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"It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes. If you think about that, you'll do things differently." Warren Buffett, American Business Magnate

Learn about the importance of online reputation and get a playbook overview of how you can manage your own real estate business.

Strengthen and protect your name. Download the complete guide here:

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Online Reputation Bootcamp -

  1. 1. Page 3 . For more ideas on how to market your business, visit Sources: Online reputation bootcamp First, let’s define the concept of Online Reputation. Simply put, a brand’s Online Reputation is measured by consumer perception in terms of credibility 1 . Seventy-six percent of consumers regularly or occasionally use online reviews to determine which local business to use while 80% of consumers have received advice through a social media outlet regarding which product or service to purchase 2 . Consequently, user-generated content in the form of online reviews and social conversations significantly shape your brand’s image. They can be the deal-breaker for maintaining existing and acquiring new relationships. Ittakes 20years tobuildareputationandfiveminutes Ifyouthinkaboutthat,you’lldothingsdifferently. -Warren Buffett, American Business Magnate “ ” toruinit. 1 Local Consumer Review Survey 2012 2 Whether you’re a large corporation, a freelance professional, or a small, “mom and pop” shop, managing your Online Reputation is a crucial part of marketing. Take a moment to consider how clients and prospects perceive your brand. Trusted Brand Why Online Reputation? What is Online Reputation?
  2. 2. Page 4 . For more ideas on how to market your business, visit Sources: Online reputation bootcamp If you did not answer “yes” to these questions, then it’s time for you to invest in your Online Reputation! And you’re not the only one—an estimated four million companies are forecasted to be using Online Reputation management platforms in 2013 3 . Companies are investing heavily in managing their reputations because two-thirds of consumers are using search engines to help them research and make purchase decisions 4 . In fact, the days of personal, word-of-mouth recommendations are over. Now, in the digital age, it’s all about ‘word-of-mouse’ recommendations and spreading the word electronically over the internet.” According to Hubspot, 72% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. If consumers can’t find you, haven’t heard of you or aren’t talking about you online, chances are your competition will gain their business. So, jump on the bandwagon! Think of reputation management in terms of a game or a sport, but with the goal of making it to the championship game year after year. As you read on, you’ll be provided with the tools to get in the game and strategy for playing offense and defense to strengthen and protect your name. First, can they easily find you online? Second, do you know what they’re saying about you? Lastly, do you know where they are talking about you? 3 Digimind 2012 4 eConsultancy • Rules of engagement: an understanding of the objective, equipment and how to use it to protect and promote your team. • A strong team and key players to focus on the offense and defense to score points with customers and win them over and to protect the team from getting injured. • Train that team and practice daily. • “Strategory”: play on your strengths, minimize your weaknesses, size up your competition, throw a “Hail Mary”—take some risks and learn from your mistakes. Playbook Overview