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Home lettings scotland east lothian private rented sector


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A quick review of the East Lothian private rented sector. In East Lothian the private rented sector provides accommodation for a wide range of people, many of whom choose to live in a private tenancy because it suits their circumstances.

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Home lettings scotland east lothian private rented sector

  1. 1. What is the size and nature of EastLothian’s private rented housingmarket ?
  2. 2. Officially the sunniest area of Scotland,with over 40 miles of magnificentcoastline, spectacular cliffs and rollingcountryside East Lothian combines thebest of Scotland in miniature.
  3. 3. The size and nature of the local private rented housing marketEast Lothian’s private rented sector isquite small and only accounts forapproximately 8% of the housingavailable in the area.
  4. 4. private rented sectoraccounts for 13% ofhousing in the easternpart of East Lothian.
  5. 5. Private rented sector housingaccounts for 5% in the western partand 10% in the central East Lothian.
  6. 6. There are several estate agents andsolicitors who act as letting agents butlandlords who own one or twoproperties provide most lets.
  7. 7. The market has expanded over thelast decade, with an increase inthe number of small one offlandlords.
  8. 8. Approximately 68% of East Lothian’sprivate rented sector accommodationcomprises houses
  9. 9. Approximately 32% of East Lothian’sprivate rented sectoraccommodation comprises flats.
  10. 10. Private rented housing is scatteredthroughout East Lothian.
  11. 11. although a significant proportion ofaccommodation (47%) is concentratedin the three ‘east’ areas of• Haddington,• Dunbar,• North Berwick.
  12. 12. A further 22% private rented housing islocated in Musselburgh.
  13. 13. Average rental pricesA one-bedroomproperty could berented in Tranent orPrestonpans for lessthan £450 permonth.
  14. 14. Average rental pricesIt is possible to renta 2 bed property inDunbar,Haddington, NorthBerwick or Tranentfor less than £550.
  15. 15. Average rental pricesWhilst a 3 bedproperty in Dunbar,Musselburgh orPrestonpans couldcost as much as£800 per month.
  16. 16. Average rental pricesAt the upper endof the market,renting a four-bedroom house inthe County couldcost £1,500 permonth.
  17. 17. Average rental pricesa five bedroomhouse in theCounty could cost£2,500 per month.
  18. 18. East Lothian low income familes The private rented sector in East Lothian can be an option for low- income families.
  19. 19. East Lothian low income familes Single parents (21%) are the most significant household group to rent in the private sector.
  20. 20. East Lothian low income familes 94% of all single parents receive Housing Benefit to help with housing costs.
  21. 21. If you would like to know more about renting your property in East Lothian, please call us on; 0131 654 9563 Home Lettings Scotland
  22. 22. Big enough to manage small enough to care
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