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Score fan reviews on social channels to enhance your image. Gain brand advocates, and make your presence known in social spaces because just being on social sites is not enough...

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Scoring Fan Reviews - Online Reputation Management

  1. 1. Page 7 . For more ideas on how to market your business, visit scoring fan reviews on Social Channels to Enhance your Image We all know that we should be active in social spaces, but do we know why? Research by shows that over half of Millennials trust the opinions of strangers online 5 . also states that 53% of Twitter users recommend companies and/or products in their tweets with 48% on the intent to make a purchase 3 . Scoring Fan Reviews on Social Channels to Enhance your Image Sources: 5 Social Commerce Statistics According to Hubspot, the number of marketers who say that Facebook is critical or important to their business initiatives has increased 83% in just 2 years 3 . Media Post News reports that brands with the highest “social media activity” (including reviews) increased revenue by as much as 18% 3 . Research by Gartner states that 74% of consumers rely on social networks to guide purchase decisions 3 . So, what do all these numbers mean to you and your business? These numbers are representative of the fact that people are not only talking, people are talking with the intent to buy. This is why it is so important for you and your brand to be active on social media sites. We all want a high amount of followers, but
  2. 2. Page 8 . For more ideas on how to market your business, visit scoring fan reviews on Social Channels to Enhance your Image do we know why? Brand advocates. That’s why. These are your biggest fans that have had an amazing experience with your brand and believe in it so much, that they will sing your praises any chance they get. What brand would not love to have thousands of brand advocates out there singing your praises? This free, “word of mouse” marketing is priceless. These recruiters are trying to convince consumers that are on the fence about your brand and your competition that you are the best choice—the right choice. How do you get these brand advocates? You have to go where they are. You have to make your presence known in the social spaces—Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube and Instagram are the biggest social platforms that currently gather the most engagement and conversation. Countless brands know that they need to be on social sites, but what they don’t realize is that it’s not enough just to be there. They need to be having conversations with past, present, and future consumers. Brands need to be engaging on a daily, and sometimes hourly, basis. Consumers are active on social sites constantly—not just Monday through Friday from 9 to 5. Consumers want to interact, to be heard, and they want to be spoken to. When brands interact with consumers, it brings the “big business” mentality that the consumer may have regarding the brand, and replaces it with a “human” feel. So, if your brand isn’t interacting with consumers, you better believe that your competition is! Don’t miss out on this opportunity! Check out our sample Social Media calendar on page 21 for your use. Print out and customize for your business so that you’re posting a variety of appropriate and engaging content.
  3. 3. Page 9 . For more ideas on how to market your business, visit scoring fan reviews on Social Channels to Enhance your Image So what do you do now that you are equipped with this knowledge? Get your brand on social sites to increase your online visibility and engage with your fans. As your fan-base builds, so will their online conversations about your brand. And ultimately, you’ll see those online dialogues convert into sales and significant growth overall. And who wouldn’t want that? Starbucks® Facebook Page Starbucks® Twitter Page Starbucks® Instagram Page Starbucks® Google+ Page