding actual flaws to the vanity. If you dont likethe look of wind-blown, worn-down edges on a white vanity, this is a good way to get a cleaner cream finish whilestill adding antique authenticity. Weathered Black page 4 / 6
  5. 5. Antique Bathroom Vanities With Unique Aged... by S. Lewis - e-aged-finished-for-an-authentic-appeal/Guild Hall 48 Inch Vanity From KacoBlack is another excellent choice for truly antique bathroom vanities. This Guild Hall vanity from Kaco is apersonal favorite. Kacos specialty Sherwin Williams finishes are their greatest claim to fame, and this beauty iscertainly no exception. Painted a not-quite-solid black, this vanity has a particularly homey feel, like the vanity hasbeen in the same spot, being used for generations to the point that the finish is starting to grow thin. In fact,theyre just giving you a head start - perfect for a casual, old fashioned bathroom if you happen not to live in thehouse your great grampa built.Arlington 24 Inch Antique Vanity From KacoAged black bathroom vanities can pull off sophisticated just as well as homey, though. This Arlington vanity - alsofrom Kaco and with that same Sherwin Williams finish - uses a similar technique to create quite a different style.By wearing down the edges of all the wood detailing, it perfectly creates the impression of being well-worn, but theslightly faded gold stenciling is what really cinches the look. Hand painted to look like it was fresh and new acouple hundred years ago, the faded, period-authentic design is what really makes authentic antique bathroomvanities. Antique Paint page 5 / 6
  6. 6. Antique Bathroom Vanities With Unique Aged... by S. Lewis - e-aged-finished-for-an-authentic-appeal/ Aquarelle Antique Bathroom Vanity From Sterling Lighting You can pull off colors in an antique bathroom design as well, but its a little harder. Bold colors, even well-weathered ones, are homier than they are antique (like Kacos signature kitchen islands). To do it right, youve got to find antique bathroom vanities that start with a historical design, paint it in a historical color, and the finish it with a historical design (much like the one on the Arlington vanity) before wearing it down and dirtying it up a little to add age. This Aquarelle from Sterling Lighting is a great example, with a gorgeous silver leaf pattern to go along with the vanitys rugged, time-worn complexion. What kind of finish are you looking for in antique bathroom vanities? Would you prefer a vanity with a distressed wood finish or a weathered paint? page 6 / 6Powered by TCPDF (