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Prop list

  1. 1. Prop listLocation 1(train station), for filming in this location we need the following props: Baseball bat Costumes Mobile phone video camera Tripod For each location different props were required in order to create the correct mise en scene for our opening sequence. In both of the locations a video camera and a tripod was needed, we used the tripod to make sure the shots we got were steady and positioned correctly and this is something we learnt from in doing some practise shots. The baseball bat, mobile phone and costume are all props that will help with both the representation of the characters and narrative of our opening sequence.Location 2(garage), for filming in this location we need the following props: Beer bottles Sofa Table Cigarettes Paracetamol Video camera TripodLike the first location the garage required us to use a video camera and tripod toshoot the opening sequence but this second location needed more props as this iswhen the main event of the opening sequence happens. The cigarettes, beerbottle and paracetamol are used to help with the representation of the characterand to help the audience identify with them. The sofa and table were used to helpset the scene for the audience so they could get a better understanding of thelocation.