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Menopause - Home

Published in: Health & Medicine
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  1. 1. Symptoms Of MenopauseSurvey shows that seventy percent of thewomen may be affected by the unpleasant formof the Symptoms of menopause . Menopause isdue to hormonal changes of the women, afterthe women undergoes the changes the
  2. 2. menstrual cycle does not occur. Menopausesymptom may result in depression, anxiety orhot and cold flashes.Lots of changes in the physical occur duringthe phase of menopause. Women mayexperience the headache, joint pain, bleedingaround the teeth, itchy, dry skin etc. Lots of thesymptoms are common these can be combatedwith good exercise, Doctor and diet which alsoplay a crucial role.Among the primary causes are any foods highin fat or rich in calories and carbohydrates.Among these are (anything) chocolate, icecream, brownies, pizza, wine, beer, donuts,cakes, pies, milk shakes, potato chips, pasta,etc.The purpose that the body may feel ‘out ofcontrol’ due to the cravings for certain foods isthat the body is trying to adjust for thehormonal imbalance.