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Vizzitopia Overview


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A brief overview of our social media marketing philosophy and how we help our clients boost their online visibility.

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Vizzitopia Overview

  1. 1. Juliet McEwen Johnson
  2. 2. I S I T M AKING Y OU C RAZY ?All that Noise. . .The Speed it fliesby. . .Rabbit Hole Syndrome? HTTP://VIZZITOPIA.COM
  3. 3. Y OU ’ RE N OT W RONG !  850 million – People on Facebook (  250 million – Photos uploaded to Facebook every day HUGE  465 million – Registered Accounts on Twitter (1 Q 2012) numbers,  175 million – Number of sent tweets dailyout of date as soon as  LinkedIn has 57 million members from the US they’re  Yet 60% of total membership live outside the USannounced!  Google+ gains 625,000 users daily – 90 million in Jan ’12  Pinterest – now the #3 largest social network? HTTP://VIZZITOPIA.COM
  4. 4. H OWEVER . . . When you realize that, for free, you will never have to create your own traffic again. All you need to do is go stand in front of wherever the traffic is.Fish Wherethe Fish Are HTTP://VIZZITOPIA.COM
  5. 5. I T I S T HE A GE O F T HE S OCIAL W EBHigh school and college students spend 60 percentless time than their parents watching TV and 600percent more time online. “Social media is now at the heart of the movement of information in this country.“ Sam Feist, VP of Washington Programming CNN Worldwide HTTP://VIZZITOPIA.COM
  6. 6. W HAT D O Y OU WANT ?  More SalesYou can’t  Higher Pricesdo it all.  Bigger Market SharePick One!  Incl Reconnecting W/ Past Clients  Respect & Recognition  Partnerships / Joint Promotions  To Be Bought Out HTTP://VIZZITOPIA.COM
  7. 7. W E H ELP O UR C LIENTS TO Defend Price  You can tell a fuller, rounder story w/ social media than with traditional advertising Get The Phone To Ring Create Monetizable Products FROM their social media  Because TODAY your How and Why is just as interesting as your What (Consider the History Channel)HTTP://VIZZITOPIA.COM
  8. 8. W HICH P LATFORM ? Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn Google + Yelp Foursquare Blog/WP Cinchcast YouTubeBlogTalkRadio Amazon Tumblr HTTP://VIZZITOPIA.COM
  9. 9. D O Y OU H AVE TO B E O N T HEM A LL ?  No  We pick the combination that’s right for your business  We tailor your message to fit each platform  We use only what works for your business … there is no ONE SIZE FITS ALL! HTTP://VIZZITOPIA.COM
  10. 10. O UR P OINT O F V IEW Facebook – Friend Management System  Think: Reality TV with Ads, News Cut-ins, etc. Twitter – Quick Connect – 140 or less!  Think: Customer Service and Research Pinterest – Image Marketing  Think: You Tube Meets The Lillian Vernon Catalogue LinkedIn – 21st Century Little Black Book  Think: The Yellow PagesHTTP://VIZZITOPIA.COM
  11. 11. A ND . . .  Google +  Think: Search  YouTube  Think: The Missing Manual  Local Stuff – (Social Tracking)  FourSquare  Yelp  Facebook Places etc.HTTP://VIZZITOPIA.COM
  12. 12. WAIT, T HERE ’ S M ORE !  Review Sites  Amazon  Yelp  Bookmarking Sites  Sharing & Voting  StumpleUpon  Reddit  Use For InspirationHTTP://VIZZITOPIA.COM
  13. 13. Y OUR U NIQUE C OMBINATIONOf Social Sites Enables You to Share Your Story Sell Your Product Generate Referrals Rally Raving Fans!HTTP://VIZZITOPIA.COM
  14. 14. B IGGEST M ISTAKES P EOPLE M AKE I N S OCIAL M EDIA1. Not Knowing EXACTLY what you want to accomplish  You can only accomplish 2 objectives; one primary and one secondary.2. Not Using the Right Tool For Their Audience, Their Story, Their Assets3. Getting Overwhelmed Without A System (A Pre- scheduled system, NOT automated!)HTTP://VIZZITOPIA.COM
  15. 15. W HAT Y OU ’ RE L OOKING F ORIs A Place You Can Put – Relevant Content (information, your story) Backlinks to Your Site (articles, which are basically advertorials) Entice Real Human Visitors to Your Site, (and to Your Store) so that a sale can be made from the leadHTTP://VIZZITOPIA.COM
  16. 16. W HAT D O Y OU WANT ?  More Sales  Higher Prices  Bigger Market Share  Incl Reconnecting W/ Past Clients  Respect & Recognition  Partnerships / Joint Promotions  To Be Bought OutHTTP://VIZZITOPIA.COM
  17. 17. L ET U S H ELP YOU! http://socialsitesguide.comHTTP://VIZZITOPIA.COM