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Holly Price 2016


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Holly Price 2016

  1. 1. Education Kaplan University A.S. in Early Childhood Development Graduated: June 2015; G.P.A.: 3.97 CPR/First Aid Certified 3-22-14 to 3-22-16 Professional and Transferrable Skills  Project planning and development  Willingness to Follow directives  Change agent in working environment  Ability to de-escalate and problem solve problematic situations  Supervise, lead, and instruct individuals & teams  Proficient oral & written communication skills  Ability to Develop instructional materials  Savvy administrator of rules & policies  Proficient Microsoft Office, Excel and PowerPoint  Ability to work in fast-paced, intensive environments Teaching Work Experience  Preparedlessonmaterials,displays,exhibits,equipment,anddemonstrations.  Preparedlessonoutlinesandplansinassignedsubjectareasandsubmitoutlinestoteachersforreview.  Presentedsubjectmattertostudentsunderthe directionandguidance of teachers,usinglectures,discussions, or supervisedrole-playingmethods.  ProvidedADA accommodations utilizingassistive devicesand supportivetechnology.  Supervisedstudentsinclassrooms,halls,cafeterias,school yards,andgymnasiums, and/oronfieldtrips.  Tutoredand assistedchildrenindividually andinsmall groupstomasterassignmentsandlearningconcepts.  Modifiedandadapted teachingmethodsormaterialstoaccommodate studentneeds.  Administered teststohelpdetermine children'sdevelopmental levels,needs,andpotential. Additional Work Experience  Providedqualitycustomerservice inafast-paced,intensive retail&restraintenvironment.  Discussassigneddutieswith colleagues tocoordinate instructional efforts.  Trainedanddeveloped colleaguestomeetworkenvironmentdemandsandcustomerrequest.  Enforce administrationpoliciesandrulesgoverningstudents andcolleagues.  Reviewandassesscompleted worktask,andcompute andrecordresults.  Instructedandthe use and care of equipmentandmaterialstopreventinjuriesanddamage inworkplace.  Utilizedconflictresolutionandproblemsolvingskillstomeetneedsof consumersandbusinesses. Work History BrightStart Academy TeacherAssistant 02/2004-11/2015 Just4 Us Childcare Pre-kTeacherAssistant 08/2013-12/2013 Walgreens Cashier 05/2011-03/2012 Scholastics MaterialsHandler 06/2010-05/2011 McDonalds Crew Trainer 11/2004-01/2006 Additional Information  Readyto workimmediately/Homemakerduringgapsinemployment/Cleanbackground/Validdriverlicenses Holly Price Career Summary: Ethically-driven, reliable and compassionate recent Kaplan University graduate, Associate Degree in Early Childhood Education, seeking to transition educational and working experience into a positive careermove where my education, work experience, and transferrable skills – along with my passion for teaching, training and learning- will prove me the next best candidate you seek. Phone:(636) 279 – 4234
  2. 2. Professional References AliciaDixion, PhysicianAssistant Mercy Hospital 636-299-8369 JessicaStone,Teacher BrightStart Academy 636-244-7799 Josie Carroll, Teacher BrightStart Academy 636-439-6049