A career in social media


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For Career Day at Cupertino High School, Cupertino, CA

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A career in social media

  1. 1. A Career in Social Media Holly Nielsen GTS Social Media Leader, IBM
  2. 2. What I Do  Develop and execute social strategy  Develop content calendars & social sheets  Manage multiple social media accounts  Manage internal social groups  Write blog posts  Curate content  Coach executives  Train team members  Gather metrics & report results
  3. 3. National Salaries Source: salary.com
  4. 4. Job Description  Develops and implements the organization’s social media strategy, including marketing plans that leverage social media outlets.  Responsible for development and maintenance of online content that attracts attention, generates interest, and is easily shared with social networks.  Establishes relationships with bloggers and other members of the online community.  May work with technical personnel in the development of tools that allow for easy integration with a social network.  Requires a bachelor's degree with at least 7 years of marketing experience.  Familiar with a variety of the field's concepts, practices and procedures.  Relies on extensive experience and judgment to plan and accomplish goals. Performs a variety of tasks. Leads and directs the work of others. A wide degree of creativity and latitude is expected. Typically reports to top management. Source: salary.com
  5. 5. Career Pros  I write and get to be creative  I spend several hours a day scouring the web for content to curate so I always know the latest news  I love investigating and learning, and I get to constantly check out new platforms, new tools, new terminology, new applications  I share my passion for social with colleagues and executives in training & coaching sessions  I’ve gotten good at creating quick & easy graphics for social sharing  I work at home  I’m well compensated  I use my marketing degree & marketing communications skills every day
  6. 6. Career Cons  I think in Facebook posts and tweets  I can’t read articles without thinking about how they’ll sound as tweets  Because I support four very broad IT service lines and will be picking up three more next month, I have to know a lot about very technical products and services  I need to be very careful when I post and tweet, because sharing something inappropriate could get me fired  Managing social media is similar to feeding a baby bird: it’s always hungry. So even on vacation I check in on my social networks.
  7. 7. Holy Grail of Social Media…
  8. 8. In 2013, during the 3rd quarter of the Super Bowl when a power outage at the Superdome caused some of the lights for 34 minutes, Oreo’s social media team jumped on the cultural moment, tweeting an ad that read “ Power Out? No problem ” with this image. The message caught on almost immediately, getting nearly 15,000 retweets and more than20,000 likes on Facebook
  9. 9. Ellen DeGeneres' Oscar selfie (with Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence, Julia Roberts, Brad Pitt, Meryl Streep, Kevin Spacey and others) was valued at between $800 million and $1 because of its massive sharing on social media. The tweet was seen by 37 million people worldwide, according to Twitter numbers. In contrast, 43 million viewers tuned in to the broadcast to see the Samsung snap.
  10. 10. During a 30-day period last summer, The ALS Association received more than $100 million in donations.
  11. 11. http://www.latenightwithjimmyfallon.com/video/hashtag-with-jimmy-fallon-and-justin-timberlake/n41126/ #Hashtag" with Jimmy Fallon & Justin Timberlake
  12. 12. My Digital Footprint  Blog: Hooked on Social Networking  Blog: IBM Social Business Insights  Twitter: @HollyNielsen  LinkedIn  Google+
  13. 13. Questions