Reflection on research


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Reflection on research

  1. 1. Reflecting on research.<br />
  2. 2. Reflecting on poster analysis.<br />In analysing 14 film posters it gave me an insight into what contents makes it effective to the audience and what to apply to my own products. In researching into the film posters I found that they generally shared a similar layout. Big bold text, main image used as backgrounds, colour scheme relating to the genre and a slogan underneath the title. So this is the layout I tried to follow, I used an image which would both reflect the narrative of the film, but not give away too much, big bold white title and the colour scheme black, grey and white to follow the final product. I found that by doing this research it helped me in producing an effective poster as I found from my audience research.<br />
  3. 3. Reflecting on Magazine review.<br />I reviewed and analysed 11 magazine reviews from various different genre of magazines, e.g. Empire and heat, and although the size and layout differed the content of the reviews were similar. In doing the research it helped me and gave me an idea in what to include in my own magazine review. In reading the magazine reviews and referring to my target audience of 12+ I realised that the more images a review has the more interesting and easier to read it is, as it breaks up the long paragraphs of text. So I chose to include 2 still shots from my film and make one of them slightly larger and as a heading and the other one smaller in size and to the right of the review. This way I felt that even if the audience didn't read the whole review they would of gained an understanding of the possible storyline of the film. Something that I added to my magazine review was a quote from the film in a big bold box, as I didn't have any dialogue I took a quote from the song I used to narrate the film.<br />
  4. 4. Reflecting on short film analysis.<br />This is the research which helped me most in completing my final product which was my short film. By watching and evaluating 14 short films I gained an understanding of the forms and conventions of the media products films. I now knew what camera shots, angles and movements to use in order to help represent both he character and the narrative of my short film. This is why the begging in shot of my film is where the camera tilting down over the character as I wanted the first impression of the character to be vulnerable and powerless. Also this is how I came to the conclusion of producing a silent film as I found out of the 14 short films I watched the ones which had no dialogue were more effective and portrayed their message more powerfully.<br />The title of the film and the timing of it is another idea I had from carrying out this research, as the audience I felt that I took more notice of the title if it was just after the begging sequence than if it was as the begging of the film and I think this is because by watching the first clip you already have the audiences attention.<br />I think that I benefited analysing a larger quantity of short films as gained more of an understanding of factors such as genre specific elements and forms and conventions of short films, resulting in a better more effective final product.<br />