Dutch Investigating the same corrupt Dutch what a crock of Fecal Matter


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Dutch Investigating the same corrupt Dutch what a crock of Fecal Matter

  1. 1. AMIGOE Curacao• Candle March for Wiels proceeded peacefully• Inquiry into CBCS has begun• A taste of the longest painting• The end of the AntillesHome English Inquiry into CBCS has begunInquiry into CBCS has begunSunday, 12 May 2013
  2. 2. WILLEMSTAD — Pricewaterhouse Coopers (PwC) Nederland has begun aninquiry into the functioning of the Central Bank of Curaçao and St. Maarten(CBCS). Minister of Finance, Jose Jardim, announced this on behalf of his St.Maarten colleague Roland Tuitt, in a letter to the Board of Commissioners ofthe Bank.According to the letter sent on May 8ththe inquiry, officially called ‘Inquiry into thefunctioning Bank Statute CBCS in practice’, will concretely focus on two main questions: 1).‘To which extent has the CBCS functioned in the inquiry period in accordance with its tasksand objectives, as incorporated in the bank’s statute?’; 2) ‘To which extent have the organs ofthe CBCS observed the relevant rules in pursuance of their duties and authorities?’Within the framework of the inquiry the minister announced to speak with the members of theBoard of Commissioners. These conversations will take place on May 13thand 14thon St.Maarten and from May 15thto 17thon Curaçao. The letter states that the inquirers will alsoask the Board of Commissioners to provide relevant documents and that upon request themembers could receive a copy of the inquiry assignment. The minister concluded with ‘wetrust on full cooperation to conduct the inquiry in order to realize adequate functioning of theBank in the future’.A rather lengthy discussion was held on the contents of the inquiry into the Central Bank. InOctober 2012 the capital duly authorized of the CBCS, namely the countries Curaçao and St.Maarten, decided that the Bank of the Netherlands (DNB) was to draw up the Terms ofReference (TOR) of this inquiry – to dissatisfaction of the Board of Commissioners, whichhad drawn up a TOR before and recommended that the Belgium inquiry firm Instifin reviewthe integrity. In particular the course of action of bank president Tromp, who, according to theBoard of Commissioners, should be suspended during the inquiry. The Board ofCommissioners believed that several aspects were missing in the new TOR. However, theBoard indicated to wait before deciding on giving an own inquiry assignment until there wasmore clarity on the current inquiry.