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Centrale Bank Van Curacao En Saint Maarten


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Published in: Economy & Finance, Business
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Centrale Bank Van Curacao En Saint Maarten

  1. 1. CENTRALE BANK VAN CURACAOEN SINT MAARTENAll successful criminal systems must have structure. They seek completeallegiance of their soldiers with variations of how they operate depending on theirenvironment. The more control criminals have over the courts and the laws of acountry the greater the money they can steal and power they can generate.They start out by quietly and methodically installing their players into keypositions in the community assuring that no matter the circumstances they havea player in place to do their bidding to protect the system and funnel money intheir direction. Since Banks are governed by Central Banking Laws its that bodysoversight that is to maintain integrity of the Banking system. This then becomesthe Key control point that in the beginning must be secured by any criminalenterprise before any Banking system can be controlled.Once that has happened they can move onto the attorneys, Judges andeventually they begin to control the verdicts of court cases. Once the court iscontrolled they now control the final line of defense against their criminalenterprise and can move at will. This has now allegedly occurred in at leastCuracao, Aruba and St. Maarten of the Dutch controlled Antilles.All Antilles suffer from this corruption to some degree. The common denominatoris that they are all possessions of Holland and must answer to Central BankHolland. A recent Investigation started by Price Water-house and Coopers intoactions of Central Bank Curacao and St. Marten was asked by Holland. It isnothing more than a masquerade with lipstick and makeup to make you believethat is where the corruption stops. It does not and mathematically simply cannot.It is a system being generated and directed out of Holland by the Dutch EuroBanking Cartel where they control Central Bank Holland and all the Dutch Antillesand how the Banking system works allegedly including money laundering, humantrafficking, drug shipments and contraband shipments. Aruba does not tellCuracao how to do their Banking. Nor does Curacao tell St. Marten what to do.Why are they facing all the same issues? Holland controls all Banking on theseislands and what is happening can be laid at the feet of a Criminal Bankingsystem out of Holland and the Government Officials from the Netherlands.When the Bank moves into all the critical positions within a community they thencan control all legislation and distribution of Government tax payer drivencontracts. So called Government projects such as the Trolley Car system beingbuilt in Aruba become an avenue to large sums of public tax payer cash readilyavailable to the criminals and their players. In this case they not only skimmillions from the initial signing of the contracts, they award contracts to criminal
  2. 2. construction companies whom do less than acceptable work so that it must beremoved and redone increasing the costs to tax payers and the money thecriminals accumulate. There are no penalties to protect the people so public taxpayer cash becomes their target as they redo this and other construction multipletimes as they bilk the tax payer and the municipalities or Islands they controlwith their criminal enterprise.The second source of wealth in this fraud are the actual businesses they haveclosed through this corruption. Their planned criminal approach is to make sureconstruction is lengthy enough to cause a catastrophic financial disruption inbusiness. In this case the Criminal Enterprise wants those properties and willsecure them by making sure construction is delayed so as many of thosebusinesses fail and go Bankrupt as possible. They will then repossess them priorto the construction being completed and sell them to their shell companies ortheir criminal friends. They have no fear of the courts as they have their people inplace that assure their success in this scheme especially in Aruba as the courtsystem is off the map filthy corrupt. With Politicians under their spell throughkickbacks look for the Political people you voted to represent you especially in thistime of need to just say they can do nothing.Its a tragedy that looks to be unfolding all over the Antilles not driven by theAntillean people as many who are working for this system are mere soldiers for acriminal enterprise being allegedly controlled by the Banking Cartel out of theNetherlands where the Holland Government is quietly complicit. Their favorite getout of responsibility card they play is those Islands are autonomous and can do asthey please, when in fact all decisions that perpetuate this enterprise comedirectly out of Holland. This system will stay entrenched and Antilleans will bediminished as Millions will be bilked from the Antilles economy so a few DutchBankers can become wealthy and the Island people are enslaved.How do you stop it? Its a simple math. Boycott the system and its players. Thesystem cannot succeed unless it has Antillean support. You unknowingly supportit by shopping at the large new Malls or by frequenting the businesses and Banksthat these criminals and their friends have built from this dirty money. You knowthe places, generally owned by the same people and suspiciously have all thebest locations. These Banks that are front running this system are also easy tospot. They are the ones whom seem overly aggressive. They have less thanintegral people who work for them in the key positions that aggressively go afterloans to friends that eventually fail while they drive in nice cars given as perks forthrowing their family, friends and neighbors under the bus for the system.The most important tool the criminals have that they cannot succeed without areplayers from the local community, your neighbors. They are the ones in keypositions. The Mayors, town councils, ministers within the government, schoolboard members, bank employees, attorneys, accountants, Judges, police, priests,pastors, heads of corporations, business groups etc. There are even paid snitches
  3. 3. if you will. People with very low integrity who are somewhat respected and thatare able to move in the local neighborhoods and would be accepted as one ofthem. They have built their wealth on the backs of their friends as they reportback to the enterprise or return the threatening message out to the people thecriminals are after them to deliver. Once the system has their lackeys establishedthey then can control all business and eventually the winners and losers in thatcommunity.You see it is your neighbor who is really the key player in all of this. Without theirparticipation, the system would die. You can begin to affect this by talking withthem making them aware of what they are doing and what it is doing to thecommunity. Sometimes its a friendly conversation sometimes not so. If they areactive participants in the system often communicating with them is simply out ofthe question. For players like these there are other means where by they can bereached and convinced. You cannot change the system in one day. You mustchange it one person at a time over a period of months as you begin to reach theplayers (your neighbors) who are the gofers or lackeys for the criminal system.If you are contemplating a Bank Loan, If you are thinking of expanding yourbusiness, if you have any thoughts of entering into a contract with any Bank inthe Antilles please rethink again and again. The system is potentially corruptacross the board meaning every Bank. You may not have had trouble with themyet. Its coming if you enter into a loan contract. With it you will sign a personalguarantee which gives these unethical criminals (They will change from asupposed friend to your worst enemy overnight) access to all you own. Theprimary target for the loan they already have. If you default or they decide to callit in as the contract allows them at anytime to do, they will forget the initialmoney and target you borrowed for and go after your car, wages and or home asthey sell that house to a Bank employee for a 50% or more discount. Please beextremely careful when borrowing from these Banks. They are presenting a trap,seeking to get your hard earned life long wealth by any means they can and willonce you sign a contract.Recently evidence has surfaced for a case that has yet to be presented. Thisinvolves one particular Bank in Aruba but could include all banks as they are allunder the same umbrella of scrutiny or lack of where there looks to be a non-existent Central Banking system and its oversight. Heres how the fraud works.An Aruban goes to the local Ma and Pa grocery. They make a purchase with acredit card. A month later when the patron checks their statement there is adouble charge on the same purchase. In legally run systems there is a program inthe software that catches this at the point of sale. So the patron unless theycheck their statement would be double charged. So the patron goes back to thegrocery store owner and he looks it up. No I didnt stamp it twice only once? Howdid it get double charged and where did that money end up? Back to the bank tocheck and comes to find out the Bank had the double charge and sent that double
  4. 4. bill to the card holder. The Bank sends the original charge to the store owner andpockets the second charge. When confronted they call it an administrative errorand then correct it on the next billing. Its a great way to trump Bank earnings.Please check your statements as this has happened multiple times and looks tobe a standard con game certain Banks in the Antilles are using.Here is another Banking Fraud method that has been documented. An ArubanLady, 86 years old, is called by the Bank to please come in as she has a dormantaccount the Bank wants here to activate as its money that she is not earninginterest on. She asks her friend to accompany her and in a few days arrive at theappointed time at the Bank where they are ushered into a room. There she is toldthat the account is dormant and to activate she must move money from an activeaccount into the dormant account or deposit $100 awg into it. She looks at herfriend and the friendly Bank Lady and says why not. The Bank employee asks herfor her passport makes a copy, has her sign several documents and eventuallytheir business is complete and they leave with warm feelings of how well theywere treated by this kind Bank lady.Just weeks later her son going over her Banking statements sees two withdrawsjust days apart after her friendly visit. One of 10,000 florins and another a fewdays later of 15,000 florins. He is upset and asks her the reason for thewithdraws. She has memory issues and could not recollect where and what theywere about. After talking and some research and thought he called the bank andasked if they could meet with someone whom the Son knew from a previousBanking experience. They arrived and were ushered into a back room where theson asked where this money went? The Bank employee said your mom took it. Heturned to his mom and asked did you take this money. The Bank person said hereis a copy of her passport and her signatures that she had indeed received themoney. Again her son turned toward his mother and asked if she had received themoney. She was in tears by now and said no I didnt. Then her son turned to thebank employee and asked her did you take her money? The bank person said no.The son thought for a moment and then said I will have to call the police. Thebank person remained quiet and the mother and son left the Bank. Upon arrivingback home the phone was ringing and it was the Bank calling. She said they hadlocated the administrative mistake and her money was safely back into theaccount.People a criminal operation does not care or have feelings. It will steal until it isforced to stop. In that atmosphere they will do anything to make that happen.The Bank does not fear the court they own. They do not fear laws that they havewritten. They do not fear Politicians they have paid money to that are also nowcorrupt. You see the system grows simply because the people that know about itremain silent. If you know something speak out and things will begin to change.This is your country and your future. Dont squander it by remaining passive andquiet as you see your people and Island diminish in stature as the criminals grow.Its your neighbor working for the system that you talk with that will begin the
  5. 5. needed change that WILL eventually take place.
  6. 6. needed change that WILL eventually take place.