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Music vid 2

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  2. 2. Successful Things“Even the weather shows my pain” is the lyric being sungas the rain falls down. This really shows the audiencehow’s she feeling through the use of rain, with rainconnotating dull, sadness, dark and many more meanings.This is really effective way to keep the audience grippedand thinking about your video. By using lots of settings it helps ensure that the audience is never bored of a certain location and you’re constantly making it exciting for the viewer. This music video has done it well with plenty of quick cuts to different scenes not holding on the scenes too long then going to another making sure you’re keeping the audiences attention.
  3. 3. Less SuccessfulAlthough there were a lot of scene changes which is good the location doesn’t suit the song. By having a very up tempo fast song youneed a location to match and face paced movements with lots of energy, unfortunately this music didn’t have this and made it quiteboring by just seeing someone mime the lyrics in a different location each time isn’t very interesting and you will lose the audiencesattention very quickly. Everything needs to be performed and acted well for the audience to believe it and be engrossed by the music video. Yet I don’t feel it was acted out very well which took the professional side out of it and would make the audience less engrossed and excited by what they were watching.
  4. 4. EditingThere isn’t really any editing at all within this music video except from cutting from scene to scene, this makes it a lot lessinteresting for the viewer and you may lose there attention quickly. There’s one major bit of editing used which is quite effectivethough, as the pace of the song picks up a quarter of the screen changes with an image keeping up with the pace of the musicand making it interesting for the viewer.
  5. 5. OverallOverall I didn’t think it was the strongest video although you could tell effort went into it I found it quite boring. Plus the scenesdidn’t really match the up beat dance tune so it didn’t flow very well making you lose interest very quickly. I felt it could have beenimproved with a change of location (more up beat to suit the song), improve the acting skills to make it more realistic and also bringmore editing into it make it more jumpy and quick to match the song yet also keeping the audience focused.