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Facebook: Basics for Business


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Thinking of starting a facebook page for your business? Look here first for the basics of setting up your page and for the who, when, what of marketing.

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Facebook: Basics for Business

  1. 1. Basics for Business
  2. 2. • Tips for beginners • Who, When, What of Facebook • How to do it right • Facebook Groups • Help Agenda
  3. 3. Tips for Beginners Profile vs. Business Page (Page) Profile – Your personal information, your likes, communities/groups you belong to, your interests Business Page (Page) – Think of it as a website page on Facebook, purpose is to try to create a community were followers can go to to engage with you 10% of your “Likes” see your Facebook posts 200 “Likes” = 2 people see your posts 2000 “Likes” = 200 people see your posts
  4. 4. Create a Business Page? - Offices, absolutely build a business page - Individuals, it would be up to your discretion What you’ll need: • Daily Content – Be Consistent • Ad Fund Dollars – Market your page so more of your target audience see your posts
  5. 5. Tips for Beginners
  6. 6. If you have a ‘bricks and mortar’ store and want people to physically visit you, click the Local Business or Place page type. If your business isn’t the type that needs to attract foot traffic to your physical premises, or you have more than one location which may have a variety of addresses and open hours (such as a franchise); then Company Organization or Institution is usually the better page type to choose compared to Local Business or Place. If your products are sold through more than one website or stocked by more than one reseller / retailer (or will be in the future), select the ‘Brand or Product’ page type. Tips for Beginners Source:
  7. 7. This category is for you if you’re business is classed as entertainment, such as a TV show, movie, book, radio station or magazine. If you’re a not-for-profit or charity organization, I’d therefore recommend you check out the options you have if you selected ‘Local Business or Place’, ‘Company Organization or Institution’ and ‘Brand or Product’ instead. If your page will be focused on and/or promoting you or if you’re an artist or a band, this is the right page type to select. Tips for Beginners Source:
  8. 8. Start to strategize what your business page will be like. There is a lot to think about here… here are the top three.
  9. 9. Who are you targeting? …Is it a generation? Social Media is a start! …Is it past clients? Reviews! …Is it new clients? Ads! Boost Posts! Assistants Who in the office can help? Office Administrator Owner Manager Associates Who Who are you? Brand! Brand! Brand! - Create brand awareness through a Facebook Page
  10. 10. When are people online? When
  11. 11. What does your audience want from you? Here are some ideas for content to post on your business page or your profile Office: • Show office culture • Promote new recruits • Birthdays • Anniversaries Agents + Offices: • Show community involvement • Promote other local businesses • Industry news • Client experiences • Past client experiences • Share something personal, funny, or offbeat • Share why you love what you do • Recognize people in your community • Share success stories What
  12. 12. How to Do It Right
  13. 13. Gather and share ideas by joining groups Join Groups for Networking
  14. 14. • Update profile with a detailed summary and images • Give your followers more personal content then all business • Join groups as part of a networking strategy • Take your online connections offline What We Learned
  15. 15. Facebook Pages Manager App Help
  16. 16. Follow my “Facebook Tools” board on Help