Chatham savannahsafetynetcouncil 3-26-13


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Presentation on Housing First & justifications (to be developed with this organizations help) for taxpayer & government funding savings from the proposed solution!

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Chatham savannahsafetynetcouncil 3-26-13

  1. 1. Hope for the Hopeless A Path to Housing FirstDesigns, Land, Prototype, Services, Funding & Sustainable Community Living Supportive Housing for the New Age Homelessness Can Be Ended
  2. 2. Other Communities are doing Housing First Many definitions, many approaches Confusing to some, does mean housing before.. Local model will be developed with consensus Existing providers dont support Housing First Why Housing First?  Sobriety vs Recovery Why is it a Health Safety Net Council issue?  Save taxpayers, jails, hospitals & mental health provider $ - do more with existing $
  3. 3. Why Housing First Now? Savannah needs new approaches to chronic & under-served homeless populations Chronic because weve been ignoring them  Hard problem to solve – one size doesnt fit all Family, Women & Childrens homelessness  Ignored also, but GA 49 out of 50 in 2009 study  Savannah is in GA, must be ignoring them too! Youth, Prison reentry, mental health  (ODR has no housing component!)
  4. 4. A vision in Marin County CAHomeward Bound Partnership Homeless Continuum Land, OMA Village, story! Designs  Container Housing  Builder, doing container housing already  Applying to Family Homelessness
  5. 5. Savannahs Justification
  6. 6. What is Homelessness
  7. 7. HousingFirstSavannah.comFounding Partners HIS Advocacy HUGS, Heads Up Guidance Services Trident Sustainability
  8. 8. Executive Summary Jobs, container housing model Unique Services (proven) model Outreach model Entire community benefits Taxpayer savings  Aug 22, 2010, $2.1M taxpayer cost in SMN article?
  9. 9. Popular question:How many homeless in Savannah? If we rely on PIT numbers then... 100KHomes registry model Atlanta model of outreach, Hands On ATL Surveys, Vulnerability Index from 100KHomes VAT, Vulnerability Assessment Tool, − Other communities taking it to this level − Surveys, gather data, document, pictures Savannah data exists, 100KHomes, GAEH @ Stand Downs two years (75 registered)
  10. 10. HousingFirstSavannah.comTwo pieces of property on Wheaton St Land plots adjoining 2.1 acres 6 acres NIMBY should be minimal Close to main target demographic – tents around CNI / ESG neighborhoods
  11. 11. Outreach, streets, bridges, tent cities•
  12. 12. City of Atlanta, Mayor Partners Funding, Bloomberg Philanthropies 311 system redesign partnership Advisory Board
  13. 13. Funding for Savannahs Housing First? Community effort to end homelessness Not just the job of government, social services Jobs for homeless to stabilize − Multiple types of jobs, new entrepreneurs Interfaith efforts, more than street ministries Social Impact Bonds Not government money for housing or programs Taxpayer savings though as justification Pay for Success model of funding, SIBs Social Good investors – private, L3C, B-Corp
  14. 14. Health Impact Bond: The Next SIB? by David Friedkin (03/25/2013) There is growing momentum in the US around Social Impact Bonds, and Pay for Success strategies in general. With the New York City Social Impact Bond already announced and under way, proponents of the model are hoping to adapt it to produce positive outcomes in cases of health and the environment as well. The latest development occurred on March 25, 2013 and will target Fresno, CA. The California Endowment awarded a $660k grant to Social Finance US "to launch a demonstration project to improve the health of low-income children with asthma and reduce the costs that result from emergency treatments." Press Release Other Social Impact Bond Projects (USA):  Prison Recividism – Rykers Prison, NYC, Youth population  Homelessness – Boston, MA  Federal Govt – in budget FY 2013 - $100M to test SIBs for govt funded projects  Coming from UK where successful method for funding Social Good ProjectsInvestors doing Soical Impact Bond investing: Private investor groups interested in Social Good & Pay for Success models Governments Social investment “venture” funds
  15. 15. What is Homelessness
  16. 16. Resources to learn more about homelessness• Heres something on the 60 minutes segment on families living in their cars: got a lot of awareness on issue!• Littlest Nomads is kids segment - 4 minute trailer:• One page - what is homelessness:• Overall page on Understanding Homelessness:
  17. 17. Testimony, Background Marvin Heery Recent interviews can• Click to add text serve as way to learn more about the Advocacy • •
  18. 18. Contact Us, Get Involved! Marvin Heery Homelessness in Savannah Advocacy ==> Housing First Savannah ==> Savannah Interfaith Taskforce 912.659.0696 mobile 678.632.4663 officeOn Social Media, Facebook, Twitter & Blogs:Savannah Area Interfaith Taskforce on Ending Homelessness – Page, GroupHousing First Savannah Blog, TwitterHomelessness in Savannah Advocacy Blog, Twitter