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  1. 1. Homes.comMLS Partnership
  2. 2. OUTLINE• What is Enterprise Services?• Who the heck is Michael Hayes?• How we explain• What is the MLS Partnership?• Why does this all matter?
  3. 3. ENTERPRISE SERVICES• Manage and create MLS and big Broker deals• Provide feedback for platform including Implementation• Enterprise MLS Services• Focus on MLS’s with common marketing and business goals
  4. 4. Michael Hayes...that me• 1999 WyldFyre Technologies– 1st MS Windows UI it still works• Product manager, marketing, sales, trade show coordination and enterprise platform.• Homestore (, eNeighborhoods then Dominion Enterprises acquired eNeighborhoods• Dominion combined companies and brands• and Homes Media Solution...that’s us.
  5. 5. HOMES.COM• 12 million unique users per month• Our users are engaged and intend to transact• 2.5 million residential properties advertised• Data sourced from MLS is the most reliable
  6. 6. WHO WE ARE...NOW
  7. 7. INDUSTRY REPUTATION Rated highest among the top seven national online publishers for our business and display practices by Clareity Consulting in their 2011 syndication white paper – and we’ve only improved since then. The WAV Group has stated the is the most MLS friendly of the major real estate portals. They recognize that the Terms of Use protects the broker.
  8. 8. COOL USER FACTS• Monthly unique users• Monthly page views• Mobile - unique users and unique users by platform
  9. 9. HOMES.COM MLSPARTNERSHIP MLS• Listings sourced directly from• Property inquiry form connected to listing agent• Broker opt-in• Updated multiple times per day• MLS Trusted Badge• Provide Homes Connect dashboard
  10. 10. HOMES CONNECTDASHBOARD• Lead & Contact Manager• Business Intelligence Reports• MyHomes Profile with Q&A Control Panel on• Task Manager• Email Campaigns• Facebook Listing Application
  11. 11. PARTNERSHIP...• Expose millions of eyes to your Brokers’ listings• Ensure the listing information is accurate• Provide positive consumer branding for the MLS• Generate quality leads for your members• Provide your Brokers and Agents with lead conversion tools
  12. 12. PARTNERSHIP SUMMARY• We want to advertise your listings on• Each listing branded to listing firm, agent and possibly MLS• No competing advertising on listing detail page• Property inquiry form on all listings delivered to listing agent• All MLS participants receive Homes Connect to manage leads
  13. 13. WHY PARTNERSHIPMATTERSReal Estate Property Datauniverse.” “He who controls the spice, controls the Dune – Barron Vladimir Harkonnen• “Data Drives Everything.”- Jason Doyle• Property Listings – active, pending, contingent and sold• Quality and Certified• Agent & Broker Contact 411• Desktops – agent and broker’s eyes• No company has tee’d up this many agents for this kind of Global opportunity
  14. 14. Oh, just one more thing for Erica