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  1. 1. EphEsusEphEsus An AnciEnt cityAn AnciEnt city pArt iipArt ii
  2. 2. hospitAlshospitAls  This is a medical signThis is a medical sign which perhaps pointedwhich perhaps pointed to a hospital thoughto a hospital though nothing resemblingnothing resembling such has beensuch has been recovered as yet.recovered as yet.
  3. 3. strEEtsstrEEts  Thought to be theThought to be the oldest survivingoldest surviving advertisement found inadvertisement found in a paving stone in thea paving stone in the street.street.  The foot shows toThe foot shows to walk in this direction.walk in this direction.
  4. 4. strEEtsstrEEts  No one knows exactly what theNo one knows exactly what the other images are for:other images are for: – One theory is that the dots inOne theory is that the dots in the corner are citrus oil used forthe corner are citrus oil used for burning by the Jews. Theburning by the Jews. The female on the right of the footfemale on the right of the foot was Tyche, the goddess ofwas Tyche, the goddess of shipping and good fortune andshipping and good fortune and it was to direct people to theit was to direct people to the agora to purchase oil to giveagora to purchase oil to give them good fortune.them good fortune. – The second theory is that theThe second theory is that the woman is a beautiful lady waitingwoman is a beautiful lady waiting for you at the brothel and thefor you at the brothel and the dots are in the shape of a heartdots are in the shape of a heart because you can help heal herbecause you can help heal her broken heart by going to herbroken heart by going to her This is unlikely because theThis is unlikely because the heart shape was not used duringheart shape was not used during ancient times.ancient times.
  5. 5. thE BrothElthE BrothEl  No one knows this wasNo one knows this was a brothel for sure buta brothel for sure but the frescoes were ofthe frescoes were of naked peoplenaked people  There were threeThere were three floors and many smallfloors and many small roomsrooms  There were manyThere were many places to wash yourselfplaces to wash yourself as well.
  6. 6. WEAlthy homEsWEAlthy homEs  Rooms in the wealthyRooms in the wealthy homes near thehomes near the Celsius libraryCelsius library  On the demigod streetOn the demigod street  Still under excavationStill under excavation so much is still intactso much is still intact rather than having beenrather than having been moved to museumsmoved to museums
  7. 7. WEAlthy homEsWEAlthy homEs  Basilica in the wealthyBasilica in the wealthy area.area.  Used as a church andUsed as a church and meeting place formeeting place for government businessgovernment business  Used only by theUsed only by the wealthy peoplewealthy people
  8. 8. Wealthy homesWealthy homes  Bird in fresco ofBird in fresco of bathroombathroom
  9. 9. Wealthy homesWealthy homes  Corner shows whereCorner shows where each owner of theeach owner of the house re-frescoed thehouse re-frescoed the wall.wall.
  10. 10. Wealthy homesWealthy homes  Table placed in aTable placed in a dining roomdining room  Notice the tiled floor inNotice the tiled floor in the hallway on the rightthe hallway on the right
  11. 11. Wealthy homesWealthy homes  Excavation in progressExcavation in progress  Notice the table withNotice the table with pieces that have beenpieces that have been placed together like aplaced together like a puzzlepuzzle
  12. 12. Wealthy homesWealthy homes  Notice the blue binsNotice the blue bins with pieces organizedwith pieces organized to put together at ato put together at a later timelater time  Tables in backgroundTables in background show pieces needingshow pieces needing identificationidentification
  13. 13. Wealthy homesWealthy homes  Hole in the ceiling isHole in the ceiling is for ventilationfor ventilation
  14. 14. Wealthy homesWealthy homes  We are at the upperWe are at the upper layer of homes now.layer of homes now.  Homes were terracedHomes were terraced so each home ownerso each home owner could have a great view.could have a great view.
  15. 15. Wealthy homesWealthy homes  Mosaic floor fromMosaic floor from Roman times almostRoman times almost completely intactcompletely intact  These are RomanThese are Roman because they usedbecause they used mortar to make themmortar to make them and the Greeks didn’tand the Greeks didn’t have that technologyhave that technology
  16. 16. Wealthy homesWealthy homes  The mosaic floorsThe mosaic floors were made of tinywere made of tiny stones rather than tilesstones rather than tiles
  17. 17. Wealthy homesWealthy homes  Pithos jars were usedPithos jars were used to store wine, oil andto store wine, oil and sometimes ashes fromsometimes ashes from cremated bodies.cremated bodies.  Ephesians did notEphesians did not bury their deadbury their dead because they believedbecause they believed Hades was belowHades was below ground and would getground and would get the body if they buriedthe body if they buried
  18. 18. Wealthy homesWealthy homes  Notice pegs in middleNotice pegs in middle background. Thesebackground. These are to raise the floor soare to raise the floor so it can be heated fromit can be heated from beneath. This was abeneath. This was a Roman invention.Roman invention.
  19. 19. Wealthy homesWealthy homes  Stairs leading up fromStairs leading up from bathroom below.bathroom below.  Notice intact frescoesNotice intact frescoes on wall at top of stairs.on wall at top of stairs.
  20. 20. Wealthy homesWealthy homes  The Romans coveredThe Romans covered walls in some roomswalls in some rooms with a thin layer ofwith a thin layer of marble as seen here.marble as seen here.  Notice the columns onNotice the columns on the floor awaitingthe floor awaiting identification.identification.
  21. 21. Wealthy homesWealthy homes  Sundial marked withSundial marked with Greek letters used toGreek letters used to tell the time.tell the time.  This would have beenThis would have been in a common area butin a common area but wealthy homes also hadwealthy homes also had smaller ones.smaller ones.
  22. 22. Wealthy homesWealthy homes  Amazing wall frescoesAmazing wall frescoes  Notice the bulging wall.Notice the bulging wall. This is as a result ofThis is as a result of earthquakes ratherearthquakes rather than time.than time.
  23. 23. Wealthy homesWealthy homes  Close up of wall frescoClose up of wall fresco
  24. 24. Wealthy homesWealthy homes  Notice the stunningNotice the stunning floor mosaics as well asfloor mosaics as well as frescoes in the multiplefrescoes in the multiple rooms.rooms.
  25. 25.  More frescoed wallsMore frescoed walls Wealthy homesWealthy homes
  26. 26.  Even more fantasticEven more fantastic roomsrooms Wealthy homesWealthy homes
  27. 27. Wealthy homesWealthy homes  One of severalOne of several showers in a richshowers in a rich person’s home.person’s home.  Notice the marbleNotice the marble lining.lining.  Water flowedWater flowed continuously throughcontinuously through and out the drains.and out the drains.