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  1. 1. Pulp
  2. 2. • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JXbLyi5wg eg&feature=g-hist• http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bSlvWaje BVc&feature=g-hist
  3. 3. Star Theory Jarvis Cocker
  4. 4. • Jarvis Cocker has had to create an image to appeal to a specific target audience he has one USP which is his glasses giving Jarvis a unique look and being able to be copied/parodied because of it. For example; this image which was posted on the NME website, a parody of Jarvis Cocker
  5. 5. Pulp are signed to Islands Record Company the same with all these artists above showingwhat kind of image the record company are trying to give off which is alternative and Pulpfall perfectly into this category as the image and music that they are conveying isalternative rock. Although Pulp’s (Jarvis Cocker’s) image is very alternative there is still amass market for it
  6. 6. Ideology and CultureAfter hitting the big screen in the early 1990’s Jarvis Cocker performed a verycontroversial act in 1996 at the BRIT Awards by jumping on the stage in a spur of themoment protest when Michael Jackson was performing his it at the time “Earth Song”.This shows to his fans an audience back then that he was alternative and so was hismusic just like his fans were at the time. Gradually as Jarvis has got older so has his fansbut he has still got reach out to his audience not just through his music. Therefore JarvisCocker now has twitter (@reallyjcocker) where he can still voice his opinions and beliefsand still keep his fans entertained through a multimedia platform for example this is arecent tweet by Cocker - “Pulp fact: Steve and I wear matching pants under our trousersfor luck on tour.” Jarvis Cocker also now presents his own show called Jarvis CockersSunday Service on BBC Radio 6 Music, this allows Cocker to reach a very wide audienceand allows him to express himself. Amy Winehouse passed away this year and it was all Drugs killed Amy Winehouse. I think that the press killed Amy Winehouse as much as drugs did, because it sends people into that place where theyve got no peace, and so they just try to escape. And sometimes you use drugs and drink to do that.
  7. 7. Character and PersonalityJarvis Cocker isn’t the type of celebrity that you’d find in Heat or OK nor is he known for hisamazingly good looks. Jarvis Cocker is more the boy next door with his witty lyrics andsongs that his fans can relate to. In the 1980’s Pulp struggled to find there feet but in 1994 with the release of there albumHis ‘n’ Hers and particularly Different Class in 1995 which reached number one in the UKAlbum charts making sure Pulp really made there mark on the British Nation. Pulp didn’thave the common down fall which happens to many artists which is ‘second albumsyndrome’ which is when they don’t have enough material for the second album and it’s abit of a flump. Songs such as Common People, Sorted for E’s and Wizz, Disco 2000 andBabies, are very famous and now acknowledged songs from the two albums with lyrics forthe audience very easy to relate such as Common People – “Youll never live like commonpeople,youll never do what common people do” – this shows the divide between upper class andworking class, therefore many people could relate to it at the time and even now still. AlsoSorted for E’s and Wizz – “I seem to have left an important part of my brain somewhere,somewhere in a field in Hampshire” – this is a very famous and witty lyric from this song,Jarvis saying to his audience that the drugs have made him loose his brain, which many ofhis audience can mostly probably relate with.
  8. 8. Gender Identity and Gramscis Hegemony• Jarvis Cocker Does offer a sense of ‘masculinity’ with his musical lyrics talking about thegirls he loves and drugs although he may not be your stereotypical male talking about fastcars and sex.• Jarvis’ image isn’t you stereotypical media based man with six packs and girlssurrounding him, Jarvis wears his signature big glasses and has a very small frame but thisimage helps with Jarvis’ genre of music and lyrics famous for not being lucky in lovethrough his lyrics you automatically fall in love with the big glasses’ skinny guy on the TV.• In Pulps hay day in the 1990’s there fans would be teenagers from about 14-19 which isa very wide and demanding audience and at the time.• The Song Disco 2000 by Pulp partly follows Laura Mulvey’s ‘Male Gaze’ with lyrics suchas “You were the first girl at school to get breasts.” seeing the song through Jarvis Cockersperspective, a males perspective also lyrics such as “wed get married, and never split up.”showing it through a male perspective.