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Productiion log

  1. 1. Production Log.
  2. 2. 13 th September: First media lesson back, watch a variety of short films on YouTube, gain an understanding of how each film is effective and how genre specific elements need to be majorly researched. If it’s a silent or non silent film which we find most effective? Black or white? 15t h September: Between me and my partner we discussed some story ideas and some possible genres we would like to apply to our short film, what element of the other short films we watched could we apply to our own. Started to draft ideas down. 17 th September: We then choose 14 short films and watched them again to pick up on any little detail we may have missed and then started to screen grab still shots. 20 th September: split the films so we each had 7 to annotate. Start the PowerPoint presentation for short film analysis. 22 nd September: Carry on with the analysis for the 14 short films, using screen grabs of still shots. 24 th September: Choose 14 film posters to analyse and evaluate. Collect pictures for them all and again divide them into two sections which we shared out. PRODUCTION LOG FOR ALL WORK CARRIED OUT DURING MEDIA LESSONS.
  3. 3. 27 th September: we put together a PowerPoint of the analysis of 14 film posters again using images and arrows to highlight certain factors of the poster which we noticed and which we considered important. 29 th September: Find 12 magazine reviews and scan the images into the computer. Analyse and evaluate each on a PowerPoint. 1 st October: RESEARCH DEADLINE, We had to hand in all the research we had produced in the lead up to our final product. 4 th October: Start the planning part of our A2 coursework, No role distribution was needed anymore as it was only me carrying on the rest of the coursework. Look back at the story idea and alter it slightly. 6 th October: find the best possible places to shoot the film and the do a do a location recce, fill out the calendar in order to make sure time management is appropriate. 8 th October: Start thinking about the actor, who to use and the costumes that would best suit the representation of the character. Think of suitable props that I will need in the film e.g. clock to show time. 11 th October: Sketch the sets of the two locations and scan them in, Finalised the actor and arrange dates to film, sorted out costumes, props and characterization.
  4. 4. 13 th October: Done the shot list, this helped to guide me when I actually started to film and also to use effective shots and a variety of them to consider movements and angles. Started to research into sound and what would represent the narrative in a silent film. 15 th October: PLANNING DEADLINE. Scanned in storyboards and then inserted the drafts for the ancillary tasks. 18 th October: Got a camera and then took a few practise shots, experimented with angles etc… 20 th October: Went to the first location which was the white room which was actually a white warehouse and started to film the begging sequence. 22 nd October: Looked thorough the shots already taken to make sure that I had filmed everything I needed to for the white room shots. 25 th October: HALF TERM STARTS 1 st November: HALF TERM ENDS Made sure that there were enough rushes and everything that needed to be filmed had been. 3 rd November: Went through the shots taken over half term the in the city location.
  5. 5. 5 th November: Filming Deadline. Everything was shot and ready to edit for next week. 8 th November: Watch everything shot to double check that the shots filmed were suitable . 10 th November: Start to capture everything off the camera on to the computer in Adobe Premiere CS4. 12 th November: Start to cut up the captured clips and follow the storyboard of piecing them together. Started with the begging sequence. 15 th November: Start to experiment with effect and transitions to see which would make the short film more effective e.g. putting the majority of the clips in black and white. 17 th November: Started with the middle sequence, again following the storyboard. 19 th November: Finish of the end sequence adding in titles and credits. 22 nd November: Add the music right at the end and razor it so it last for the whole of the film. 24 th November: watch the film and see if the representation and narrative is clear for the audience to understand.
  6. 6. 26 th November: Finalize the film and save it, had troubles doing this as the computer were not working so had to leave it to the next lesson. 29 th November: still having troubles finalizing the film but start on the evaluation for the whole project. 1 December: finished up the evaluation making sure that I answered all the questions. 3 rd December: DEADLINE FOR ALL MEDIA, I uploaded the work to my blogger.