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Eduardo De Veer Aruba Bank Is It A Conspiracy?


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Eduardo De Veer Aruba Bank Is It A Conspiracy?

  1. 1. Eduardo de Veer Aruba Bank Is It A Conspiracy?Should you Invest InAruba?Aruba Bank-Eduardo De Veer Business ModelLocated in the Footprint of this Hotel Renaissance is Okeanos Spaformally Aqua Spa. Eduardo De Veer personally called the plaintiff inthis original Spa to ask her if she could build and operate a Spa in hishotel. He told her he wanted it built to his specifications includingthat she must invest up to 2 million into this facility. Then allegedlywithout cause pulled the lease after 20 months of operation withallegedly the Banks help then purchased that Spa in a one day auctionthat was allegedly fixed for 76K less than 3% of the 2 million heinsisted the plaintiff and her son invest. In an act of alleged Fraud andsuspected Collusion Eduardo De Veer than operated that Spa as hisown with allegedly Aruba Banks approval. The problem both of theseentities have is American Investment money was also part of thepackage and Americans will not stand for an Alleged Criminal typeBully and his alleged partners stealing their investment. The story isbelow. Thank you for your support as we move in the courts to seekjustice and get the alleged perpetratorsaddressedproperly so thatAruba and Curacao can be safe for tourists and investors in the future.It seems like complete incompetence of Aruba Bank or is itmaybe a calculated predatory business enterprise that isproducing repeated failure of these commercial loans, while
  2. 2. Eduardo de Veer somehow is continuouslyacquiring newlycompleted sometimes Million Dollar businesses for pennieson the dollar? Thenallegedly Aruba Bank seizes the Borrowerscollateral worth many times more than the borrowed fundswhileallegedly Central Bank Aruba simply turns theirhead.Then they all in unison blame it on entrepreneur’s lackof business experience? Quite a business operation theseplayers haveallegedly engineered here.There is simply no waythis exists without someone in authority in Holland not havingknowledge of this as it’s just to open and obvious. Just followthe money trail people. Locate who’s getting wealthy. Locatewho tries to put the investigation fires out and you have theculprits, the ones whom are benefitting from the allegedcrimes. It’s not complicated.American Tourists and Potential Investors pleaseBEWARE.This is seemingly the most widespread example of allegedcorruption and possible monopolizing ofa business-bankingsystem you will ever come in contact with. After reading theevidence presented to this writer I now understand thesubsequent cover up after the Natalee Holloway murder thatturned my stomach and othersof the civilized world. Theirsolution just seems to be, just tell the media there’s nothing
  3. 3. to see and send them and the investigators packing as theplayers go back about doing their business as usual.The Arubans are by nature decent honest peoplebut havebeen conditioned by thisalleged corruption.Ithas sucked thelife and soul out of them as it will you if you decide to roll thedice here in the Caribbean. This writer’s advice is justBEWARE. The real money these Banks here are generating isallegedly off the drug trade and possible money laundering.The money the alleged predators are accumulating from thelocals would not be possible if it were not for fellow Arubanswho for a questionable income and an unscrupulous lack ofintegrity help these alleged predators take from their ownneighbors and community?In most societies these would be labeled as traitors andsingled out from the communityas they turn against theirown. Withoutthis integrity less individuals the allegedcorruption would die overnight. You see the alleged criminalsneed these servants to do the dirty work so they can keeptheir image sterile. Then when they take their alleged dirtymoney to the Priest or local charity there areseveral layersbetween them and the actual lackeys committing the allegedcrimes. The person you see doing the good deeds in public has
  4. 4. to be seen cleaning up neighborhoods or giving to charity. Itisreally nothing more than image building while these allegedpredators main income is derived possibly from other illegalmeans including allegedly preying on the productive part ofthe community they live in.FRAUDWhat is Fraud? Fraud is a false representation of a matter of fact—whether bywords or by conduct, by false or misleading allegations, or by concealment of whatshould have been disclosed—that deceives and is intended to deceive another so thatthe individual will act upon it to her or his legal injury.The plaintiff must justifiably rely on the lie or concealment. In other words, the lie mustbe believable. The issue in determining justifiably of reliance is whether the personclaiming reliance was justified in believing the lie in light of his or her own knowledgeand experience.1. IN the very beginning the Lease Agreement, which is the cornerstone of this loandocument,decided ultimately if the loan would be successful.2. That Lease agreement was what is considered a Predatory Choke in the civilizedbusiness world designed specifically to kill a business at the time the build out wascomplete and the cliental base had begun to be substantially established. They areillegal and outlawed where civilized law exists and rules the systems. No Bank workinglegally and ethically within the strict parameters required for a public Financial Institutionin a western world country ever puts money at risk to its language unless they were
  5. 5. seeking failure and the collection of the collateral only. In this exists the alleged Fraudthat was committed by Orco-Aruba Bank.3. Never was there an Independent Construction Supervisor appointed that wasrequired in the loan document presentedby Orco-Aruba Bank. Standard protectivedisbursement language already existing within the standard Aruba Bank loandocuments were removed beyond any reason or understanding.When the Plaintiffscame to Orco-Aruba Bank for operating capital at their opening, the cost over runs anddelays in the construction that critical lack of protection and oversight created andeventually tapped all available cash Orco-Aruba Bank said they could not help? Nolegally run ethical Bank declines a client at this critical juncture. That is their sharedinvestment and they are saying we aren’t helping leaving these two plaintiffs and theirmultimillion dollar investment with the Bank without capital at a most critical time, theopening? It is simply not conceivable unless Orco-Aruba Bank were allegedly seekingfailure and the collection of the collateral only.4. That forced the Plaintiffs to seek outside help as foreign investors stepped in to getthe Spa past that critical juncture without any help in any way from Orco-Aruba Bankwho postured early in the loan pre-signing as their go to friend, somebody they couldalways count on and trust for help. Can you imagine any Bank lending 1.2 million dollarsand then 6 months later in a time of such a critical nature not even offer to sit down anddiscuss what could be done? Another most unnerving contact came only 150 days afterthe open when all bills were on time when Giselle Gillo of Orco Bank stated to Emile wemay have to take your spa to auction a seemingly clear indication without provocation ofwhere both Orco and Aruba Bank intended this loan to end up.5. Upon the opening of Aqua Spa, Eduardo De Veer fired Ron Elefrink, at that time thecongenial GM of The Renaissance Hotel and installed his son Eddie De Veer Junior
  6. 6. who could at best be generously described as less than congenial as the new GM.Immediately the atmosphere of corporation that existed before vanished and wasreplaced with a very hostile atmosphere that only accelerated as time passed. All verbalagreements were immediately rescinded and a systematic denial of written contractualagreements began. Orco-Aruba Bank gave no help with this most critical issue and toldthe Plaintiffs we cannot talk with Eduardo De Veer about this but will back you up inyour boycotting case against your landlord. They never did. In fact when the Court casestarted they teamed with the Renaissance Hotel and never supported Aqua Spa ever inany facet or area of this loan. All cooperation ceased once they had their signatures onthe loan contract at the very beginning. Orco-Aruba Bank used every effort they couldgenerate to kill the case and shut down the process in the courts showing their realintentions by their actions.6. The single most glaring example of deception, misrepresentation and alleged Fraudhappened when Aruba Bank’s Corporate Asset Manager Giovani Anthony with the helpof whom the plaintiffs considered their confidant and accountant AnthonyCroesoccurred in March of 2010. A new contract was being introduced and touted byGiovani Anthony as the critical document that needed the plaintiff’s signature to safelymove the securities from Orco Bank to Aruba Bank,This was not something the plaintiffswanted or could make sense out of. Keep in mind Orco Bank signed the original loandocument and carried that and its execution all the way until at least January of 2010.Ina nutshell it was a complete change from the original loan document and would havebeen nothing short of financial suicide for the plaintiffs if they had signed it. In the worldof business this is considered Fraudas it shifted the responsibility of the original loancontract and all its loosely written but allegedly produced for a purpose languageto onewhere the plaintiffs solely took over all responsibility. It also moved any legal case if itshould occur to Aruba where it’s suspected the Bank and the Renaissance would get a
  7. 7. much more favorable court than in Curacao. Orco-Aruba Bank held the fiduciaryposition and Giovani Anthony used phone calls and emails on multiple occasionsthrough multiple people to pressure the plaintiffs to sign. Their own accountant AnthonyCroes asked the Plaintiffs to meet at his office at Deloitte & Touché allegedly thinking itwould be easier to get her to sign the alleged fraudulentdocument. After many minutesof trying to convince the plaintiff to sign she denied and said she would have to use anattorney to look it over first. Giovani Anthony left in a huff and in the parking lotofDeloitte and Touche’immediately after the meetingAnthony Croes told the plaintiff I thinkyou have to sign the document. Later that week after contacting an attorney the plaintiffwas told that the loan transfer was internal and did not need her signature to be moved.In fact the document was indeed a trap that would have made her liable for much morethan the original loan document had designated. This is allegedFraud as in a verydeceptive approach the plaintiff was being pressured to sign a document that wouldhave been a trap that would have fenced her in and made it impossible to survivefinancially. This information Giovani Anthony and Anthony Croes both were aware of yetproceeded to try and allegedly deceive the plaintiff to get that signature they were beingtold to secure.A seeminglyfraudulent behavior on both of their parts.7. The alleged boycott continued and the Bank became unreachable even though theyclaimed that of the plaintiffs. The Bank asked for numbers and accounting and whendelivered just weeks later would again ask as if they had not received the previousinformation.Aruba Bank installed Mark Noreen they claimed a friend of the bank’s CEOBos and said he would help mend the relationship with The De Veers and theRenaissance. His only caveat was he couldn’t talk with them? It’s alleged that his soulpurpose was really there to create an inside eye for the Bank as they negotiated withEduardo De Veer for the sale of the Spa allegedly criminally outside of their contractualobligation they both had with the plaintiffs. The collateral the Bank thought they had
  8. 8. secured vanished when in their attempt to allegedly take it from the plaintiffs backfiredwhen it was purchased by the actual shareholders of Jardines Del Mar condo project inan owner’s auction.8. Fast forward now to the last months of 2010 as the Aruba Bank told the plaintiffs itwas time to go all out and decorate for Christmas. At this time Mark Noreen was goneand was supposedly never paid by anyone? Who works months for free? The plaintiffswere asked to make 6 month projections in their earnings. At this same time ArubaBank was allegedly covertly working behind the scenes with their attorney to close theSpa. On December 7, 2010 they were already moving in court to repossess theplaintiff’s auto making it impossible to get to work and had completed the paperwork tosecure the bailiff to shut down the Spa on December 22 2010 which is part of the courtrecord. No notice was ever given for the closure. No indication or warning was everissued. OnDecember 22. 2010 the plaintiff on Aruba was delivered a letter at her SkinCare business indicating to her she had till January 4 to secure another financier. Thenin less than an hour on that same December 22, the Bank withGiovaniAnthony,GislaneOduber, the Bailiff Ramazon and two of his assistants came inmidmorning in a takeover styleapproach telling the then Spa appointed person in chargethat she was to release the clients that the staff were attending demanding theoutstanding note balance and that the balance was to be paid or they were going toclose the Spa.9. Fast forward to February of 2011. The Bailiff advertised one day and conducted anauction where he was allegedly told by Naglemakers the attorney for Aruba Bank whomhired him to conduct the public auction that he was to begin the bidding at 75K florins,that Eduardo De Veer would bid 76K and that he was to take that bid and immediatelyclose the auction. Thisact allegedlyshows the Bank was working with The Renaissancein an illegal calculated approach to deceive, fixing a public sale and denying the
  9. 9. plaintiffs and the public due process.For the Bank to advertise one day only when amultimillion dollar Spa was at stake and sell that for 76K in a prearranged sale isnothing short of analleged criminal act. That very Spa, Eduardo De Veer required thePlaintiffs to invest 2 million just 2 years earlier he was now purchasing in a turnkey fullyoperating condition for 76K only 3% of that he required the plaintiffs to invest. It’salleged that Aruba Bank with full knowledge of the investment made by the plaintiffs andtheir investors still engaged in that act selling that multimillion dollar Spa for pennies onthe dollar of its actual value.10. Don’t look to Central Bank Aruba do be the compass or rudder and straighten thisout. They allegedly look to be nothing more than a façade. A operation that seemsquestionable generally resorts to sweeping things under the rug. That is probably theroll designated for Central Bank Aruba in this. Letting the perpetrators go and punishingsome token lower level employees while the real masterminds get a get an out of jailfree card. When the number of troubled loans that Aruba Bank has encountered and thenumber people that have lost their business or homes to suspected questionable typeoperations has lingered for years yet never has any Bank faced prosecution one wouldhave to question the integrity of the Banking system. This is by any western worldstandard looks to be an organized operation with allegedly Central Bank Aruba a keynon participant in any action towards these unusualacting Banks in their loan operationsallegedly working with the wealthy Business interests who are conducting business asusual as they march their way through Arubaacquiring wealth from the productive onesof their community.Thisallegedly looks to be nothing more than an extension of analleged CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE that is controlling Banking and Commerce in otherparts of the Caribbean. There is little question except that something is seeminglyamiss. The question is how entrenched is it.
  10. 10. 11. One thing is certain that the International exposure this case will now bring to analready suffering Caribbean tourist Industry in Aruba will not be welcomed. It may not beof concern to those committing the crime as its alleged their income is mainly derivedfrom allegedly illegal means potentially money laundering and the drug trade common inthe Caribbean. Ultimately it will be the Court system, the Aruban people, those inHolland outside the money stream this alleged illegal enterprise is funding and theBanking system over seers that will either turn their heads and kick the can down theroad or say this is as good as any time to begin to clean this up and come into a morestable approach to Banking and commerce as the world watches closely their actions.The Stanford and HSBC Banking stories now have another parallel story that will be toldand become part of what looks to be epidemic here in the Caribbean with Banks, as thedrug trade fuels the greed and consequent criminal activity while millions upon millionsof dollars of drug cartel generated cash is looking for a place to blend in below theRadar screen as a selected few gain wealth at the expense of an Island and its people.12. There are all forms of crime and criminal approaches. One of the most unscrupulousis those perpetuated by people who are put into a position of trust. Those in the Bankingsystem are given special duties and powers that if misused can do more damage than astanding army to a community. They have access to people’s information, accounts andassets that no one else in the town does. If misused they can in their position ofknowledge and power criminally acquire peoples assets by luring them into loancontracts that are guaranteed failures as their alleged business partner in thissuspected operationEduardo De Veer allegedly boycotts the business and his leasecontracts kill the business right at the opportune moment after it’s built. This time thealleged perpetrators were caught with lots of evidence. Their suspected intention wasnever for this loan to succeed much less for the story to be told and even make it tocourt. With the alleged Predatory Lease agreement in place it was just a matter of time
  11. 11. before it drove the collateral into the waiting hands of the Bank.Eduardo De Veer’sreward was allegedly the 2 million dollar Spa built to his specification for 76K just 3% ofthe investment he demanded be invested when it was being built.13. His only obligation for that cheap Spa was to the Bank. His alleged duty was tosqueeze the business and make it impossible for it to succeed. He allegedly did this byfirst firing the real business type GM and installing his son to perform the closing actsomething that comes natural to his son’s character. This case has seeminglyuncovered an operation beyond measure and while the decision has not been made bythe courts here in the Dutch Antilles you can rest assured that it does not change thepotential enterprise and the approach it uses to acquire wealth as it ensnaresbusinesses into contracts where the perpetrators allegedly not only get the business forpennies on the dollar they tie these victims up in court for years allegedly using thejudicial system to go after everything they own. Aruba, Curacao and the Dutch courtscan do whatever they wish but unless a clear defined separation from what is an allegedcriminal operation designed to acquire the wealth of unsuspecting investors in the Dutchcommunity is rooted out, cleaned up and the suspected perpetrators areprosecuted andjailed, it will just reappear in a dressed up form. American money was invested and nowAmericans have tasted what Aruba and its self-appointed Kings of business are allabout.The tourist industry is about to take another hit that will reflect these individualsselfish greed andunscrupulous behavior common mostly to third world countries. In thiswriters opinion Aruba’s darkest days are yet ahead. Until business people who illegallyacquire from the productive part of the community they live in are prosecuted and jailedyou will just breed additional questionable business types that will replace them until thecourts passing out justice and civilized law gets a foothold.PEOPLE OF ARUBA. This looks to be a seemingly criminal operation. You have tochange it. The alleged criminals won’t volunteer to stop their money stream. The Banks
  12. 12. seem to be an active part of the operation. Maybe they control the courts or at least aportion? Maybe they control the politicians? It’s your neighbor who works for theseoperations that have sold you down the road. Stop using the questionable Banks. Stopfeeding into the system. STOP borrowing from these guaranteed traps. The Island is fullof people losing everything they have while the Bank builds new buildings with themoney they have taken from you and your neighbors. You have the power. Startexercising it. Stop putting money into their pockets.