Integrated Research Networking: Elsevier Pure Experts Portal


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A brief overview of the comprehensive research networking capabilities of Elsevier's Pure Experts Portal as presented as part of a panel at the VIVO 2014 Conference.

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  • Proof that Experts is the world leader of research networking systems!
    As of 1/29/14:
    Including those in progress, there are 82 Experts implementations worldwide, 58 instances are live and publicly available. Across all 82 Expert implementations:
    3,520,146 publications, 193,932 awarded grants, & 116,266 unique researchers profiled (94,963 unique researchers profiled in the 58 live/public instances). Experts implementations span across 17 countries (14 if counting only live instances) and 5 continents
    Note: Researcher profiles from more countries than just 17 are incld in Experts, many US-based implementations (e.g., MD Anderson and Northwestern’s SOFI) incld profiles from researchers in many, many countries
    Note: The statistic for profiles includes instances in progress; however, the figures for publications and grants do not include implementations in progress – these statistics will be higher once the instances are implemented
    VIVO-compliant Experts instances
    CTSA VIVO-compliance recommendation ratified in Oct, 2011
    Northwestern University VIVO-Compliant Experts Instance launched just 10 mos later in Aug 2012 
    In 2013, 4 VIVO-Compliant Experts Instances Running on VIVO Network Northwestern University; University of California Davis; University of Indiana Medical School; Chicago Collaboration for Women in STEM
    CTSA Consortium
    22 CTSA institutions have SciVal Experts (of 62 total institutions, 35%)
    Other institutions (as reported in the CTSA RNAG 2012 survey):
    12 have Profiles (RNAG 2012 survey number)
    11 VIVO (RNAG survey number)
    12 have other systems and of those, 7 have home-grown systems (some of which have or can be represented in VIVO ontology)
    58 Experts instances are connected via the SciVal Experts Community, 56 of those are also participating in DIRECT2Experts (both are voluntary)
    Almost 72% of DIRECT2Experts (78 total) participants are SciVal Experts instances
    # of institutions with profiles in all instances that are in either the SciVal Experts Community and/or DIRECT2Experts (including non-Experts applications) with which Experts can connect: 80 institutions total round the world 
    CTSAconnect: 12 instances total (all incld in DIRECT2Experts count above), 5 (42%) are Experts site
  • Compliance
    Standards Development
    Systems Interoperability
    Compatibility and Expansion
    Cross-platform Partnerships & Search
    Data Sharing/Exchange
    Enabling Access

    Snowball Metrics
    Global research benchmarking
    Persistent, unique digital identifier for individual researchers and scholars
    Standard way of reporting funding sources for published scholarly research
    Increase public access to publications that report on federally funded research
    Research Data & TDM Initiatives
    Connect research data to publications
    Support of standard APIs and data representations in order to enable TDM across both open access and subscription-based publishers
    Data share/exchange and system interoperability

    Compliance and Sponsorship of VIVO
    Refined Scopus® Data for Profiles RNS
    Compatibility and Expansion with CTSAconnect/ISF/eagle-I
    Data Sharing/Exchange w/ SciENCV
    Federated searching across platforms w/ Research Networking Collaborative

  • Integrated Research Networking: Elsevier Pure Experts Portal

    1. 1. | | 1 | 1 Integrated Research Networking: Elsevier Pure Experts Portal Holly J. Falk-Krzesinski, PhD Vice President, Global Academic & Research Relations Elsevier 5th Annual VIVO Conference ◊ August 7, 2014
    2. 2. | | 2 | 2 Next Generation Research Networking Expertise Discovery CRIS Semantic Search
    3. 3. | | 3 | 3 | 3 Experts: Preferred Research Networking Solution in the World Interdisciplinary & Global Collaboration 2012 VIVO-Compliant Experts Instance Launched 22 CTSA Institutions w/ Experts # of instances worldwide 160+ >160,000 Expert Profiles Connectivity w/ more than 175 Institutions around the globe Statistics account for all live Pure and SciVal Experts instances as of July 29, 2014 Countries connected through Portals 24 4M Publications
    4. 4. | | 4 | 4 | 4 Federated, Cross-institutional Searching • CTSAsearch - CTSA Consortium pilot - 9 CTSA Institutions - Multiple RN platforms o SciVal Experts o Loki o VIVO o Profiles • Experts Portal Community - 47 Implementations - >100 Institutions • DIRECT2Experts - NIH pilot - >60 Portals - >120 Institutions - Multiple RN platforms o SciVal Experts o Profiles o Loki o CAPS o VIVO
    5. 5. | | 5 | 5 | 5 Building Partnerships That Bring Value to the Research Community Sharing & Connecting Research Information
    6. 6. | | 6 | 6 Thank you! For product info, please visit: