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Aruba Curacao, Dutch Antilles Wiels Killed For His Attempts To Eradicate Corruption


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Aruba Curacao, Dutch Antilles Wiels Killed For His Attempts To Eradicate Corruption

  1. 1. Eradicate corruption on the island’Thursday, 9 May 2013 14:25 — In his last speech on the traditional party meeting lastSaturday Helmin Wiels lashed out at the corruption on the island. According toWiels, the government misses out on millions per year owing to corruption. Hespecifically calculated that the island misses out on approx. 30 million guildersper year because of illegal lotteries. Wiels was shot dead on the beach ofMarie Pampoen within twenty-four hours.All party speeches from Wiels and the otherkingpins of the PS are traditionally put on the site of the party: Last SaturdayWiels took the floor after an introduction by parliamentarian Ivar Asjes. The latter emphasizedwhy the government had to take measures.After talking for about thirty minutes Wiels elaborated on many current issues, for instance asubject he’d kept going on about and paid attention to the awareness of his listeners.Corruption and according to Wiels particularly the illegal practices of SMS2Win from lotteryboss Robbie dos Santos via the SMS network of telecommunication company UTS, had hadto take the rap for it last Saturday. This lottery supposedly lacks the required permits andcontravenes local legislation and guidelines. Wiels had severely criticized the fact thatsupervisors such as the Central Bank of Curaçao and St. Maarten (CBCS), Report CenterUnusual Transactions (MOT), Tax Accountants Bureau (BAB) and the Fundashon Wega diNumber Kòrsou (FWNK) hadn’t taken action against the illegal lottery.Wiels had drawn a line from the illegal lottery to corruption, which he believed flourished onthe island. Wiels stated that the people of Curaçao loved illegal things because they alwaysyielded or actually saved them extra money. But this is not good for the country, the PS-leader said. “Why does the government have to take measures at this moment? Because itreceives less money owing to considerable corruption. The people must now choose
  2. 2. between taking more measures and combating corruption. The people have the floor. Theyare to choose if we are to continue accepting this mess as a result of which the governmentreceives less money to spend on the elderly, spectacles, dental care, children attendingschool, free education, sports, culture and the university. The government is missing out on alot of money.”Protest marchThe PS-leader had also mentioned the protest march of pensioners and seniors through thestreets of the inner city that had ended with an aubade krioyo at Fort Amsterdam. Wielsconcluded in his own way that the organizers of this march want to establish a political party.“In the streets of Punda they shouted that the government must disappear, which proves theyhave political targets. The elderly were abused for this because if you protest againstsomething you have an alternative but these people had none whatsoever.”The chapter ‘awareness’ must be viewed as a plea from Wiels. He believed the people ofCuraçao should work and produce more. He referred to foreigners on the island who worklike made, have several jobs to pay for their own education and that of their children. Thepeople of Curaçao want an easy job that doesn’t involve much effort or hard work. Wiels hadgiven an example of two boys he met on Wilhelminaplein, who were all sweaty and wore dirtyclothes. “They receive 150 guilders every day to load a container. I applaud that. These arepeople who work very hard and are paid accordingly. On the other hand on the same plaza Ialways meet a well-coiffured and well-dressed male who asks me for money every day.”At the end of his speech, Wiels had informed his listeners that he would disclose somethingbig but only after a reaction from telecommunication UTS. It’ll be something UTS cannotdefend themselves against, said Wiels. However, Wiels never got the chance to make thisdisclosure because he was shot dead the following day.The last party speech of Wiels can be read on the website: