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Aruba Investing and Banking, Antilles and Curacao Banking


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Aruba Investing and Banking, Antilles and Curacao Banking

  1. 1. Published On: Mon, May 13th, 2013 Economy / Featured | By Edition Loan Sharks need to be restricted WILLEMSTAD – Illegal lenders with exorbitant interest rates should be restricted. The Political Patry PAIS wants the Central Bank of Curaçao and Sint Maarten and the Public Prosecution to be more active in the fight against these so called ‘loan sharks’. According to the Central Bank, the supervision of these lenders is currently not regulated by the banking law. There is since 2004 a regulation on the provision of information to the public. Also, the Central Bank issued a draft guideline designed to prevent these type of credit. This guideline will be presented shortly. The Central Bank can actually act against these lenders. Currently there is an investigation into illegal lenders and if necessary the Central Bank will file a complaint with the Public Prosecution. Also, loans with an interest rate of 18 percent per year is regarded as unreasonable and will be prohibited based on that conclusion.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx American Investors have recently encountered much more than just a loan shark operation. Aqua Spa formally located in the Hotel Renaissance Curacao recently received a guilty judgment from Antillean Court. Eduardo De Veer owner of the Hotels The Renaissance Curacao and The Renaissance Aruba was found guilty for damages suffered by Aqua Spa and it's American investors who were part of that Spa. Orco Bank Curacao executed that loan and held that note until March 2010. They then sold that note to Aruba Bank. Aruba-Orco Bank tried to send that law suit back to Aruba where the courts would have been allegedly more favorable. It didn't happen. It didn't matter as the Curacao Court neglected even mentioning evidence that spoke specifically to Aruba-Orco Bank's direct involvement.
  2. 2. In the Aqua Spa case there is written and recorded evidence of the Bailiff where the Bank was the actual driver. Aqua Spa was boycotted by the Hotel of Eduardo de Veer. Aruba-Orco Bank took no responsibility for their shared investment. Instead of protecting Aqua Spa they went against their own client and teamed with Eduardo de Veer The Renaissance Hotel owner to kill the court case of their client, Aqua Spa. What American Investors now assume from their investigation, is that behind the walls of Aruba-Orco Bank is an alleged illegal type operation. In a predatory manor they collect collateral and capital through loan contracts written by their banks. The court verdict of February 18, 2013 completely exonerates Aruba-Orco Bank. There is a long list of alleged offenses of misconduct, many resembling Banking Loan fraud. In the US this would bring immediate action for FBI and Banking regulators to step in. Imagine the bank you have borrowed from drops you while still under contract then teams up with your Resort landlord to work against your interest. Aruba-Orco bank in an alleged collusionary act with the Hotel Renaissance closes you down. In court, contrary to the bailiff and Spa employees testimony Aruba-Orco Bank claimed they came only to take inventory. Aqua Spa Employees testified they were told they were losing their jobs just days before Christmas. To add insult to their injury while exiting the Elevator of the Spa for the last time they encountered Mr. Eddie de Veer sitting and laughing with Aruba Bank employees Mrs. Giselle Oduber and Mr. Giovani Anthony. How can the Bank sell your investment behind your back to the Renaissance Hotel? This is same entity the court has now found guilty culminating in what was to be a public auction where no one else could bid on a Spa that was advertised once only 24 hours earlier. Instead the attorney Naglemakers for Aruba-Orco Bank tells the bailiff that he is to sell it only to the Renaissance for 76K AWG and immediately close the auction with out any one else able to bid? In a recent decision in Curacao court the plaintiffs lawsuit againt the bailiff that worked for Aruba-Orco Bank was denied. Marilyn Kock was
  3. 3. given a free pass as the court ruled they have no jurisdiction over court officers? She has made numerous trips to the plaintiffs Spa in Aruba. In one of her visits she spent 3 hours threatening and calling police when all that her visit required was delivering papers and seeking a signature. Welcome to the Dutch Antilles. The place where this business operation is allegedly housed behind the walls of Aruba-Orco Bank with court protection. Please be careful with any Business or Banking in this region. From the total evidence that has been collected the message to all Investors either foreign or local is to be extremely cautious as you might be the next victim. An American said “To say that Aruba Bank is not guilty is saying that the Cannibal is innocent of eating people just because he had another guest to dinner.” The Bank fears no penalities as the verdict dictated that “The Judge cannot sit in the Banker's chair.” .Object1