How to download with IP blocking


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  • school has almost every thing proxi blocked trying to get around it because i want to use there labtop with my internet but facebook is still blocked
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How to download with IP blocking

  1. 1. How to Upload withIP BLOCKING using Firefox
  2. 2. • This method can be used with any hosting with IP blocking.• In this case I´m trying to download a file from FILESERVE
  3. 3. • As you can see when I try to download the file on this hosting appear a message that says “You need to wait 600 seconds to start another download”• So, We must go to (or another proxy lists web).
  4. 4. • I order the list by COUNTRY. This is important because some of them are so slowly (like Korea) and others so faster (like Autralia) at least for me (Chilean user). Try with local proxys first. In my case these (Chilean proxys) are a little bit slow (30 kbs/seg) but stables (when they run to 10kbs or less).
  5. 5. • Just for example I choose a Korean proxy.
  6. 6. • You must select an IP adress and COPY• This is how the IP adress work ->• The red part is the IP and the blue part is the PORT…all of them works equally. I mean from the first number to the last before “:” is the IP and after “:” is the port.
  7. 7. • Then (copy the IP adress (IP+PORT)) go to TOOLS and click on OPTIONS (or Preferences)
  8. 8. • Then click on NETWORK and CONFIGURATION
  9. 9. • Here “Whitout Proxy” must be activate but we change this to Manual Configuration. Paste the IP on PROXY HTTP and 2301 to PORT and select “USE THE SAME PROXY FOR EVERYTHING”. Click on OK and try to download the file again.
  10. 10. • This manual was made on real time so as you can see it really works. From the reject of my IP address (without this method) to start the download just take a few minutes.
  11. 11. • In this case the proxy was too slowly (3.9kb/seg) so I just stopped the download and try to find another proxy.
  12. 12. • After several (3 or 5) slow proxys I find one so faster! (300kb/seg.)• TIPS: – Some proxys are blocked to. Just keep trying. – Some proxys let you download 1 file and then are blocked. Try with another one. – Some proxys let you download many files whitout IP block. – Some proxys are too slow to navigate on the web but anyways they can be fast to download files.
  13. 13. • If you need help, just send me a PM…