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Organisation of props


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Organisation of props

  1. 1. First Prop As I said before I will only be using two props within my music video, this is because I have a lot of emphasis on my location and artist and if I had it on props as well it could get very busy and overcrowded. My first prop is a classic black acoustic guitar this really follows genre conventions of folk/ acoustic and something the artist would really expect to see. Furthermore it is a key element as my artist is constantly playing the guitar throughout my video and conveys the song to my audience.
  2. 2. Second Prop My second prop is used right at the end of my music video to reflect the sunset to my audience and the end of the song as it slows down. My second prop is Chinese lanterns I’m going to get my artist to set them off at the top of the hill into the sunset, which I feel is a very fitting end to my soft music video.