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  1. 1. First of all I added my main image, which covers just over half the page so it willconnect the text and image.
  2. 2. I then added a pull quote to draw the reader in without reading the article. By putting iton the image it will be one of the first things the reader looks at.
  3. 3. I then added a C for Charlotte which I can put the text inside, this challengesconventions and I believe is a good different idea that you don’t see all the time.
  4. 4. I then mage my C transparent so the text would stand out more and but red around itso it made it more exciting and attractive.
  5. 5. I then decided against the black and thought it was to harsh on the text so changed itround to red.
  6. 6. I then put a drop shadow on the C so it stood out more. Then I added ‘harlotte George’ tocarry on from the ‘C’ making sure the audience fully know who she is.
  7. 7. I then decided to add transparent images behind the C to make it more exciting andreally stand out to the audience.
  8. 8. Finally I added the text within the C and really highlighted everything, to make it allstand out to the reader.