Dutch Control of Antillean Courts


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Dutch Control of Antillean Courts

  1. 1. Dutch Control Of Antillean Courts Does This Assure Corruption Continues Like a cancer, Corruption continues until its source is removed. Antilleans will never eradicate corruption on their Islands until they gain absolute control of their courts. Once that occurs the Antilles will then become the true autonomous nation the Dutch claim that exists here. The Dutch allegedly will perpetuate this unusual operation as it seems to provide a substantial money stream back to the Dutch homeland. This seemingly unethical Business-Banking operation is designed to acquire peoples wealth through an aggressive criminal type approach to Business-Banking. The Dutch then allegedly blame the corruption on Antilleans or the Mafia. http://www.slideshare.net/Homealoneagain/mafia-takes-over-in-curacao2-23719686 The visible economy affecting the people in the Antilles continues to struggle, while Banking and the Undergound economies flourish. The alleged illegal economy of money laundering, drugs and contraband trans-shipments through Antillean ports, human trafficking and an seemingly illegal type Business-Banking operation have allegedly provided a windfall for the Banks and allegedly the Netherlands who seem to perpetuate this illegal type activity. The Antilleans suffer on all levels while the Dutch who control all court verdicts ensure this alleged illegal system stays in place. Its allegedly operated through the Business-Banking sector where they control all Commerce and ultimately all peoples lives. The Banks in turn allegedly share with the Netherland Government the spoils they accumulate through multiple illegal type actions they operate. In a recent article in Amigoe http://www.amigoe.com/english/159294-bank-sector-continues-to-flourishthere This is a fairly clear indication that the Dutch acknowledge something is clearly amiss. In this inequity where the Banking is flourishing and the people they are there to serve suffer you find the truth. In simple terms when Banks flourish as the communities they serve struggle the growth the banks are experiencing is being generated from the wealth and hard work of those they are pretending to serve but instead are enslaving. A Bank does not work it takes your money in the simplest of terms. You may ask how this is accomplished? In the recent court case involving Aqua Spa Vs. The Renaissance Hotel Curacao the attorney representing the Renaissance Curacao remained quietly in the backround during the proceedings according to witnesseses present. Instead Aruba Bank's attorney Barbra Naglemakers took the lead in the case for the Renaissance. Why would the bank attorney, who should be protecting its shared and still under contract Spa investment in this turnaround upside down system team up now with the Hotel who the Bank acknowledged had boycotted the Spa and was ultimately found guilty in the case to try to stop proceedings? The answer maybe can be found where Eduardo De Veer moved his Banking from MCB to Aruba-Orco bank at the time of this case, as he then became one of Aruba-Orco Bank's top clients. They both worked together to do everything in their shared capacity they could do to kill the case that would have provided the capital Aruba-Orco Bank was seeking and is still pursuing to this day while they never have pursued that multi-millon dollar Spa that Eduardo be Veer is now using for 40K USD? In any legal court system this would be
  2. 2. something that simply would never occur. In the Court system that the Netherlands maintains complete control of this type of action has become almost common place. The Banks allegedly march through the Islands acquiring people's wealth through loan contracts that are considered illegal by accepted banking standards and practices world wide. They allegedly use the Landlords to squeeze the tenants to speed up the process of killing the business. While most cases never make it to court those that do like this case are shut down during the process or the alleged criminal acts by the different players are swepped under the rug never to be seen or heard of. In the Aqua Spa case the Renaissance was found guilty of damages. What was also revealed in the verdict was a complete over the top excusing of Aruba-Orco Bank and its alleged multiple acts of Banking Loan Fraud, Collusion and Coercion that occurred over the life of Aqua Spa. In the only words in that verdict that even resembled those of the preciding Judge Schendle's ways he stated "He was not allowed to sit in the seat of the Banker."How can this be? Will this also be a part of the appeal that is pending? Why would anyone start a business in this system where alleged crimes by the Bank never come under the scrutiny of an ethical court for any kind of accounting? If this statement holds true through ikn this case it will send shockwaves around the Caribbean and bring an immediate halt to all above the board Banking and Business in the Antilles as the story is spread. That action will leave the underground money stream of laundering and drugs exposed. There seems to be a clear indication here that the Dutch are not seeking to protect the integrity of the Court system or seek justice. Instead they look to be to protecting the alleged criminal actions of the Business- Banking system they have allegedly set up who are allegedly committing the crimes and acquiring peoples life savings and wealth through their alleged ongoing illegal operations. The Dutch cannot ask these people to first commit crimes and then turn around and prosecute them. It would immediately put an end to their engineered system and would lead immediately to the doorstep of the Netherlands if that were still in question. In the process of that loan and the unwinding of that Spa in a seemimgly criminal act of collusion Aruba Bank illegally advertised just one day to sell the contents only without the Spa. Aruba Bank held the power along with Aqua Spa together to sell that World Class Spa, the lease contract and furnishings in a package deal that would easily get enough to cover the loan and provide a profit. Aqua Spa was not consulted ever by this Bank about the sale of their shared multi million dollar Spa. No aggressive banking operation like Aruba Bank gives away a $4 miilion Dollar Spa for $40K. Its alleged instead a deal had been struck prior and this was nothing but a show for the public. Still Thinking of investing with this system? This is what potentially awaits you if you roll the dice in the Dutch controlled system that these Americans and the Arubans have encountered. Learn from their mistakes. This system looked to them to be by all standards like any regular business banking system. They assumed there were laws to protect them and a legal court to seek justice in just incase. They thought their attorney would always work for their best interest as they have paid now 100's of thousands of dollars for his expertise.
  3. 3. This is not what they have encountered. Its their opinion that there is a system specifically designed here that will wipe you out financially once you enter into any facet they control. All loans have a personal guarantee attached. They allegedly then drop whatever you borrowed for and seek whatever they want you own. Its the craziest system that anyone who has read the stories from this court case have ever encountered. What occurred is in a one day prearranged public sale a court appointed bailiff testified to being specifically told in an act of alleged criminal intent by Barbra Naglemakers, attorney for Aruba Bank that he was to open the bidding at 75K florins. Then immediately the Renaissance would bid 76 K. At that point he was to take that bid and close the public auction. In that act Barbra Naglemakers and Aruba-Orco Bank allegedly committed multiple Banking crimes in a public arena where many witnesses were present while a 4 Millilon Dollar spa that they were still under contract with Aqua Spa with was released. In that swindlers auction control of that World Class Spa was released to the Renaissance Hotel Curacao the alleged real partner to Aruba-Orco Bank in this alleged RICO type operation. That price the Renaissance Hotel paid for that estimated 4 million dollar spa, $40K USD. This completed their RICO type operation to get the Spa and collateral as the plaintiffs are now burried in a court system designed to tap them and keep them busy for years as the system moves onto the next victim. ( The RICO Act focuses specifically on racketeering, and it allows the leadersof a syndicate to be tried for the crimes which they orderedothers to do or assisted them, closing a perceived loophole that allowed someone who told a man to, for example, murder, to be exempt from the trial because he did not actually commit the crime personally.) While the leaders themselves commit no actual crime they have enlisted Antillean Bank Employees, Attorneys, Accountants, Public officials and others to commit alleged crimes. Only in the Antilles where the alleged criminal minded Dutch control the courts would this ever occur. It allegedly speaks of a Government in the Netherlands where they and their integrity that is on the line seems to be sacrificed for an alleged criminal operation where they receive a portion of that which is allegedly being acquired through this alleged illegal business and underground economies to this day. If the rolls were reversed and anyone went into the Bank and took even $100 dollars they would be imprisioned. Here the Dutch seem to be letting the Bank off the hook as the trail would eventually allegedly lead back to the Netherlands. These Arubans and their American Investors have lost Millions to this sytem while Eduardo De Veer has the World Class Spa in use complementing his Hotel. The Dutch Courts and Aruba Bank have taken all the money in the accounts of the Spa owners while they garnish the wages monthly of the plaintiffs to this day. It is a move that they make to stop their ability to fight them in court. All Antillean courts are controlled by the Netherlands. When this kind of decision is made and the Court who is the last line of defense against corruption and crime fails, you end up with a beaten downed society where crime controls all aspects and takes presidence over integrity. The schools and infrastructure all are diminshed while the Corruption skims all available money it can get its hands on. (The word corruption means the destruction, ruining or the spoiling of a society or a nation) The court system then becomes the insurance that corruption continues. Corruption does not exist on its own. It must have its players in the key Government positions of control to circumvent laws, create new laws to support the corruption and to collect the money it is seeking. This could be
  4. 4. Mayors or Prime Ministers down to clerks who work at the desk and act as a screen or gateway to detecting trouble. An ex Aruba bank employee who was at the center of this Aqua Spa case in the beginning has now moved onto a spot where she is now in control of all Aruba Pension Plans. In that account is Millions upon Millions of Gilders many Arubans are counting on for their retirement. Here in the Antilles exists the perfect scenario where the Netherlands can run their alleged criminal operations through the Banking sector, recruit individuals to commit the crimes then control the verdict of the cases to assure those that are carrying out their crimes do not face any penalities such as what happened in the Aqua Spa case and more recently in the case against the bailiff of Aruba Bank, Marilyn Koch. In that verdict the court said they have no jurisdiction over court personnel. Later that was revised to the laws concerning her activity had lapsed and they were waiting for a new law. Is this a Kangaroo type court? There is no legal court system that has a lapse in laws. That is obscene. The exisiting law remains in affect until it is replaced. It was again in this action that corruption reared its face and is now in writing providing additional evidence as this upside down system and the alleged Netherland Government control are eventually exposed to the International Media. Such is the case here where clearly Aruba bank is involved directly in alleged criminal type banking to illegally acquire collateral through loan failures where the landlord (in this case Eduardo De Veer) boycotts the business while Aruba-Orco Bank stands by awaiting the eventual outcome that the boycott creates. Eduardo De Veer moved his banking from MCB to become one of Aruba Banks'biggest customers while these alleged crimes were taking place. He also received an estimated $4 million dollar World Class Spa for $40 K USD just 20 months after he demanded the Spa Spend up to 2 Million and build it to his specifications. Very recently in an act of complete disregard for the verdict where the Renaissance was found guilty of the damages, Aruba Bank now has started proceedings against the owners of Aqua Spa again. The Multi-Million Dollar Spa that was never accounted for by the Netherland controlled Court is now in the hands of Eduardo de Veer the one who was found guilty of the damages. He is using that estimated $4 million dollar Spa with complete anonimity gaining income from its presence as part of his Hotel package while the Aqua Spa plaintiffs are approaching 150K and growing in court costs and attorney fees with no end in sight. Why has Aruba Bank or the Dutch court never once accounted for the value that exists in that Spa? The Dutch court may not understand the value but the International Media and the American courts may have a different point of view. This act of complete defiance of reasonability can only occur where the alleged criminals control the court. In no legally run systen would any Bank run the risk of exposure in the International Banking Community and media unless the power above them (The Dutch) gave them the go ahead. The same Judge Selah who last summer worked with Aruba bank to manuver in a gamemanship attempt to kill the Aqua Spa case just prior to the summer recess is now on the docket to hear this new case by Aruba Bank. Please people the pain that these people have felt through this journey no human should have to suffer. It continues even 5 years later. Don't get caught up in it. Still contemplating an investment here in the Antilles? Unless this case comes to some reasonable accounting of the Bank's actions and those guilty of the alleged multiple
  5. 5. criminal type actions are held accountable a person would be a fool to invest in the Antilles. The players here have engineered a system where they have zero risk as they control the courts and your destiny. Its alleged that your capital and collateral becomes theirs the moment you sign a contract. There is allegedly enough evidence gathered in nowq in this case where in a legally run court the Judge would imprison multiple players and just throw away the key. If you have any thought of starting a business in the Antilles, if you know anyone who is contemplating starting a business or securing capital from one of these Dutch Antillean controlled banks or even contemplating signing a leased space where one of these active and successful members of this system are operating please take time to read what has happened to these people. They did everything they were suppose to do and eventually found out that Aruba-Orco Bank allegedly never was their partner but their opponet all along seeking their wealth in an alleged business trap that is still ongoing. Aruba-Orco Bank took all of their life savings, froze all of their assets, liened all of their possesions yet never once went after that 4 Million Dollar Spa that would have paid for the oustanding loan balance and provided a profit for the borrowers. Allegedly all players in the Antilles are part of this illegal system or they don't work. Attorneys, Accountants, Public Officials and anyone that is involved in business or banking with these people are part of this or they are froze out. This one act along with others of alleged Loan Fraud will have to be exposed outside of the Dutch controlled system where they cannot control the outcome. The action by Barbra Naglemakers and Aruba-Orco Bank to now pursue Aqua Spa personally in the face of a court decision existing has moved this case to a different level for all. Antilleans you have to do what Americans eventually learned to do. The criminal enterprise works through local citizens. They derive their income from the people in the community they have created the corruption in. Its you people who feed the system that perpetuate it. When in the USA we had banks or businesses that were out of sorts we took our business elsewhere. Vote with your pocket book. If you sense something is amiss investigate. Ask around. Talk to each other. Disengage to what ever level makes sense to you with the players who are actively working for this system. If they are non community orientated then take your business elsewhere. Choose friends, Banks and Businesses that support your community with real efforts not just staged shows as they tout their community help while behind the scenes they are stealing you blind and creating heart ache and pain in your families and communities. ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ _________________________ AMIGOE
  6. 6. Monday, 12 August 2013 13:29 ORANJESTAD — To keep the economic growth at the same level for the long term Aruba is to attract more foreign workers, offer a flexible labor market – so more Aruban can also get started –, have a better climate of entrepreneurship and continue diversification of tourism to attract more vacationers from other countries.These recommendations are mentioned in the evaluation report on Aruba from the International Monetary Fund (IMF). As in other Caribbean countries there are developments that cause concern, IMF concludes, based on economic growth developments in the past twenty years. That growth is decreasing and with a view to the future IMF had charted factors that require an approach to maintain the economic growth for the long term. An important basic assumption is that the economy of Aruba is more vulnerable than that of other countries in the region. For instance, 80 percent of the economy runs on tourism. With that, according to World Travel &Tourism Council (report 2013) – Aruba is second worldwide as regards the tourism industry contributing to GNP. Economic developments in other countries, like the US (where 60 percent of Aruba’s tourists come from) therefore have a great impact on the economy here, considering the tourism and investments coming from those countries. Also the developments of the international oil price have direct consequences, for instance Valero closing down the refinery because it was unprofitable. Positive tourism IMF concludes there are several positive matters that could stimulate some growth. For example, Aruba succeeded in maintaining its strong competitive position compared to other tourist destinations, also during the crisis. This was due to the government continuing its endeavor to tap other markets such as South America and because of Aruba’s reputation as a luxurious travel destination. The revenues per hotel room therefore remained higher than the Caribbean average. Furthermore the high number of timeshare stays provided stability during the world crisis, according to IMF. The costs are also relatively low, especially the electricity rates being one of the lowest in the region. Despite a lack of specific information on the labor market IMF stated that the average wages (compared to the revenues per capita) and the shipping costs for import are also relatively low. As a result Aruba can compete rather well with the other Caribbean countries.
  7. 7. Huge demand for immigrants However, to maintain the economic growth in the future, Aruba is to tackle several matters, IMF said. For example, there’s still room for more diversification of tourism, certainly because the majority of tourists still come from the US. According to IMF-research, there are indications that the tourism industry has reached a saturation point and the growth could decrease. The limited availability of land for tourism developments and the demand for foreign workers contribute to this. For that matter this demand for immigrants is due to a strong increase of the ageing population. IMF quoted three scenarios from the Central Statistical Office (CBS). The latter namely expects that over 20 percent of the population will be 65 years or older in 2030. The first scenario means that f45.025 immigrants are needed for an (actual) economic growth of around 1 percent, which is 37.4 percent of the population. For a growth of 1.6 percent (the current economic growth) Aruba will need 74.121 immigrants, which is approx. 48.3 percent of the total population. 88.741 Immigrants will be needed for an economic growth of 3 percent, which is slightly more than half (52.1 percent) of the population. With that IMF states that such high numbers of foreigner workers will put the already burdened housing market, infrastructure, medical care and education under more pressure. The government must therefore consider how Aruba can increase its productivity in other ways, such as improving the climate of entrepreneurship, increasing the labor participation, improving the competences of employees and technological progress. IMF remarks that the labor participation rate of Aruba, namely 64.7 percent, is low even compared to countries from the European Union (average 72.2 percent), while the EU indicates that low labor participation is one of the most important obstacles for its economic growth.