Dipak final progress


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Dipak final progress

  1. 1. I chose to create my digipak with Word as I felt it was simple to use but very effective and I was ableto get the best results out of it.Here I added my first image which is my front cover of my digipak. I find it quite a striking imagewhich catches the audience’s attention automatically through the eye contact my artist Conor isgiving to the audience.
  2. 2. Here I added two more images. The image in the middle is the back image of the digipak and wherethe song list will go, I think it’s a beautiful image and a nice background for the text to sit and standout to the audience on.Here I have added all of my images. As you can see all of my images flow nicely and look goodtogether, I also decided to put the image of waves on the cd so that it really grabs the audience’sattention and looks different something the audience have probably never see.
  3. 3. Here I started to add my text, I used the same font as I used on my magazine advert so that it flowsnicely and the audience can make that connection. The font is very bold and yet simple still flowingwith the theme.This is the final product of my digipak. I feel it works well and follows the codes and conventions of afolk/ acoustic digipak, furthermore I also I feel it flows well with my magazine poster and musicvideo.
  4. 4. After feedback I decided to change two images on my digipak, I changed these images to patterns toreflect other songs within my album and not reflecting just my single to my audience.