LinkedIn - Create and Manage a Strong Linkedin Profile


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Download the full LinkedIn guide for all 5 steps on how to build your brand on LinkedIn:

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LinkedIn - Create and Manage a Strong Linkedin Profile

  1. 1. Create & manage a strong linkedin profile Create and Manage a Strong LinkedIn Profile LinkedIn has provided an easy way for new users to create their profile. First, simply sign up at, and LinkedIn will prompt you to move forward with profile completion. 1 1. Next, fill in your current position and LinkedIn will generate the company information. Continue to fill out your company details if not automatically generated, and once submitted, the company will be included in the LinkedIn database. Each entry increases the percentage completed. LinkedIn provides the guide to show the next step for profile improvement and exposure for appropriate completion! ҉ Adding Job Positions STEP For more ideas on how to market your business, visit
  2. 2. Create & manage a strong linkedin profile Select a professional photo to upload for the LinkedIn profile. Photo will appear: 1. In LinkedIn search results 2. The user’s profile 3. Next to your profile and name during interaction on LinkedIn. SEO TIP: When saving your professional photo on the computer, save it as your full name or business name. Search engines will recognize any keywords in the saved name of the photo file, and will be more likely to deliver your profile when consumers are searching for these keywords on the Internet. Use real estate keywords with your name to save the photo. For example, JohnSmith.AtlantaRealEstate.jpg will be the name of the photo that you upload for your LinkedIn profile. This is another way to rank higher on popular search engines! 1. ҉ Uploading Photos KathleenHomes.AtlantaRealEstate It is easy to change the settings, so only your “connections” can see your profile photo. However, since the objective is to grow business with exposure to qualified leads and branding online, we recommend making your profile public. For more ideas on how to market your business, visit
  3. 3. Create & manage a strong linkedin profile After submitting your current position and details, add your past positions and the description of each corresponding role. SEO TIP: Describing each role is crucial because of the keyword focus and SEO opportunity that you will have with search engines pulling your profile. The more content available on your profile, the higher the possibility of having your profile pulled and viewed by others. 1. ҉ Adding Positions For more ideas on how to market your business, visit
  4. 4. • Select the Add Education link on the right side located under the profile completion percentage. • Focus on training courses, majors, degrees, certifications and additional classes that spotlight your credibility and expertise as a real estate professional. For example, real estate, mortgage, or additional industry licenses you have earned as well as local certifications will be appropriate here. • Including geographical regions is helpful for lead connections because users can narrow down their options based on their locality. This is an added bonus for search engines because geographically focused keywords are less competitive than nationally focused keywords. • As a real estate individual, it’s almost always the case that the business professional has a locality niche, and you should take this opportunity to promote your area. Create & manage a strong linkedin profile 1. ҉ Submit Education History For more ideas on how to market your business, visit
  5. 5. • The summary is used to describe your current role in the industry. • As a real estate professional, you can use the summary to guide a new lead to your business. Create & manage a strong linkedin profile SEO TIP: Keywords are critical in this area of the profile too! This is because Google indexes these pages and recognizes the terms on LinkedIn profile users. Consumers are directed to these specific pages when searching online. It’s just a matter of narrowing down the appropriate terms and keywords that consumers are using when researching online. As a real estate and/or business professional, it’s sometimes easier to promote business than people. LinkedIn offers both! 1. ҉ Adding Summary First, market and sell your profile as a professional. ProfessionalNiche GeographicalArea PromotionsSalesGrowth For more ideas on how to market your business, visit
  6. 6. Create & manage a strong linkedin profile SEO TIP: Do NOT copy and paste the same content that has been used on your homepage or other websites of marketing and promotion. If the same content is desired, it must be completely rewritten – unrecognizable. 1. List at least five to seven skills on your LinkedIn profile: • LinkedIn helps users with popular and currently used skills. • This gives the user the opportunity to type in several options while LinkedIn generates relevant skills. Click Edit Profile, scroll to the bottom, and click the +Add link next to “Honors and Awards”. You will be directed to this screen Providing your websites is another easy approach toward guiding new leads. Other excellent links to include here would be your Twitter, Facebook, YouTube or other accounts you use to promote your business. Complete the Interests, Groups & Associations, and Honors & Awards Sections. ҉ Additional Profile Skills Hobbies are great to list, since often times, there is a personal connection with clients regardless of the level of real estate expertise. GolfingPainting Reading DogLover Cooking For more ideas on how to market your business, visit