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Visit to the Cartoon Museum


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Visit to the Cartoon Museum

Published in: Education
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Visit to the Cartoon Museum

  1. 1. Evaluating the risks on the way to the museum... Thinking about the implications of a small entrance hall... The museum opens at 10.30 am (always check the opening times before a trip). Inside the museum... Checking out the facilities...
  2. 2. Looking at a timeline of comics. Getting inspiration for planning history lessons... You could plan a history lesson around ww2 propaganda... The opportunity to teach an art lesson about caricatures... Worksheets and clipboards are a useful resource. Children could make Comic storyboards. Old comic books for inspiration! The children can learn about different comic styles throughout history. Links to computing through animation.
  3. 3. Thinking about risk assessment. making sure that the content is suitable for children. A fun activity for the children... ...and adults too!
  4. 4. The museum had a young artists gallery, which would be a great place for children to draw a comic book character or attend a workshop. Links to the classroom...could we make our own comic exhibition in school.