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Evaluation powerpoint

  1. 1. Music Magazine Evaluation
  2. 2. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products? 1
  3. 3. I chose the same colour scheme for my magazine as this VIBE front cover. I like how the black and white picture stood out but then the mast heads and sell lines still stand out because of the bold red and black. I had a white background so that the information and picture stood out more on the magazine, this way the main focus is the information. Just like this VIBE magazine I chose not to have a footer as I didn’t want to over power my magazine. My Sell lines are around the head of my model and are in capital letters so that they are clear and easy to read. This also makes my magazine cover look neat and well presented. Like my sell lines I used capital letters on my title MAX VOL. This makes the masthead stand out bold and strong and the rugged look of the writing links to the rebellious genre of R&B. Similarities of Front Cover I have used the rule of thirds like the VIBE magazine. I used this technique so that my cover was organised and neat.
  4. 4. Differences of Front Cover VIBE used red for their mast head, whereas I used black. This is because black is a more rebellious colour therefore I felt it fit better with the R&B genre. The black and white of the picture is much more bright and a higher contrast is used, I made my image less bright so that the image did not distract from the sell lines on the cover. I used a drop shadow on my sell lines so that they stand out more where as VIBE has used a more simple font. The image on the VIBE magazine is also more of a close up where as my image shows more of the models torso. This allowed me to fit more information on. Vibe have their website in the bottom right hand corner of the cover. I chose not to add this as I didn't think it was appropriate for the front cover VIBE does not have the barcode on the front cover.
  5. 5. Similarities of Contents Both mine and Q magazine have placed the main contents of the magazine on one side of the page. Both mine and Q ’s contents have the main heading above the contents of the magazine. This is to emphasise that this is the main information. The use of a different colour for the page number makes it more obvious and separates it from the text. Like with Q’s contents I have carried on with my red black and white colour scheme, this shows consistency throughout my magazine. The images are both on one side of the page and do not cover more than ½ of it. Both have a box in the space of the picture which has one of the top stories, the page number and a quote from the article within. Issue number and date. Both Q magazine and my music magazine give more information on the articles underneath the title.
  6. 6. Differences of Contents Q magazine have text at the bottom of the page underneath the picture. Q also has their contents categorised. I use ‘features’ as my main contents heading where as Q magazine use ‘contents’ and then proceed to use ‘features’ as the subheading above the main column. Q use a natural background, where as I used an edited background. I have an image in the text column area. O magazine uses the same coloured font for the title of the article and the information underneath, I haven't done this because I wanted to emphasise the presence of the extra information. Even though my music magazine and Q have both got our contents column on one side the page our rule of thirds are the other way around.
  7. 7. Similarities of Article Red, Black and White theme used again. Shows consistency. Picture dominating the left hand page of the article. Page number. The name of the artist is at the top of the right hand page. Images both have a white background; therefore the artist stands out more. Drops caps to emphasize the start of the article. The main text is on the right hand page. The text is also placed in 3 columns.
  8. 8. Differences of Article I have a quote from the article on the left hand page next to the artist. My image is in colour, I chose this to make the whole article more vibrant. I have page number on both my left hand and right hand pages whereas the Q magazine only have the page number on the right page. The name of my artist is more dominent than ‘Lady Gaga’ on the Q magazine. I have used a different colour font for my questions and answers so that the reader can differentiate between the two whereas Q have used the same colour font throughout. Q magazine have placed a big letter ‘L’ behind the main text, this adds colour and vibrancy to the article but I didn’t use this technique because I didn’t want it to distract from the text.