Civil Rights


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Civil Rights

  1. 1. Civil Rights Movement● Benchmark F: 14● Changes in goals and tactics● Learning Target: – Analyze the origins, major developments, controversies and consequences of the civil rights movement – Brown vs. Board of Education – Changes in goals and tactics of leaders – Movements to gain justice
  2. 2. Segregation● “The separation of ● The North was even black and white” segregated and had● Jim Crow Laws subtle forms of – Enforced discriminating blacks segregation in the ● Blacks were South significantly poorer – Plessy vs. Ferguson stated that “separate and uneducated but equal was than whites indeed equal and ● Blacks in the South allowed by law.” were kept from voting, despite the 15th amendment.
  3. 3. Amendments!● 13th Amendment th● 14 Amendment● 15th Amendment – How were these violated by segregation and discrimination at the polls?
  4. 4. Brown vs. Board of Education● Significance: OVERTURNED PLESSY VS. FERGUSON – Challenged “separate but equal” – Supreme Court decided that “separate but equal” is NOT equal● Desegregated Schools● Not an easy process... – Most southerners and southern schools refused to enforce integration – KKK revival and white anger – Little Rock Nine
  5. 5. Fighting for Rights● Rosa Parks● Montgomery Bus Boycott● Martin Luther King Jr.-rising as a leader● Non-violent protest – What does that mean? – What other “leaders” have used this method?
  6. 6. The “Minister”● Organized and ● Freedom Riders assisted many rights – End segregation in groups public interstate● Southern Christian travel – Northern based Leadership ● March on Conference – Nonviolent Washington – I have a dream resistance – Led to passage of● Student Nonviolent CRA of 1964 Coordinating Committee – Sit-ins
  7. 7. Violence among Non-violence● Freedom Summer – A campaign to register African American voters – White northerners – Focus on Mississippi – Protesters faced violence
  8. 8. Freedom March from Selma● King led a march from Selma to Montgomery in order to register black voters● Turned into a protest when voters were beaten● “Bloody Sunday”
  9. 9. Its no longer non-violent...● Black Power – Argued that blacks should mobilize to gain power – Violence with violence● Malcolm X – Nation of Islam – Black separatism – Black Panther Party ● Seale and Newton
  10. 10. Other groups want rights too!● United Farm Workers● American Indian Movement● National Organization for Women
  11. 11. Create a New Amendment!● You have learned all ● What will it do? types of new ● How will it affect amendments and Americans? legislation passed ● Why do you believe during the Civil we need this Rights Movement! amendment?● is your turn ● What will be the to create a piece of long-terms effects? legislation that will “change” America today!