Magazine analysis


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Magazine analysis

  1. 1. Magazine reviews.<br />
  2. 2. 1.<br />Just Wright.<br />This film review is quite small, but has all the information the audience needs to know in deciding whether to see the film or not. This film review we found in the Empire magazine, it is placed on half a page with three other similiar size reviews. Its has one photograph at the top to help portray the narrative of the film. The title of the film is just below and isn´t very eye catching, its in blue, bold, and approximateley size 16 font. This film review has a simple structure one image which is the header, a small title below, then a narrow paragraph about the film and its views. Right at the very end of the review 3 bold black stars are awarded, these are attenmtion grabbing and the reasons for this is because the number of stars represent the quality of the film. The language used in the review is easy to read implying that the age of the target audience isn´t that high.i think that the target auidence for this magazine is late teens early twenties becuase alothough some of the reviews are easy reading the majority of the magazine is not. The obvious conventions of this review is the short information beneath the titles informing the reader of cast, directors, and running times etc…<br />
  3. 3. 2.<br />Cyrus.<br />This film review is also from the magazine Empire, this review is structured differently from the previous one and is much larger insinuating a more mainstream film. The image this time is five time the size and is also no longer a heading for the review. The title of the film is clear, bold and simple with a very thick black line underlining it. This review features a tag line which is “Judd Apatow meets Mike Leigh meets 24” whilst analysing the film posters we noticed they also feature a tag line so like the film poster i think the main objective of this film review is to advertise. The general information on the film is on the right side with a gold horizontal line beside it make the reader pay attention. The summary of the film is 3 paragraphs long and outlines the image of the two main characters at the top. At the bottom of the image there is a caption worded “ seven hours in, and johns lost recap was still only at season 3” this adds to the humour of the film encouraging an audience. At the end of the review there is a small title which says Verdict, this then gives a final and overall review before awarding the film 4 stars.<br />
  4. 4. 3.<br />Furry Venegeance.<br />This is both a film and dvd review. It was found in the right hand side in a margin. This review has the title at the top which is again in dark blue and then beneath has 5 certificates. The image on this review is very very small and can be bearly made out but from what you can make it out the target audience seems to be aimed at older children yet the language in the review itself has a high reading age which then makes the target audience unclear and also uses phrases like “crap”. At the bottom of the review it has been awarded for the film and then the extras. I think that this review is mainly to advertise the dvd instead of the film.<br />
  5. 5. 4.<br />Jackass 3D<br />This magazine straight away represents the genre of the film to the audience, you can tell by the picture that this film is going to be a comedy and i think the editor of the magazine would have put some thought into the image chosen to portray the film as other products such as this and posters are really important in helping to advertise and appeal to an audience. Although this magazine review is plain white with simple black font both the image used and the colour of the title makes this magazine review noticable therefore engaging and audience to read it. The small italic sentence underneath the bold writing is also a way of representing a comic film along with the small red subtitles above the paragraphs.<br />
  6. 6. 5.<br />Scott Pilgrim vs …<br />This magazine reviews was the only double page spread that I have chosen to analyse and from the fact that the review of the film is broadcasted over two pages insinuates that the film is going to be a big hit and a lot is said about it. I think that the use of more than one image helps to make this long review interesting, also there are a couple of bright coloured boxes with quotes from the film to break up the blocks of writing making it easier and more enjoyable for the audience to read. On the far left hand side is general bullet pointed information about the film e.g., running time, director, cast etc… Right at the end of the review the stars are appointed and these are in red which stands out and the first thing you notice is that it has 5 stars which makes assumptions to the audience that the film will be good.<br />
  7. 7. 6.<br />Despicable Me<br />This is my favourite magazine review and the one that caught my attention the most. I think that who ever produced this magazine review thought carefully about the target audience for the film and considering that its an animated film the likely audience will be children, so the main factor of the review is a blown up image of the main character with red lasers all over his face and the red makes the image eye catching and the actual review its self is very short and sweet which is easier to read for the younger audience. The bright blue contrasts the red of the image again making the title of the film stand out. Although there is not a lot of writing the information written is enough for the audience to understand what the film is about and when its released etc…<br />
  8. 8. 7.<br />Made in Dagenham<br />This magazine review appeals to the older audience as it is very plain and simple. Black font, white background and a small image. The title of the film is in as dull teal colour and is small in comparison to the other magazine reviews. This review was on the far right of the page in the margin and was quite small. I don’t think that the colours would attract anyone's attention especially as the size of the actual reviews is small anyway, and I don’t think that its an effective reviews as its comes across as boring and plain which make the audience question if it’s a reflection of the film. By looking at this film review I could not tell you what the film was about, even the image is too small to gain and good understanding and representation of the narrative and messages in the film. Unlike most of the other reviews the stars situated at the end of the poster are in black and except for the fact that they are in bold they seem insignificant to the review when actually they are an important factor in writing a magazine review as this is what the audience understands as the rating of the film.<br />
  9. 9. 8.<br />Four Lions<br />This film review was in the Empire magazine. The main factor of the review is the image and then to the bottom right hand corner is another image, this helps to break up the text and both the images show representation of comedy which implies the genre. The title stands out as it is plain bold and white and its eye catching as it is on the image. This review also shows the DVD cover and the labels down the side to certify the age etc… This film review is on an A4 page so it implies that the film again will be a big hit. This will clearly be a review for the older audience as the text is not suitable for younger ages and is not easy reading.<br />
  10. 10. Charlie St Cloud<br />9.<br />This review was in Glamour magazine. It was a very small review on the margin of a page but I think the reason for this, is this specific magazine focuses around fashion so therefore film reviews will not be a major spread on the pages, whereas in Empire magazine it is specifically for films so you would expect to see a lot of film reviews. I think that the type of magazine that this was published in has a target audience of women from late teens onwards and the target for this film is obviously females and you can also tell this by the image displayed over the review of Zac Efron and known heartthrob. The colours in this review is bland but the bright blue of the image makes the review quite eye catching and directly beneath the still shot from the film is the title which is in a small font approximately 12 which is in a dark grey and bold italics.<br />
  11. 11. Sorority Row<br />10.<br />I found this film review in a Sky magazine. This review is a fair sized one and is central to the page. This is a very short but sweet review, it has a fiery image to illustrate the small paragraph below. The image used doesn’t have a good representation of the narrative or plot of the film, to the viewer the impression you get from this image where the red and orange fiery colours are in the background and the body language, facial expressions and make up is an action film not a horror which is actually the genre of this film. The writing below the image is a very short summary of the film and what to expect and it makes reference to a similar film, by doing this the readers get a good understanding of the type of film it is and the common storylines. At the end of the paragraph the running time and certificate is published, this is general information about the film for interested audiences. The only aspect of this review which make it stand out is the bright orange background of the image other than that the font is small, simple and black and has no subheadings or quotes.<br />
  12. 12. Gone in 60 seconds<br />11.<br />This is an extremely small film review which majority of people would miss but it still displays the title, genre, cast and rated stars in the 9 words its written in. The stars and title are in bold as this is the most vital information that the audience wants to know, what's its called and if its any good etc… and that’s about all you gain from this piece of information, and you can see how simple it is from the scanned picture of it to the left hand side. <br />